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Funny thing about G-men, they do not like to listen. Boots, Graves, and I; are on our way back to the boat house Carrie’s Pride, to wait for contact from Boots’ mother. Not so surprising, we quickly picked up multiple tails.

Boots, he contacted the feds; allowing the G- men to take into custody many of Deacon Drake’s men. They must be out to recover the printing plates stolen by Drake, and acquired by the widow. The feds, in their official capacity; they have no real reason to be chasing us.

This is one of those days, I wish that I had purchased a faster ride. The unlicensed, dark- windowed automobiles; this federal hit team are behind the wheels of, are fast and apparently easy to maneuver.

So far, every technique we have tried; on our attempts to lose these persistent stalkers has failed. I can think of only one other option, and Boots; he does not like the idea one bit.

We pulled right off on to Sunset Boulevard, and punched our way to the predetermined interception point. Boots, he managed to get a couple of civil units to blockade the path of our tails’ obsessions.

Boots’ boys, they were buying us some time. I then quickly rerouted our destination. We were now on our way back to the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church. Reverend Reeves’ chapel, located in downtown Los Angeles.

Perhaps the good reverend can be of aid to us in dealing with this continual tail problems that we are now having wit dirty feds.

If anyone can remove the tracer from the printer plate package, Samuel William Reeves is going to be the man to get the job done- hopefully. The cops, they can buy us enough time to search for a new safe house for the Trevelles.



“Mister Bishop?”

“.…. SYNGH DUCT- TOH? So, you have finally caught up with me…..”

“It was not; as you say, all that difficult…... You have the man, of whom Mickey Dolor seeks….. Release him now, into my custody…..”

“.…. Or what, China- man?”

“.…. Please, as we were once past acquaintances; must we now, be so uncivilized?’

“There is, a higher power in family influence at work here SYNGH….. It would be best, if you tell Mickey Dolor that you were unable to find me…..”

“.….. You wish for me, to present myself to Mickey dolor; as a dishonorable liar…... You seek to make me out the fool? You, you still have much to learn Mister Bishop; of me, and of my people…..”

SYNGH DUCT- TOH pulled two razor sharp curved knives from their sheaths attached to his belt. The right- hand knife, blade pointed upward to a one o’ clock position; the left- hand knife blade pointed downward to an eight o’ clock position. The man named Bishop, showed no concern of the assassin’s learned use of his blades; as SYNGH slowly moved counterclockwise to circle around his opposition. Bishop’s eyes never leaving his point in location.

“...…. Knives…. Cute toys SYNGH…... Tell me China- man? Have you ever heard the old American saying: never bring a knife to a gun fight?”

“.…. We, in China; we know of one better: never bring a mouth to a real battle…..”

The man named Bishop smiled wide.

“.…. Oh, it is not exactly my mouth that you need to worry over SYNGH, unless of course you are referring to my new weapon….. Marty?”

Marty The Mouth, made fast his presence known. Two thugs, quick to follow.

“I fear not your mindless stooge, nor your brainless thugs Bishop….. Four against one…..This is barely even a decent challenge…..”



“Kill The Knife!”

“Yes Boss…..”

“I will be on board, getting the motor ready….. Not too long- boys, the Don; he is expecting us…..”

Before Bishop’s two thugs have a chance to even fire off one shot from their revolvers, they are felled by The Knife’s trusted blades. The two bleeding out from slashes in their throats.

“Your men, Mister Bishop…..... They are slow and inexperienced…....” The Knife gloated aloud, on his fast take down of the two. Marty immediately holstered his pistol, and engaged The Knife hand- to- hand. The man named Bishop, grabbed for the handle of a newly acquired sub- machine gun; as the melee one on one confrontation, resulted in an obvious dunking; of one of the combatants into the drink.

The man named Bishop nodded approvingly, as Marty The Mouth slowly joined him on the gang plank ramp leading into Bishop’s boat.

Well done Marty….. We have no more time for this foolishness….. The Don, he is waiting for us…..”




.…. Godfather?”

“Talk to me…..”

“Mickey is on the line…..”

“..…. That took, way less time than I figured it would….. Get lost! Do not allow anyone into my study.....”

“Yes Godfather…..”

The Don slowly picked up the receiver.

“.…. I left you in charge Mickey….. Was I in error at trusting you with the business…..”

Mickey Dolor responded in a calmed determine manner.

“.…. The feds Godfather….. Deacon Drake, he has been overpowering the Syndicate with his many associations…..”

“I know of this Deacon Drake, if he has managed such a feat; maybe I should put him in your place…..”

Mickey Dolor was silent.

“I will only intervene Mickey, when I deem it to be a necessity..... Is that understood?”

“Yes Godfather….”

“..….. Use your family connections….... Prove to me, that you stand; as true heir to the family, or I will buy my trust in another…..”

“Yes Godfather…..”

“Do not bother me with this again…..”

The Don laid down the receiver, disconnecting the conversation.


“What did The Don say Boss?”

“.…. The Don, he gave me the authority to call on the family…..”

“.…. Mafia goons Boss?”

“..…... The family, it is much more than just goons….... I now have access, to my fathers’ mafia death squads; and these guys, they do not mess around…..”

“.…. Should I tell the rest of our boys Boss?”

“No! You will leave this to me….. Is that understood?”

“Yes Boss!”


“.….. It’s done…... I will dispose of this tracer, where it will do any and all tails, very little good….”

“Thanks Reverend….. Okay people, where do we go from here?”

“I heard from mother Rook….. She now has a copy of the identification that can get you inside the National Reserve…..”

“.…. Oh, it’s not for me Boots….. That particular task, it needs to fall on someone of a less conspicuous nature…..”

“.…. The dame?”

“Do you feel up to the task Minerva?”

“It is what I have trained for Mister Rook…..”

“No way!” Armond Trevelle interjected. “I am not letting my sister do this alone…..”

“Great idea….. Boots? Take Minerva and Armond to see ma?”

“Okay, You got it Rook….. Where do I meet back up with you?”

“.….... It would have to be the one place where nobody would ever expect to find us….. What do you think Reeves?”

“.…. That will leave churches out of consideration….. Honor, in Syndicate crime; it only goes so far… I am not sure Rook….. All of my secret selection of safe houses, they may already be compromised…..”

The Rook smiled wide, as he came up with an idea.

“I know that smile Rook” Boots commented. “You’ve got a plan, don’t you?”

“.…. Geese, is it that obvious?”

Minerva and her brother, answered the question at the same time.

Yes, it does seem a little obvious…..”

Graves, nodded his head on the thought of notion; in a trained silence and the reverend, he followed suit with the unspoken plan. All gathered now knew the roles they will soon play.

“You all are right, you know…….. I do, indeed have a plan; and this one, it could be: last call…..”

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