My neighbor, Jack

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Jack revealed

Brayden then started asking Jack more questions.

Brayden: Jack, why the heck were there bloody hands and fingers under your wheelbarrow?!

Jack: Well, I have no idea.

Brayden: You've said that almost every time I ask you about something!

Jack: No I haven't.

Brayden: Yes, you have! Now it's all starting to come to me! All of those cigarettes that you piled up, they were next to your house and you did smoke! You killed the children from the playground because you needed a home! You abused drugs and kept yourself awake at night and then started getting sick! And finally, you killed Crazy woman!

Jack: Brayden... I...

Brayden: Speechless, huh? Well, no need for talking just yet. I'm going to have to turn you in.

Jack: Turn me in where? You can't take me to jail! You have no proof!

Brayden: Well, you're resisting an officer and that's against the law!

Jack: Who says you're an officer?

Brayden: This. *opens his exposed shirt to show his badge which says 'Brayden H. Head Detective'*

Jack: So, it was your father I killed.

Brayden: You killed my father, and now I'm going to avenge his death! *pulls out his Revolver and aimed at Jack*

Jack: *puts his hands in the air* Woah, you can't kill me. That's also illegal!

Brayden: It's not illegal if you're a criminal, which you are!

Jack: *pulls out his dagger and slashes at Brayden*

Brayden: *grabs Jack's arm, twists it, and hits Jack in the face with his Revolver*

Jack: *trips Brayden and holds his dagger to Brayden's neck* I killed your father easily. And now, let's see if you have your father's heart!

Brayden: *punches Jack across the face* I'm warning you! I will fire if I have to!

Jack: We both know you're not going to shoot. *throws his dagger at Brayden's hand, making him drop his gun*

Brayden: *pulls the dagger out of his hand and throws it to the side, with blood covering its top*

Jack: *runs back into his house*

Brayden: *runs to his house and grabs his sniper rifle*

Jack: *garbs his cleaver and runs back outside*

Brayden: *runs towards Jack*

Jack: *slashes at Brayden but misses*

Brayden: *jabs Jack in the thigh and knees him in the face, making his nose bleed*

Jack: *cuts Brayden's leg with his cleaver*

Brayden: *kicks Jack's cleaver out of his hand*

Jack: *kicks Brayden's rifle into his face*

Brayden: *falls to the ground from the force of the rifle hitting his face*

Jack: *pulls out his survival knife*

Brayden: *cocks his rifle and aims at Jack*

Jack: *slits Brayden's hand, making him let go of the rifle*

Brayden: *grabs his bloody hand*

Jack: *grabs the rifle and throws it aside*

Brayden: *trips Jack and runs back to his house and grabs his auto-cannon*

Jack: *looks up at Brayden and spots the auto-cannon in his hands* Oh, great.

Brayden: *shoots a missile at Jack's house, making it explode*

Jack: *charges at Brayden*

Brayden: *blocks Jack from hitting him*

Jack: *backhands Brayden in the face and grabs his auto-cannon* You won't be needing that *throws it out the front door*

Brayden: *grabs Jack's survival knife out of his hand* Then, you won't be needing this! *throws it out the front door*

Jack: There's plenty more where that came from. *pulls out his Germanic single-edged knife*

Brayden: I don't need a gun to stop you. I've got my bloody fists to tear your heart out! *punches Jack in the face*

Jack: *throws his knife at Brayden but misses*

Brayden: *elbows Jack in the face and kicks him in the chest*

Jack: *falls out the front door and lands on his back*

Brayden: *grabs his Semi-auto shotgun and walks out the front door to Jack*

Jack: *moves his hand behind his back*

Brayden: *aims the shotgun at Jack* This is for Crazy woman. For the children from the playground. For my father!

Jack: *kicks Brayden in the crotch*

Brayden: *drops his gun and puts his hands over his crotch* Ooh, man!

Jack: *pulls out his electric knife* You think you're so tough don't you?! *holds the knife to Brayden's neck*

Brayden: Can I say one more thing before I get murdered?

Jack: Fine, if you absolutely have to.

Brayden: You're going to jail! *knees Jack in his chin*

Jack: *drops his knife*

Brayden: *grabs the knife and throws it into Jack's burning house*

Jack: That was one of my favorite knives! *tackles Brayden down*

Brayden: *holds his arms up so Jack cannot punch him*

Jack: *pulls out his last knife from his pocket, his fighting knife* I'm going to end you just as I did to your father, except your death will be much more satisfying!

Brayden: No! *grabs Jack's hand* I'm done with you! *head-butts Jack*

Jack: *stabs Brayden in the gut*

Brayden: *grabs his stomach, which is bleeding*

Jack: You know, I'm sill not fully satisfied with my product.

Brayden: Sorry, no refunds! *kicks Jack away and runs into his house to get his metal storm machine gun*

Jack: Time for this fight to get more serious don't you think?! *throws his fighting knife aside* Now, for my greatest knife of all! *walks over beside his burning house, which wasn't burning up too much now, and grabs his machete from the side of the house and walks back to Brayden's house*

Brayden: *grabs his metal storm machine gun and walks back out front*

Jack: You see this? This is my absolute favorite one of all. Do you wanna know why it's my favorite? It's my favorite because this is the knife I used to slay your father!

Brayden: *charges at Jack and knocks him backward*

Jack: *slashes at Brayden and hits him once on his arm*

Brayden: *looks at his bleeding arm* I'm not letting go of this gun until I see you in prison! *uppercuts Jack*

Jack: *tries to stab his machete through Brayden's gut but fails*

Brayden: *jabs Jack's arm with his machine gun*

Jack: *looks at Brayden* You will have to let go of that gun at some point. *slashes at Brayden multiple times*

Brayden: *cocks his machine gun and aims at Jack's gut*

Jack: You can't kill me.

Brayden: No, but I know where to shoot just to make you unconscious.

Jack: *runs towards his house*

Brayden: *fires his machine gun at Jack's back, hitting him several times*

Jack: *falls to the ground, passed out*

Brayden: *walks over to Jack and notices that he's for sure unconscious*

Brayden was quite relieved that he had defeated the man who killed his father. The man who had killed Crazy woman. The man who killed the children from the playground. The man who smoked and abused drugs. Brayden had avenged his father's death. All Brayden had to do now, was turn him in. Brayden pulled out his car keys and unlocked his car. He went back over to where Jack was knocked out, he dragged him over to his police car, and set him in the back seat. Brayden did remember to hand-cuff Jack just to be safe. So, Brayden started the car and drove off to the prison he worked at: County prison. It didn't take Brayden long to get to County prison. Brayden parked his car and got Jack out. Jack was barely conscious, but he did know that he was at prison. Brayden and Jack walked through the front doors and chief Doug was standing right at the front doors, he looked as if he were waiting for Brayden or someone else. When chief Doug saw Brayden's face, he was shocked.

Doug: Detective Brayden, you got this man by yourself? Man, I'm impressed sir. What did he do?

Brayden: He abused drugs, he resisted coming here, he murdered several people including children from the playground I live near and one of my neighbors, and he also might have fake ID.

Doug: I know who this guy is. This guy is Jack Gregory.

Brayden: Yes, sir. He is the man who killed my father, officer Noah.

Doug: Officer Noah was a good man, like you Brayden. Well, we'll take Jack here and give him a cell to stay in for a while to make sure he thinks about what he's done.

Brayden: Okay, sir.

Doug: Brayden, I really appreciate what you've done. Jack is also wanted in some other places, so, you're pretty lucky to be alive right now.

Brayden: Yes, sir. The battle Jack and I got into was brutal.

Doug: I can tell, you definitely need a doctor though.

Brayden: Yes, sir.

Chief Doug then called the medics to take Brayden to the hospital and have some surgery. He had his arm, hand, and stomach stitched back together. Brayden stayed in the hospital for quite some time. Brayden got out safely and returned back home. Again, BRayden started having thoughts about Jack. He had many things to think about while Jack was in prison and while Brayden was healing from their battle. How is Jack so good at fighting? Why does Jack do the stuff he does? How did he kill my father, but not me? I hope Jack doesn't return, if he does, he's going to have to go through me. What Brayden didn't know was that Jack has been planning everything ahead since day 1. Jack planned on killing the children and Crazy woman, Jack planned on fighting Brayden, Jack had planned on going to prison, and now, he's planning on getting his revenge. Brayden knew how criminals always wanted to get revenge. But the way Jack gets revenge is much worse than what Brayden had thought. Jack was going to do more than just get even with Brayden, he was planning on escaping prison, and fighting Brayden to the death.

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