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“How’s your head Boots?”

“Ugh…. I’ll live….. Didn’t know, she still had one of pa’s old baseball bats…..”

“Geese, if it weren’t for us being here? What’s happening between you two?”

“.…. He’s a selfish little pig, and a liar! He didn’t stand up for me once!”

“Screams, the old bat!”

“.…. Hold on now! Stiflethis nonsense; the both of you! You are supposed to be family, and adults after all…..”

“.…. Bad enough!”

“Misses McIntyre, as mad as you are; at your son, there is no reason to be coming out swinging a baseball bat….. Especially a Babe Ruth special..... Is that the Babe’s actual signature?”

“You know it Rook..... Pop, he was big on baseball you know…..”

“Yeah, I know Boots…..”

“Give her back Pa’s bat, will you Rook?”

“Sure is a beauty of a collectible….. You should put this away, inside a cabinet of glass…”

“Take it Rook..... I want nothing more to remind me of him.....”

“.….No, I couldn’t…..”

“Take it Rook! At least she won’t be swinging it anymore…..”

“Chicken- wuss!”

“.…... Well then, I’ll take good care of it….... Now, back to business. These two men that approached you for this documents alteration job, did they show you any identification? Did they give you any names?”

“No, they were careful not to use any real identification….. One of them, a tall and skinny; real thin fellow….. The other, an older broad- shouldered one; playing detective….. This one, he went by the call name: Dick…..”

“Did this one, seem to be in any way, a real officer of the peace?”

“.….. I suppose hecould have been…... Dick, was the name the other called out….. The one’s attitude, it could give me cause in labeling him as such…..”

“This one, he seemed a little malicious huh? Obsequious of attitude?”

“Yeah..... Kind of like this over sized ass of a kid here….”

“.…. I think, I’ll go and wait in the car….”

“Keep your place Boots!”

“Madame? We need your aide! If necessary, we can even pay for your service….. A man’s life is in danger…..”

“Okay Rook..... I’m listening…..”

“.…. You, you are a wise woman of many the mile….. I can find, an ease of trust in such a woman’s instincts….. Especially one, that is of so prominent the age….. If you were yo make a quick assessment of who these two men were, or of what job they had; what would it be?”

“That’s easy Rook..... They were G-men, they were some kind of feds…..”


“What’s wrong with your eyes doc?”

“.…. Cough, cough…. Chemical influence, from some form of agent…..”

“Look? They all look like they are sleeping…..”

’”Two guards, have already been killed..... This is no sleeping gas Trevelle!”

.…. The phones are down doc..... What do we do?”

“Trevelle? You come with me! We need to prepare some tranquilizers! Crunch, Slash? You two; Hold him off! Oh, and; Try not to kill anybody!”

“You got it doc….. Believe it or not, even with all of our charges; murder, it’s just not our thing; right Crunch?”

“You said it Slash.....”

“What?! Why do they call you Slash?”

“.…. I’ve developed a nasty habit of slashing the tires of specific automobiles…..”

“Tire slasher? That’s just great.....”

“Don’t even ask about Crunch…..”

Trevelle looked suspiciously on the broad- shouldered muscle of the thug duo in silence. The one named Crunch, feigned a look of innocence.

“Good advice!”

“.…. Uh, doc?”


“The prisoners, they are all getting up…..”

“Hold them off! We’ll get the darts!”

Mesmerized as if by some unseen influence the awakening prisoners marched slowly on the two thugs.

“The Spook, Crunch; he’s gotten to them…..”

Two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle, is in hasted motion; as two of the prisoners breached the duos zone of safety.

“No problem here Slash….. Nobody can stand my headlocks…. That’s two down…..”

“Yeah, and about ten to go…..”

Slash quickly joined on the others’ defensive effort, the small and energetic toughened loud mouth of a thug; chopping at a couple of the prisoners with his right and left hands.

“That’s two more down for the count Crunch…..”

“.…. I’m on a count of five Slash…..”

“.…. Five to go….. Uh, oh!”

“.…. Slash?”

“Here comes the Spook…..”

Slash and Crunch, fell back slowly away from the one called The Gorgon.

“So skilled, and yet so reckless your fighting art…….. You, run! You, fear; so weak, your heart…..”

“I’ve seen some really nasty characters in my life Crunch, but this guy; he gives me the creeps…. Hey- Doc, Trevelle? Hurry it up! The hoodoo man’s coming!”

Hold it right there Strauss!”

“.…. Intriguing….. Truly, one; that can be all he wants to be, and yet: you are not who you seem…..”

“Slash, Crunch? You two get Trevelle out of here!”

“No! No! Now, this is an interruption, I cannot allow.....How is it, mystery man; that you have not succumb to the smoke? Step forward, and lay eyes on me; so I may see who you really are…..”

“It’s what you call: a respirator Spook! They call me The Mouth!”

“Ah! Quite, the amazing talent; for an impersonator.....Let us just see now, how well you are at defending yourself…..”

“Slash? the doc?”


“Don’t bother checking on him..... He is quite dead.....”

“You’re not Trevelle!”

“All the players rallied in these stakes, and you failed to recognize the worst of all…..”

“It looks like we’ve got another pretender here Slash!”

“Call me: Chameleon..... I am no mere impersonator.....”

Marty the Mouth glanced quickly at the new- comer, as he dodged a high kick to his left, delivering a shoulder blow to the Spook’s chest; forcing him back.

“Slash, Crunch? He’s an assassin!”

“Assassin huh? Well you don’t scare me! Where’s Trevelle?”

The one calling himself Chameleon, was fast on Slash before he can react. The assassin now behind him, Slash slumped motionless upon the floor; his neck snapped. Crunch charged on the assassin, his bulk in muscle; leaving no impression of concern on his target. Chameleon whipped quickly around the muscled thug, a quickly procured scalpel slashing at his throat.

“That’s two for me.....”



“Boots? You here that?”

“Yeah! It sounds likesomebody crawling beneath the dock.....”

“Great ears, for so large the target.....”

SYNGH DUCT- TOH leaped gracefully upon the dock before the two.

“Watch out for this guy Boots.....”

SYNGH reacted quickly as The Rook and the one called Boots, drew free their guns. The Chinese assassin, now gaining the upper hand. Boots’ head, now locked; in a ready position, for- the breaking of his neck.

“Nice moves you have there China man..... Let him go!”

“Your guns? Toss them into the river, now! I will snap this one’s neck!”


“ I’ll handle this Boots..... If you wanted us dead, you would have already executed some order of arrangement….. Let him go! I am a better shot than I look.....”

The arrival of one other, drew a smile of impression upon The Rooks’ face.

“Problems gentlemen?”

“Nice timing widow….. Well China? It looks as if you are outnumbered…..”

“.…. Another time Rook..... I will fulfill my contract.....”

“We will be ready for you.....”

Slipping quickly back beneath the dock, the Chinese assassin is gone.

“You scared him off Minerva.....”

The Rook, shook his head.

“No, I don’t think so Boots….. This one, he was looking for somebody else…..”

“Smart Detectiveas always, eh Rook?”

“How do you two figure I wasn’t the target?”

“His method of approach…..”

“I don’t follow you Rook…..”

“.…. He concealed himself beneath the dock, and yet even though he could easily have surprised us with his trained silence; he made his presence known….. He wanted a specific target. As soon as he realized you were not the target, he sought only to protect himself and to force information from us…..”

“I wasn’t in his contract…..”


“He is known as The Knife Rook….. He is after Marty, for Mickey Dolor…..”

“.….. That much, I actually figured on…... Tells me one thing….. Dolor, he wants to make Marty a part of his organization…..”

“That sounds like the perfect opportunity Rook…..”

“Yeah, it sure does Boots.....”


Marty The Mouth stood ready. Two enemies now facing him. Two more quickly joining in on the attempt.

“You’re good actor man..... Definitely more to you and to your talents; but you, you are one; and we are many…..”

Marty quickly overlooked the two newcomers.

“..….. Suits, straight off from the rack….... standard issue firearms, and bad attitudes….... I had no idea Mickey Dolor was hiring feds to handle his daily business…..”

The Gorgon, stood between Marty and the two suits.

“No, G- men! This one; he is mine to collect on.....”

“Out of the way spook! Your contract is now terminated!”

“.….. I think not gentlemen…... Your impersonator, he has left you; and you two, you are no match for me…..”

The one known as Chameleon, tripped up The Gorgon from his right blind- side. Marty The Mouth quickly side- stepped, and rolled; as two shots from the suits’ revolvers, spring him into an instant reaction. Marty is quickly on the two armed G- men, disarming them. The three combatants now battling hand- to hand.

Knives now gripped tight in both hands, the one known as The Gorgon; charged on his lethal opponent. Chameleon blocked his slashing cuts, with well trained placement of his arms; in a method of karate, The Gorgon has not yet seen.

“Ah..... You, you have mastered an art of combat; that is unfamiliar to me….. No matter, try to fight as you do; when you find it difficult to breathe…..”

Chameleon, instinctively reached for his belt; two tear gas grenades were now missing. The trained assassin, flipped back and away from his opponent; as an acrobat performing an act of circus entertainment, as one of the canisters hit the floor. The room quickly filled with smoke.

“This, this is my opportunity….. I will leave you to your conflicts gentlemen….. Me, I have a better place for me to be…..”

With one of the G-men now distracted, Marty overpowered him; knocking him hard to the floor, the combat advantage now his. The other attempted to pummel Marty in the mouth. Marty easily blocked the attack and tripped the man up, that he lie next to the other.

Two shots fired on his position from behind. Marty felt the bullets as they hit their mark.

“Ugh! Coward! Shooting a man in the back!”

The one known as Chameleon fired two more times at his wounded target. Marty The Mouth rolled aside. One more bullet biting at his left leg.

“Mister Drake sends his regards…..”

“.…. Deacon Drake?!”

“Yes fool! Mickey Dolor, He is small in ranking within the organization….. How easily so many so called professionals, forget that there is a much greater power of influence at work in the states….. Not to worry….. As I am the the better actor, I will gladly pick up your role…..”

The one known as Chameleon, shot off two more rounds. Marty The Mouth reacted as a man yet again wounded.

“.…. Ugh! Bastard!”

“End scene, exit stairs left…..”


“I don’t like it Boots..... Something is wrong….. Marty, we should have heard something by now…..”

“Mister Rook?”

“Yeah Graves?”

“I have a Warden Johnston on the phone for you….. It is a direct line call from Alcatraz.”

The Rook, quickly arose from his seat; concern now drawn on his face. Reeves’ personal assistant guided him to the kitchen, and to a waiting telephone. The conversation, it was over in about fifteen minutes.

“Damn! I knew it!”

“What is it Rook? What happened?”

“...…. Syndicate plant, caught Marty by surprise….... The knuckleheads are in the hospital, and Marty is missing….. Presumed dead….. Ever hear of Deacon drake?”

Graves and the one known as Boots were both silent.

“Deacon Drake is a heavy hitter. They call him the Godfather of the west…..”

“We seem to attract all the wrong attention, eh Rook?”

The Rook mumbled something beneath his breath, and paced the floor.

“Is there anything I can do for you Mister Rook?”

.…. No, thank you Graves….. I’m going for a ride…..”


“I will be right around the corner….. I need some time to myself…..”


“.…. Mister Dolor?”

Mickey Dolor took a sip of his drink, a look of slight irritation upon his face.

“Have we met? I don’t take too kindly to unexpected visitors…..”

“Yes, by the looks on the faces of the men waiting for your order to gun me down; I can understand that…..”

“Who are you suit? Mind you, I do not like games!”

“.…. I am the voice of Deacon Drake….. Surely, you have heard of him?”

“.…. Drake? The boss of the northwest….. What business does Deacon Drake have here, in my territory?

Mickey Dolor’s face, now showed a building rage; as he downed the last of his whiskey.

“.….. Possession….. It is only fully realized, when there are things that cannot be taken away from you…..”

“Is that so?”

“Now, now…... Let us not get started on the wrong foot….. Mister Drake, he has officially taken over the entirety of your active operations….. He wishes to make you an offer…..”

“.…. Is that so?”

“Yes….. Mind you now, it is a fair offer; the best you will ever get…..”

“.…... I don’t need to hear Drake’s offer, and me; I have a counter offer….... Boys? Teach this suit some respect, and cut off one of his feet for Mister Drake….. Oh, and be sure to pick the right foot…..”

“Anything else Mister Dolor?”

“Yeah! Gather my lieutenants….. It looks like we may be going to war…..”

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