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“Gentlemen? How extraordinary a day it is, for us all to come together; over so united the situation…..”

Marsters quickly interjected his thoughts.

“You are right Dolor…... Some boys, claiming to be the sons of the godfather, they are trying to move in on my business….”

The Baron quickly followed, as the other seven bosses sat and listened on. Mickey Dolor, Marsters, and The Baron leading the conversation.

“Yeah……… One guy, a suit of a coward; he has shown up at each of our select business locations, offering us terms of our surrender; or of some such nonsense…..”

Mickey Dolor Laughed aloud, as he dropped the cherry from his smoking cigar into his favorite ash tray: a marbled obsidian and quartz work of artistic expression, the size of a leather bound hardback textbook; the shape of a coffin. Dolor placed his smoking cigar leaning on the open lid to the little coffin.

“.….These men, they are pawns gentlemen….. They are meant to distract our attentions, while plants are secretly placed in strategic locations…..”

“Wires?” Questioned Marsters.

“Impossible!” The Baron spat in interjection.

Mickey Dolor shook his head, as he took a sip of his whiskey.

“Not necessarily wires alone….. I am talking about sleeper agents for the feds…..”

“.……. Yeah, I have heard of some of that strange stuff some- psychological doctors can do…..”

Marsters, he shook his head; crossing his hands before him in a slicing motion, his right hand over his left.

“How do we protect our organizations from something like that?"

Mickey Dolor scowled on the other boss’ attitude.

“.….. Terminate all employees and all connections that have been integrated into your businesses for the past year, and place a freeze on new employment initiations…..”

“That seems like a sound recommendation…..” The Baron conceded.

“Right..... Those crazy mind- meddling works, they have not been heard of until recent…..” Marsters complimented.

Mickey Dolor recovered his cigar.

“Excellent….. Now, on to other business…..”

Marsters was quick to comment.

“I say that we ought to strike them first….. They wanna’ try and move into our territories, we need to hit them in theirs…..”

“Right..... If we sit and wait, and do nothing; we will be caught unprepared…..” The Baron conceded.

Mickey Dolor put out the remnants of his cigar.

“Then, we are all in agreement?”

The gathered bosses nodded, each man raising their drink; to signify their agreement. Mickey Dolor downed the last of his whiskey, the other bosses followed suit.

“Good….. If Deacon Drake wants a war, we’ll give him one…..”


“What is it Rook?” Minerva questioned, the widow now concerned over her brother’s disappearance.

“Your brother widow….. Apparently, he turned up at a federal facility a couple of hours ago…..”


The Rook shook his head.

“We’ll get to that….. Something is not right here…..”

Boots approached the two, joining in on the conversation.

“Right….. If he was a prisoner of the Syndicate, how could he have escaped?”

“He didn’t!” The Rook quickly answered.

Now Boots was shaking his head.

“He must have been delivered into custody…..”

“Delivered? My brother, Rook; what do you mean?”

“Sorry widow….. You know detectives, always on the case….. Your brother, he is alive and well; and in the custody of the feds….. They are demanding me to turn you and the bird over…..”

“Great!” Boots retorted. “You know what that means Rook?”

“Right….. Drake, he probably has a couple of feds; that are in his pockets….. Higher class of gangster, the heavier the connections…..”

“What are we going to do?” The widow cried out.

The Rook took a seat in his favorite chair, his left elbow on the armrest; his left for digits and thumb of his right hand massaging the stubble of his chin.

“.……. The bird? It will clear your brother….... Give them what they want, but don’t say anything yet about Bates…..”

Boots clapped his hands lightly together, and signified his understanding; with a series of fast rubs.

“You’re getting a clear picture of what is going on now aren’t you Rook?”

“Yes….. As a matter of fact I am Boots….. Somehow, we need- access to Department of Treasury records…..”

“Swell!” Boots retorted.

“Sounds like another job for mother…..”





“Talk to the don…..”

“The bosses, and that wanna’ be Drake.. They are instigating a war of the Syndicate…..”

“.…. It would appear, that our plant in Mickey Dolor’s- organization; was not a wasted effort…..”

“Should I gather the boys?”

“..…. No, not just yet…... Recall all of our eyes and plants in the field….. For now, let this Drake play his little role…..The confusion, it will take many an interest off of me….. Me, I’ll have all the last remaining cards to play…..”

“Yes Godfather…..”



The Coast Guard patrol boat CG-95300, is searching the bay for signs of the evil man known to his psychiatrists as The Gorgon.

“Look, back to stern!”

“.…. Look at what? I don’t see anything….. Wait, a minute….. Dead fish?! What’s with the dead fish?”

The voice of the escaped prisoner announced from behind the two officers, brings chills to a gripping of their spines.

“Distraction gentlemen….. Bait, you know; for bigger fish…..”

The Gorgon lashed at the first officer’s wrist with the knife secured in his left hand. The revolver once finding its securing in the officer’s grip, falls to the wooden plank deck below. The second officer he fared no better than the first. Caught off- guard, the man attempted to dodge the prisoner’s second knife; as The Gorgon slashed at the man’s exposed throat. The officer barely dodging the first attack, swung back around to his right; to have his wrist slashed by the prisoner’s first knife. Two revolvers now dropped from their owners’ grips to the ship’s deck.

“Now gentlemen….. Your fate, it is up to you….. Die here; victims, as you most certainly will be….. Victims of my slashing blades, or face the challenge of swimming to the island in a bay full of hungry sharks…..”

Two other Coast Guard vessels were also in on the search for the escaped prisoner, but these ship’s; they were too far to be of any assistance. The two officers backed away from the psychopathic serial killer and dived into the bay. The men immediately swimming as fast as they can to reach Alcatraz Island, hoping they will not draw on the attentions of hungry aquatic predators.

“The great whites, surely they will make feasts of you….. This ship, it now belongs to me; and me, I be having better places to be…..”



“Godfather Drake?”

“Talk to me…..”

“Mickey Dolor and his boys, they just hit one of our hold- ups in the south…..”

“What about our expansions in the east?”

“Wiped out by Marsters and The Baron….. Ambushed…..”

“.…. Call on our reinforcements….. Hit them back, and hit them hard!”

“Yes Godfather…..”

“Mickey Dolor…….. He, can be the only one; to have been able to rally all of the bosses against me…..”

“Godfather Drake?”

“.…. Now what?”

“The feds….. They’ve taken down two of our hit squads….. I thought the feds, they were working for us.....”

“.…. What is the status on our sleeper network?”

“The first mind- meddler, he turned up dead….. Thrown from a hospital window three or four floors up….. There is no word on the sleepers…..”

“.….... Contact our plant at the bureau…….... We need a new psychologist that has an understanding of hypnotism and factors of mind- triggering response…..”

“Yes Don Drake…..”






“I’m good detective, or at least I used to be…………….. But, access to files of so high the government standing; they are beyond my capabilities…..”

“.…. All I need Misses McIntyre is one or more official identification badges….. I am not here to question you on your past work experience…..”

“.…...... That will be tricky….….. Upper- level government identification, they use special recognition security designs- watermark proofing; and stuff like that…..Without an identification badge to copy, that kind of forgery; it cannot be done…..There is still too high a margin of error in the design process…..”

The Rook turned to Boots.

“Come on ma….. I know, that you know somebody that is of a government influence…..”

“Shut up Bernard!”

The Rook was taken back by Boots unexpected real name revelation.


“.…. Childhood name…..”

“.…. The man’s a pig…..” Misses McIntyre spat. “He only wants one thing from me…..”

“I would not ask you to use yourself in any way that would make you feel uncomfortable Misses McIntyre…..”

“It’s not what you think Rook…..”

“Ma, who is this guy you are talking about?”

“.…. He’s a Sicilian connoisseur of fine foods…..”

The Rook chuckled on the notionof thought, he had before; as compared to the real- issue.

“I had no idea you were such an accomplished chef Misses McIntyre…..”

“.…. Fine, I will get the fat slob over here….. But you and Boots, you are going to owe me big…..”

“Thank you Misses McIntyre….. Do you need anything more from us?”

“Yeah, come to think of it; I could use a little help in the kitchen…..”

The Rook smiled wide.

“It just so happens, that I have somebody in mind; and Graves, he is in every sense of the words an artist of culinary delights…..”


“Boss? The Drake, he’s retaliating…..”

“.…. It’s to be expected….. What did you find out about his contacts?”

“Very- little….. He does have official federal sponsorship, and we believe; they work in pairs…..”

“Interesting strategy….. One hand of the government, of multiple branches; one shadow for each hand…..”

“Right boss…..”

“Any contact from SYNGH DUCT- TOH?”

“None boss….. We have, however, heard of a new kind of specialist that is making their presence known…..”

“I’m listening…..”

“The feds, the call him The Gorgon…..”

“.…. Turn people to stone now, does he?”

“….. In manner of speaking boss…..”

“I like this guy already….. Send a few, of our boys to find this Gorgon….. I need a new specialist…..”

“Yes boss….”

“..…. Petrified faces and cement shoes….. Those, they were the days….. Reminds me of my father…..”

“Don Castillo boss?”

“.…. What are you still doing here? Get to work will ya?”

“Yes boss; right away, boss…..”



“Why did you do it sis? That was the only leverage we had…..”

“.…. The feds, they are not interested in bringing down Drake….. He is gaining in power of influence Armond….. It served no purpose to keep it…..”

“.…. That makes sense….. Two of the cronies working me over, they seemed more like professional interrogators than as common thugs….. Probably central intelligence…..”

“.…. Armond? There is something that you do not know…..”

“Great….. Why do I have a feeling, that this is just going to get us into more trouble?”

“.……. Bates, the government man from the National Treasury, I actually procured two items that Deacon Drake wants returned…..”

“Cripes sis! You didn’t? After our big discussion, our many arguments…..”

“I did not thinkthat the bird was going to be enough…..”

“If Drake finds this out, we are dead…..”

“.…....... Not necessarily…..... He will need me to return, that- which I have stolen from him…..”

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