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“American? How may we be of assistance, here at Madame Chang’s Massage Parlor and Bath House?”

The man known only as The Bishop straightened his tie. One girl, a young beauty of Asian descent catching his eye.

“She can be yours; for a price American.....”

Bishop was silent. The man waiving the idea away. More important matters to contend with. Thoughts of a long lost daughter, brought quickly back to mind.

“I am looking for SYNGH DUCT- TOH….. I hear- tell, he frequents this place.”

“….. What need have you American man, of SINGH DUCT- TOH?”

“I have need of his skills and of his blades….. I am under the employ of Mickey Dolor, an old acquaintance of his; I understand.....”

One man servant approached the front desk, from the calling of a bell.

“CHOTA take, Mister?”

“Call me, Bishop.....”

“Take Bishop to speak to SYNGH, and return here to relieve me!”

“Yes Madame! Right this way, Mister Bishop?”

“After you.....”

The person of Bishop’s current interests, SYNGH DUCT- TOH; scowled on sight of the American. The lightweight, athletic; black- haired Asian man of thirty- nine years, fell into a bean-bag of a chair; positioned before a small round ceramic table upon the floor. One bottle of sake, and a glass upon the top of the table. Pointing to the visitor’s feet, SYNGH held his hand up; fingers spread to keep the American from entering his chamber.

“….. I am here on a request from Mickey Augustus Dolor…..”

“Lazy pig of a man you serve..... Tell me Mister Bishop? What is in this acquaintance, that is business of yours?”

“Me? I am just working..... You? 209,820 yen now, 209,820 yen after the job has been completed.....”

Immediate talk of payment, quickly drew on SYNGH’S interests.

“….. Four- thousand of your American dollars? Mister Dolor, he knows of my price..... Who is target?”

Bishop,opened a simple briefcase and handed SYNGH a single file.

“This file has everything you need to know.....”

SYNGH DUCT- TOH quickly scanned through the documents within the file.

“….. Ex- military intelligence? Most difficult, this target.....”

“The job, it is to capture the target alive….. Dolor, he wants to persuade him to service within his organization.”

SYNGH shook his head, a look of disappointment upon his face.

“No- kill assignment? No great challenge, for my talents….. Very well..... I shall capture this man; for one thousand and five hundred of your American dollars now, and for one thousand and five hundred American dollars when the job has been completed..... We are an honorable people Mister Bishop. I will not charge you, more than the job requires.”

“157,365 yen now; and 157,365 yen later?”

“Yes Mister Bishop.”

“Then Mister TOH, I do believe we have an accord.....”

“Yes..... Return to Dolor, and leave this to me..... He shall have his charge; in three days. No longer, no less.....”


Marty the mouth and The Rook, ducked for cover as shots fired on their positions.

“I thought you said that you weren’t followed Rook?”

The Rook shook his head.

“Me? They must have followed you Marty!”

“No respect, I tell you; shooting on a church!”

“Yeah well? That’s because, they’re the bad guys Marty!”

The Rook smarted.

Samuel Reeves stayed low, as he approached the two.

“Rook? Marty?”

Yeah Sam?”

“I do believe that you have just given me an idea.....”

Hold your fire! We’re out of ammo! We’re coming out peacefully!”

“Throw out your guns! Exit one at a time, your hands in the air!”

“After you, Marty?”

“Sure Rook..... Don’t shoot me in the back huh?”

The Rook smirked on the thoughts of a pending joke.

“I’ll try to remember that.....”

Marty the mouth and The Rook, slowly exited the church their hands held high.

“Mister Dolor, he’s going to be pleased with us.....”

“Ever seen these three stooges before Marty?”

“Nope! Definitely not your average thugs.....”

“Hey! You two? Shut- up there! Take them in boys..... Mister Dolor, he wants to talk to the both of them.....”

Reverend Samuel Reeves slowly approached the gunmen, his hands held high.

“Excuse me gentlemen? Is there a problem here?”

“Oh, no Reverend..... We we have a little business to discuss, with these two guys.....”

“They have sought out the sanctity of God’s protection, on this day of their shared confessionals….. Did I here- tell, that you are associates to Methodist Mickey Dolor?”

“….. Yes Reverend..... We didn’t know they were here for religious service.....”

“Mister Dolor, he’d not be so enthused on your flagrant disrespect of so old a church..... Him being one of the first to step foot within the chapel, of this place; of God’s house.....”

….. No, he’d not..... Sorry Reverend..... We’ll conduct our business with them some other time.....”

“Joey? We just got a call on the squawk- box!”

“Yeah! What is it?”

“The boss, he’s rescinded the contract.....”

“Swell! Pack it up; boys!”

“We’ll never bother you again Reverend.”

“God, he works in mysterious ways Joey. May he one day, forgive you of those evil things; you have been forced to do.....”

Amazing person Samuel. On hand for emergencies, he had stashed; a radio, and on requests of those confessors of high importance; he had locked away a tape recorder. With a little quick thinking, we recorded a message in Marty’s now famous: Mickey Dolor voice; and played the message over the radio. Must have been a bit of strange luck to have found the exact radio frequency of their box so fast, or maybe its the man above and he’s watching over all of us. Whatever the reason, the thugs left; and we have bought us a little time.

“What do you think Marty? Why is Mickey Dolor looking for you?”

“I’m not sure, Rook.....”

“Maybe Dolor feels that he has use for you?”

“You think he is going to try and have me abducted Rook?”

“That would be my bet Marty, and something tells me that Dolor; he isn’t going to depend on thugs anymore..... The next hired hand he sends, this one’s going to be an expert.....”

“What do we do Rook?”

“….. What’s this Sam?”

“Keys..... For my place on the beach.”

“Beach- house Sam?”

“Vacation home. My caretaker, he will know that you both are coming.....”

“Thanks Sam. You’re one in a million.”

“May God be with you both.....”

“Thank you Sam.”

“Well Marty? Things are looking up.....”


“We’re sorry boss..... We wanted to get the hit..... We wanted to make you proud.....”

“Joey, Joey? Hits, they are assigned to specific people for specific reasons..... How many bullets did they fire on the church Gregory?”

“….. Eight Mister Dolor.....”

“….. What should I do with you now Joey? You know I don’t like the disrespecting of the church, and those that would make mockery of God and of religion…..”



“Yes Mister Dolor?”

“Their contracts, they have been terminated!”

“Yes Mister Dolor. Might I inquire on method of execution?”

“…...... In the head, if you would..... Since that is where the problem lies…….. Boys? Hold them down!”

“Permission to extract information Mister Dolor?”

“….. If you really think you might get anything important..... Go on ahead Gregory, just don’t make a mess..... Bring them to the chamber boys. Let Gregory have a session or two with them before their execution.”

“Yes, boss!”

“Oh, and Gregory?”

“Yes Mister Dolor?”

“Try to keep the noise down? I’m expecting a guest......”

“Yes Mister Dolor.”

“….. It is good to know that you can still find good help these days.”

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