My neighbor, Jack

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One to go, one to come

Brayden had a small amount of sleep last night due to all of the thoughts in his head about Jack. He was also concerned if Crazy Woman was really on drugs or not. From her behavior when she first met Brayden, she didn't seem high or drugged or anything. But, that didn't make Brayden less concerned about her. Brayden decided to go talk to Jack more and try to see if he can find any more strange things lying around Jack's house. Brayden got and got dressed to go see Jack. He walked out the front door and saw that Jack had a wheelbarrow next to his house. Jack then walked over to his wheelbarrow and spotted Brayden.

Jack: Hey, Brayden!

Brayden: Oh, hey Jack!

Jack: Did you sleep well last night?

Brayden: Not really, I'm very tired still. How about you?

Jack: I couldn't really sleep last night either because I got this tub of ice cream and ate more than I should have, but I got it out of my system, and I'm still a bit tired.

Brayden: Oh, weird. So, I see you bought a wheelbarrow. May I look at it?

Jack: Sure, just be gentle because I just bought it not too long ago.

Brayden: Alright.

Brayden walks over to the wheelbarrow and looks inside of it. All there was inside of it was dirt, or was it? Brayden examined the dirt inside the wheelbarrow and it turns out, not all of that stuff in the wheelbarrow was dirt. Brayden thought the other stuff could be human ashes. So Brayden wanted to examine it with his computer scanner.

Brayden: Hey, is it alright if I can take some of this dirt home? *holds some dirt in his hand*

Jack: Sure, I'm not really going to be using it for anything.

Brayden: Okay.

Brayden took the 'dirt' back to his house and placed it on his computer scanner. Brayden started the scanning process and the scanner read that the substance was human ashes from a person named Noah. Brayden was shocked that Jack had human ashes in his wheelbarrow AND that the ashes belonged to Brayden's father, Noah. Brayden quickly ran back to Jack's house and told him the news.

Brayden: Hey, Jack! Did you know you have human ashes in your wheelbarrow?!

Jack: What?! How do I have human ashes in my wheelbarrow?!

Brayden: You tell me.

Jack: Well, I practically wouldn't even hurt a fly! So, I don't know how the heck human ashes got in my wheelbarrow! I'm being honest!

Brayden was convinced.

Brayden: Alright, I believe you, but make sure nothing else strange happens because there will be consequences.

Jack: I will make sure that nothing bad or strange happens best I can.

Brayden: Good.

Brayden walked back home and sat on his bed for a little bit, then decided to lay down and think about what he thinks Jack has been doing. Is Jack the one who killed my father?

Am I Jack's next victim?

Has Jack been trying to convince me that he's innocent and that he didn't have anything to do with the strange things happening near his house?

Brayden started thinking that Jack has been lying to him the whole time about pretty much everything. Brayden had been thinking so hard with his eyes shut that he suddenly fell asleep.

About an hour later, Brayden woke up from screaming coming from Crazy woman's house. Brayden was worried that someone might be attacking her, so Brayden quickly ran over to Crazy woman's house and tried to open the door but it was locked. Brayden could see what was going on inside the house through one of the front windows. Crazy woman was being attacked by a masked man. Brayden struggled to try and unlock the front door or open the window, but the window was stuck and the front door lock was jammed. Brayden couldn't much else but watch Crazy woman get attacked, but she fought back hard.

The attacker tried to grab Crazy woman but she moved out of the way into her kitchen. She grabbed a pot and went over to the attacker and hit him across the face with the pot. The attacker then grabbed the pot, threw it to the side, and choked Crazy woman to death. Brayden shouted for help but no one heard. The attacker rushed out the front door and ran into Brayden, making them both fall over. Brayden looked closely at the attacker but the attacker kicked Brayden in the face, knocking him out and literally getting away with murder.

When Brayden woke up, he saw Jack coming over to help him up. Jack lifted Brayden onto his feet and asked if he was okay. Brayden was fine. But Crazy woman was dead. When Brayden went to look inside of her house, her body wasn't where it was when she was murdered. Brayden was very concerned now. Where did her body go? It couldn't have vanished. Someone must have taken it somewhere to make sure there was nothing left of her. Just then, a different woman had moved into the neighborhood, quite fast. She packed a numerous amount of hats with her and she wore a name tag saying "Hat woman." Strange name just like "Crazy woman." Brayden was truly upset that Crazy woman had been murdered. He told Jack that she had been killed and Jack said he was sorry for him. Brayden decided to go over to Jack's house for a little bit with him.

Jack: Brayden, man, I am really sorry for what happened to her.

Brayden: She's safer now where she's at than when she was here.

Jack: Yeah. Well, also, I think I'm getting quite ill or something because I've been experiencing chills, coughing, sneezing, spasms, and even brief seizures.

Brayden: Ouch, it sounds like drug effects if you ask me.

Jack: Okay, but I haven't taken drugs except for when my doctor recommends them.

Brayden: I see. So, have you done anything with your wheelbarrow yet?

Jack: No, I haven't found any use for it yet.

Brayden: Well, if you're not using it, can I borrow it?

Jack: Yeah, go ahead.

Brayden walks over to the wheelbarrow and starts rolling it a short ways until he spots something very disturbing. Brayden spotted two bloodied, severed hands along with several bloodied, severed fingers. Brayden gave Jack a suspicious look when he saw the grotesque imagery of bloody hands and fingers. Jack didn't seem as shocked as Brayden expected he would be, and now, Brayden knew for sure there was something going on with Jack.

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