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“….. Mister Dolor, he is a connoisseur of motorcycles, and of automobiles…..”

“Yes….. If I might make a recommendation? This 1941 Harley Davidson, it is a step up from the 1940 Indian Chief you are currently riding…...”

“….. Yes! Impressive, its two- wheeler design…..

“I hear- tell; on many a tall tale of your capabilities…... To incapacitate a man, some claim with only two fingers aimed at specific parts of the body…... With a striking pin-point precision…..”

“Yes….. Fact, it can be much more curious than rumor….. Old, this fighting style; of my people….. We, as human beings; are but embodiment of working systems of veins and of organs…..”

“….. I see….. Interrupt the signal within the system, as with say- the neurological; and the body, it can no longer receive signals to continue with its operations…..”

“Correct Mister- Bishop…..”

“When this assignment has been completed, Mister Dolor; he would like to talk to you, about signing- on; as a permanent member of his organization…..”

“Wise man once told me: There is no pleasure to be found, in ongoing associations with pain…..”

“You would be a most valuable asset, and; all pain- aside, Mister Dolor; he will make it worth the decision…..”

“….. Yes, I will take this Harley Davidson….. I am one whom maintains many a family tradition.....”


“Well, well, well… Apparently, there is more to you; than I have ever considered…… What makes you think that I can help you?”

“Because detective; I hear that you are the best…… Because, I hear you never turn people away; when they need help…..”

“So I’ve been told….. On our first meeting, you attempted to set me up for an ambush..... You had one contract on mind….. For your next attempt at assassination- me! You build no working trust in me, with a resume’ like that…..”

“….. My brother, he was set up; and now, someone is trying to kill him…..”

“….. Bad business, this dealing with cons, and with crooks….. What do you want from me?”

The detective I shot Rook, he was dirty. He, was the one that has framed Armond, my brother…..”

“………….. You must think me daft dame..... You expect me to believe; you became an assassin to the Syndicate, to find who framed your brother?”

“This, this is the truth Rook….. Mickey Dolor, that pig! He has no real concerns over me….. I told him I know, that he is the one to frame my brother; and that I would kill him! I took down three of his men before they managed to overpower me…..”

“….. Dolor, he liked this talent that you represented with your actions? He felt it would work to his advantage, for his organization…..”

“Yes….. It gave me a chance, to get closer to the man; that I may learn the truth…..”

“For your efforts, Mickey Dolor; he set you up for a fall? And drew me right in to the conspiracy of the matter…..”


“Right sweetheart….. Old police colleague of mine, he- entrusted me with your case….. It seems he may have been setting both of us up….. I need to figure out why…..”

“Will you help me Rook?”

“…... How did you escape detention, at L.A. General? At least four of L.A’s finest had been on site, to take you into custody on the doctors’ approval…..”

“….. Trade assassin’s secret…..”

“Right….... You’ve got connections….. This truth, you know; it makes it even more of a difficulty to build trust?”

“….. So, you will not help me?”

….. In my refusing to help you, I endanger many a colleague; and myself to the final details of this conspiracy….. Yes! I will help you…. I will do what I can; to help us all.....”

“Crunch, and Slash…..”

“….. The numb- skulls?”

“Yes….. They have been through the system before…..”

“Big surprise there..... The enforcers of law, they find the most skilled of criminals difficult to capture….. Those two, they’re the worst of the worst….. I’ve seen better thugs on film…..”

“They can protect my brother from the inside…..”

“Getting two known thugs arrested and incarcerated is no difficult task……….. The real trick, is how to get me inside? Obviously in a manner of which will allow me to get back out…..”

“I have a contact inside….. They call him Whispers…..”

“Whispers? Man with a talent for word of mouth huh?”

“Yes….. Whispers, he is incapable of protecting anybody; but he can get both you and my brother out…..”

“Already digging a tunnel to freedom huh?”

“….. In manner of speaking…..”

“….. I shutter to ask….. Where is your brother imprisoned these days?”

“..... Alcatraz…..”

“….. That’s great! One of the worst places to be, and one of the most difficult places to escape from…..”

Too difficult the task Rook?”

“I’m disappointed in you sweetheart….. Just when I thought you were getting to know me a little better….. I do love a challenge……”

“Take it easy officer! We just wanted to file a complaint…..”

“You two, have got to be the stupidest of all known criminals! What were you thinking, entering a police station; waving a gun and shouting demands?”

“….. You pigs! You never listen!”

“Yeah! You stand up there on your high horses, and you never listen to the people!”

“Oh yeah? Well, we’re listening now!”

“We did it Slash.....We’re going to lock-up!”

“Shut-up Crunch!”

“….. Well, well, boys..... It looks like we’ve got ourselves a couple of players here….. You two are going to lock-up alright…... Alcatraz, it has been holding cells with your names on them!”

“Alcatraz don’t scare me copper!”

“Yeah, we’ve been in lock-up before!”

“Shut- up Crunch!”

“….. Geese, if only all criminals were so helpful; we would all lose our jobs…... Take them to holding, and put in a call to the Feds! They’re not going to believe this.....”

“….. Are you nuts?! Alcatraz is no place for a detective!”

“….. I agree Marty..... The dame, her concerns are genuine; and her claims, they are fast opening my eyes to a larger problem than I had ever thought possible…..”

“No! You are not going inside to protect the brother of an assassin! I,won’t hear of it!”

“Actually Marty?”

“….. Don’t say it!”

“….. I was thinking about you….. You are the best of known impersonators Marty. That, and your military training should give you all you need to get in, and out of there; without any having to figure out: how to lose a record; or gain one from your efforts…..”

“The two idiots? You think they’ll be able to protect the guy?”

One’s more brawn than brains, the other is more brains than brawn….. That’s got to be worth something…..”

“….. Not necessarily!”

“Well what do you think Marty?”

“I think that I don’t like what I am hearing….. If there is some reality to this organized crime conspiracy, then we are all going to be in a lot of danger!”


“….. I must be as crazy as you are Rook!”

“Could- be, Marty?”

“….. You’re right..... If possibility of such conspiracy exists, we need to get to the truth of it.....”

“You work on the infiltration plan, I’ll talk to Reeves on the escape…..”

“That should present some original difficulties Rook.....”

“You know it Marty.....”


“Is the tracker in place?”

“Yes Mister Dolor!”

“Good! How did you know The Knife, he would take the Harley?”

“….. The Japanese, they believe in a strict system of honor and of tradition…….. Many families will respect trust in only those artifact- that would project their beliefs…..”

“Sounds like we share in many of the same traditions….. The older the automobile, the better the build…..”

“The more reliable the ride?”


“Mister Dolor?”

“….. Excuse us Bishop? My- five- o’ clock is a little early…..”

“Yes Mister Dolor!”

“I told you never to present yourself here!”

“Necessary boss!”

“What nonsense, could make your arrival to be in the least a necessity?”

“Minerva, she has men on the inside!”


“Yes boss!”

“….. This, it is now on you!”

“…..Me boss?”

“….. Eliminate the scapegoat! Or, you are next in line for termination! Get out of my sight!”

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