My neighbor, Jack

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The mysterious Mr. Martin

Brayden got a good night's sleep in his new house and he woke up with the sound of crows cawing. He looked outside to see that Jack Martin was standing outside, doing nothing. So, Brayden decided to go say hi to Jack and keep him company, because he's so nice. Brayden got up, put on two shirts like always, one shirt for his police badge and the other to cover the badge so he doesn't blow his cover, and headed out the front door to go see Jack. When he got to Jack, he noticed that Jack was staring at the ground looking at something. That something was a pile of burnt cigarettes. This really got Brayden thinking more about Jack. Brayden started getting thoughts like, Does Jack smoke? and I hope he didn't use those cigarettes for something other than smoking. Those thoughts circled around Brayden's brain while he was standing next to Jack. Then the conversation started.

Jack: So, Brayden, how did you sleep?

Brayden: I had a pretty good sleep last night. You?

Jack: I kind of got some sleep. That playground thing I live on is not comfortable.

Brayden: Oh, well, how come you live on a playground?

Jack: Well, I can't afford a house, so, I'm practically homeless. And the children who used to play there seem to have vanished somehow.

Brayden: What do you mean? Did they not come back because they were scared of you? Did they get killed? Did they move?

Jack: From what I know, I just think they're scared of me, but I'm not sure why because I'm really a nice person!

Brayden: I do believe you are pretty nice, although, you've been acting a little bit strange.

Jack: Sorry, it's just that I think I'm getting insomnia or something because it's hard for me to sleep at night most of the time.

Brayden: You're not on drugs are you?

Jack: No way! Drugs are bad for you! But, I do think I know someone here on drugs.

Jack and Brayden walked over to a woman's house, which was completely grey all-round. The woman calls herself 'Crazy Woman' because she's insane in her brain. She yells often and once you get to know her, she can be pretty nice, most of the time. Jack walked up to the front door and knocked. Crazy woman answered.

Crazy woman: What do you want?! Oh, hello, Jack.

Jack: Hello, miss. I would like to introduce you to Brayden.

Brayden: Hello, ma'am. *holds his hand out*

Crazy woman: It's nice to meet you, Brayden. *shakes his hand*

Brayden: It was nice meeting you too.

Jack: How have you been doing?

Crazy woman: I've been doing fine, but thank you for asking.

Jack: I'm just making sure you're not sick or anything.

Crazy woman: Not sick, but I do need to make myself something to eat.

Jack: Alright, we'll be on our way back to our houses then.

Crazy woman: Alright, bye-bye. *closes the door and turns on loud metal music*

Jack and Brayden: *walk back to Brayden's house*

Brayden: Hey, Jack I forgot to ask you, what are all of those cigarettes doing right there? *points to the pile of cigarettes*

Jack: I found them lying around in some spots here and there and so I put them into this little pile to clean them up, I just haven't actually thrown them away yet.

Brayden: Alright then. Well, I'm going to head back home and make myself some lunch.

Jack: Okay, I'll see you later?

Brayden: Sure.

Jack: Okay, see you later.

Brayden: Sounds good. *walks back home*

Today is really interesting. I met a crazy woman who is nice, loves metal, and not really crazy. And Jack, he looked a little bit anxious about something when I brought up the cigarettes. I wonder what's going on with him. I hope he doesn't do drugs or smoke nicotine or weed or anything like that. I especially hope he's not a criminal. Brayden had many things to think about that evening. In fact, he stayed up pretty late just thinking about Jack. Is Jack really who he says he is? Did he kill the children from the playground? Has he been lying to me about pretty much everything? Brayden couldn't sleep for a while after all of the questions rolling in his mind. He would have to think more about them tomorrow because right now, it was time for Brayden to rest... and Jack to come up with something else mischievous.

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