Secret of the Family Tree: Digging Up Old Roots

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Chapter 32: A Gentle Brave Woman

Samantha sat in her window seat all ready for bed holding the photo of Ameara sitting under her favorite tree. She had brought it down from the attic a couple of days ago and kept it on her nightstand. Ameara’s face was the first she saw when she woke in the morning and the last before she fell to sleep at night.

A week has come and gone since her family gathered in her room to listen to Oeans and EL-Athu, and visited the Core People. In that week, she’s spent most of her days in the flower shop with her mom and helped her dad set up his office. Aunt Mayra, after two days returned to, New York. Peter Lin stopped by on his way back to, Maynard to pick up his belongings. His plan is to move to Hearthshire to be closer to the Fairlands. Zen spent his days close to home, hoping to catch up with Addiwan who no one has seen since the gathering. Even though his parents told him Addiwan wasn’t allowed to teach him to shift his energy pattern, Zen was still determined to turn into something other than who he was.

“I miss speaking with Ameara,” Terrance said, as Samantha continued to stare at the picture of her grandma.

“What was she like, Terrance? Was she like my mom?”

“Oh, yes. She had a gentle essence that glowed all around her. Your mom has the same energy.”

She ran her hand over the glass inside of the photo’s frame. Looking into Ameara’s warm brown eyes, she could see the gentleness Terrance said she radiated. Then, a disturbing image popped into Samantha’s mind of her grandma running through those same woods where she and Zen ran for their lives. “Do you think she was frightened at the end of her life, all alone in those woods?”

“She was not alone, “Terrance said softly. “My sisters were with her. They say she was quite brave, determined till the end to make sure her family was kept safe.”

“Gentle and brave, I hope I grow up to be like her.”

“You are well on your way, Samantha.”

Headlights lit up the driveway and she saw her grandpa’s old green station wagon pulling into the garage. It was her parents and Zen returning home from dropping off Sam and Junzo at the airport. Several moments later, Anna entered her bedroom.

“I thought I saw your light on as we drove up. Were you just talking with Terrance?”

“Yes, we were talking about Grandma Ameara.”

Taking the photo from Samantha, Anna said. “You remind me so much of her.”

“Yeah really, in what way?”

“Oh just your smile and your eyes are just like hers. And when I was with Mom, I always felt comforted, just as I feel with you.”

Samantha swelled with pride at her mom’s words.

“Okay, time for bed,” Anna said, placing the photo on the nightstand. “Goodnight, Terrance.”

“Peaceful night, Anna, Samantha.”

“I’ve noticed that when we go into the village you’ve stayed far away from your favorite place, the library.”

“I will never step foot in that library again,” Samantha declared sternly. She hadn’t had another nightmare about Ms. Emily, but she felt she couldn’t walk back into that place again without thinking of that woman and her son.

“I understand your feelings, Ms. Emily had everyone fooled. However, don’t let it keep you from doing the things you love and you love spending time in the library. Remember, it was Ms. Emily’s deeds that harmed us, not the library itself.”

“I know. I’m just not ready to go back in there.”

“Well, I didn’t want to show you this. It was to be a surprise, but I guess I’ll have to. Hopefully this will change your mind about visiting the library.” Taking a yellow flyer from her jean pocket, Anna handed it to Samantha.

Hearthshire Public Library Presents:

Joanna Taylor

Author of

The History of Nancy Drew

A Collectors Story

Saturday, March 9th at 1 pm

Come join this fun filled afternoon and meet our new Librarian!

“I hear Ms. Taylor will be displaying some of her rare Nancy Drew—“

“I’ll be there!” Samantha squealed.

“That was easy. We’ll make it a family affair, with an early dinner afterwards.”

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