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IT WAS JUST A SHOT IN THE DARK...... TALES OF THE ROOK: TIME OF THE ROOK..... It is the year 1946. The streets, they are shadowed by syndicates of organized crime..... TALES OF THE ROOK: TIME OF THE ROOK..... One private detective, and a gathering of allies; are all that stands against the rising mafia corruption of 1946 Los Angeles. The enemies are many, and the dangers are real..... Can The Rook, and his allies find out the secret of the stuffed falcon; and of the man with the missing fingers, before the Syndicate is drawn to war?

Mystery / Action
Robert Alan Ryder
4.7 3 reviews
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The sounds of raising winds, breezing through cracked and broken- out windows; give the abandoned warehouse interior, a real sense of loathsome and foreboding feelings; to the Private Detective, as he cautiously maneuvered into the main loading area. One lantern upon a low spool of generous size, being used as a table top; dimly lighting the buildings’ surroundings.

One woman, dressed all in black from her wide-brim hat to her lace-up boots was waiting for him; her presence concealed by shadow.

“Come on out where I can see you?”

“Were You followed?”

“Not a tail nor a trace, or even a chase…..”

“Bit of a poet in you?”

“Only in special cases….. What do you have for me?”

“It’s all in this file…..”

“………. Armond Trevelle? Do you, usually keep in regular company with second class mobsters; that seek to conceal their identities, by using ex-family names?”

“I heard you were good…..”

“Some may say I’m the best…..”

“Good, the I chose the right man for the job….. It’s true……. I was once an escort for the family…..”

“What happened?”

“Personal conflict of interests…..”

“I see….. Something tells me, there is more to it than that….. Who’s your mark?”

“Well….. You aren’t a stupid detective, are you?”

“Smart detective? Some might relate to that assessment…..”

“What gave me away? My tone, my voice, my attitude?”

“No, none of that……. Your choice of attire, for one……. You sought by claim, to be as inconspicuous to the conducting in your affairs of business; and yet, you chose to meet in this old abandoned warehouse. One such place, that had once been a front for mob operations; wearing the clothes of a girl on her nightly calling….. You’re wearing all black….. Signature of a widow of the night, an assassin……… You drive a four-door Packard one-twenty, that has been outfitted with shaded, bulletproof glass for windows………. I got here a little earlier then you expected…..”

“You are a smart one, aren’t you? So, who is my mark detective?”

“I am…... You have, concealed within your right-hand coat pocket your favored weapon of personal choice. One that has been used recently to slay a detective of another name….. It is, an M1911 pistol I believe….... Semi-automatic, forty-five caliber……. Lastly, I can see the boots from one of the two thugs, you’ve brought with you, and I can hear a heavy, labored breathing of the other…..”

“Bravo detective….. Crunch, Slash; you’ve been made…..”

“Sorry Mrs. Minerva….. You want, for us to take care of this detective for you?”

“Slash, take your brother to the car….. I’ll handle this one personally…..”

“Yes- ma’am…..”

“I must say, I’m a bit disappointed, in the company you keep………. You could have done better than the Pain Brothers, the classy dame of an assassin you are…..”

“You have a style about you detective….. One, that makes me regret what I must now- do…..”

“There is something you have not considered sweetheart….. What would Mickey Dolor, father to the twins of pain think of you; now that he knows you killed his brother, in order to seize the business for yourself?”

“….. You couldn’t have had time to contact the Syndicate!”

“Well, well, well….. I guess, there are some things you just don’t know about me…..”

“Stupid idiot! Dolor, he will kill us both…..”

“No, just you sweetheart….. Isn’t that right Mickey?”

“I’m very disappointed in you Minerva….. Danny, he trusted you…..”

“Out where I can see you Dolor!”

“Lights out dame!”

The sounds from three shots fired, echoed into the darkness. One shot, impacting the warehouse wall; only inches away from the Rook’s last position. The second shot penetrated the flesh of Marty’s left leg. A sounding groan from the pain of the bullet’s contact; followed by the sounds of the third bullet impacting the assassin’s arm; her pistol hitting the concrete floor. Minerva too, groaned from the pain of a bullet.

“She nailed me Rook!”

“All right Marty, lights on!”

“Marty?! You tricked me!”

“Number one truth, to being a successful detective….... Always be prepared, always use a silencer when you need to avoid unnecessary attention, and when you have a price on your head; never act alone…..”

“You should have killed me detective…… How do you know, I will not escape and come after you?”

“You may be an assassin, but I feel there is still a little good to be found within you…..”

“Too smart for your own good?”

“Just a shot in the dark baby….. Just, a shot in the dark…..”

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