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“Bishop? Well done! SYNGH DUCT- TOH, I presume?”

“My reputation, it precedes me?”

“Yes, indeed it does….. Gentlemen, have a seat?”

“Some problem in the house Mister Dolor?”

“That? No..... Merely an under performing employee;, I’ve been forced to terminate.....”

“I see, we handle employment issues; in similar manner..... Perhaps, we are more alike than any of us would care to admit?”

“Perhaps? Lunch, it will consist of Pei- king duck, spicy beef and vegetables, and shrimp- fried rice.....”

“None for me Mister Dolor..... I have a strict diet of which I must maintain.....”

“Very well, but you don’t know what you are missing…….. My chef, she is one of the best..... Still, this is an understandable decision. You understand, that I want the target captured?”

“Yes..... Will the target be alone?”

“One other, may be traveling with him: Private Detective; name of The Rook.....”

“I have heard of this detective, even in China Town…… One detective, this will be no problem for me..... Where can I find this ex- military intelligence American; and his partner the detective?”

“My sources tell me, that they are held up at a beach safe house; provided by a reverend of the faith.....”

“Reliable sources?”

Oh, yeah! One, is practiced in the art of tracking in the shadows.”

“This one? Do I need to know more?”

“No. This one is shall we say, a specialist….. Specialists, they do what they are hired to do; nothing more.....”

“If there is nothing more, I will be on my way…..”

“Do you have transportation Mister SYNGH?”

I have my Indian Chief two- wheeler…..”

“Motor- bike?”

“Yes..... It is fast, and inconspicuous…..”

“Lunch, it will still be at least another twenty minutes….. Bishop?”

“Yes, Mister Dolor?”

Show SYNGH DUCT- TOH to the garage….. You may take any ride you please…..”

“You are, a most gracious host; Mister Dolor.”

“….. All a part of the business.....”



“Wow Marty? Would, you look at that? Not too bad for a man of the cloth?”

“Don’t forget Rook, everybody has connections these days.....”

“I wish, you wouldn’t say things like that Marty.....”

One of the best beaches in San Francisco: china Beach. Just off of Sea Cliff Avenue. Although thoughts of a vacation of dames in bikinis, and of suds under the sun may sound pretty appealing, we’re on a job.

Marty, he’s one tough cookie. Hit men out to get him, and he doesn’t worry an inch; not even for his life. I don’t know if he’s just stubborn, or stupid at this point.

My father, he once told me a long time ago: courage, it is a force that is deep rooted to the man’s soul; and no man can exist without some sense of what having courage means. It should come natural to one and all.

I never took much stock in my fathers’ drunken attempts, of quotable mentioning; but today, this one; it seems to make a little more sense.

We pulled slowly up to the Reverend’s Beach House, our eyes; they are fast alert to our current surroundings. I never really thought of owning a house on the beach…. Sounds actually to be pretty accommodating to a degree; and as Beach- Houses go, at least for this particular model; there appears to be a lot to appreciate.

This Beach- House, it is more than just a vacation home; my ideas for a home away from home for the vacating of the job, and of acquaintances being a fisherman’s cabin near to a quiet lake. One good book to read, and a few cold brews to relax me..... It is a safe house.....

“Gentlemen? I am Richard Graves… I am the caretaker of Reverend Reeves’ Beach- House home….. I have been expecting you.....”


“Easy Marty….. It’s just a name after all…..”

“….. No offense Mister Graves?”

“None taken….. After all, my Great grandfather; he was a mortician’s assistant…..”

“Hah, hah, hah….. That’s a good one; Richard…..”

“….. Not funny, Rook!”

“Reverend Reeves, has requested a key for the two of you. These keys will open the front and back doors, the wine cellar, and the garage….. “

….. A Beach- House with a garage? Nice..... Let’s get these automobiles out from sight Marty?”

“….Before you turn in gentlemen, I should tell you that: you have attracted a most inhospitable tail…..”

“Let me guess Graves? Two goons…... One, skinny and wiry and likes to snicker a lot; the other, large and dumb and just plain loud…..”

“Good gracious, you are a good detective; aren’t you Mister Rook?”

“Some may say: One of the best.....”

“Except for me that is Rook.....”

“….. Geese, thanks Marty..... Let’s get the cars hidden, and lure out these bothersome knuckleheads?”

"I’m telling you Crunch, that butler; he looked right at us..... You know, suspicious like.....”

“Why would a butler care about what we are doing Slash?"

“… Because Boys, Graves; he’s not just a butler’s hand…… Hands in the air! Don’t make, any sudden moves!”

“….. Rook? We’ve been looking for you…..”

On that, I gather….. Though, this may be a loaded question; what do you two Lump-heads want with me?”

“….. Miss Minerva Rook….. She has need of your assistance…..”

“….. The dame? Well, if that don’t beat all? You hear that Marty?”

“Yeah Rook..... I think she’s got a soft spot for you…..”

“All right, boys….. Take us to her? You have me officially intrigued.....”

“….. Just you Rook..... The Mouth, he’ll have to stay here.....”


“….. I’ll be all right Rook….. Go and check her out….. Be careful?”

“Now that’s just got to be, the most unnecessary thing anybody can ever say; to a Private Detective….. It comes with the territory…..”

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