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Chapter 2

Geordan’s knees gave way, he began to wonder if he'd ever see anyone or anything ever again. This whole occurrence was too much to bear. Why did this have to happen to him. Of all the people in the world, it happened to him. He wasn’t special, he didn’t do anything to put himself in the spotlight. But that’s not how life works, he thought to himself. Things don’t just happen to interesting people, they happen to everyone. Society just doesn’t care what happens to you if you’re boring.

After a few moments, he collected himself and stood up once again. He needed to go home. He made his way to the parking lot. After walking a short ways, he made it to his vehicle. He sat down and sighed. He turned the key, but the engine wouldn’t start, though it struggled to. After several tries he hit the steering wheel hard with his hand, frustration raging through his body. He swung the door open in anger, accidently hitting the car next to him.

He got out and shut the door, inspecting the damage. He had created a large dent. It didn’t matter, he thought, everyone was gone anyway.

Curious, he headed toward the main entrance to the mall. As he arrived, he noticed that there were still cars on the street, and upon closer inspection, it appeared that the cars had come to a complete stop right where they were, as if time had just frozen. But it couldn’t be, it didn’t make any sense. How was he moving? Where were all of the people that had been there moments before?

He looked around once more, and something caught his eye in the distance. A purple wisp of smoke was moving down a sidewalk about 300 meters away. He started to run after the thing and as he got closer, he noticed that the smoke had a human-like appearance. “ Hey! Wait! Stop!" He yelled. The purple smoke appeared to ignore him and continued, making a left and fading through a door into a large building. Geordan ran up to the door and tried to open the door, but it was locked. "Dangit!" He hit his fist against the door. "What the heck was that!" He slid to his knees. The world began to turn, everything was going wrong all at once. He sat and stared at the door, trying to take everything in.

Many minutes later, he rose. Walking back towards the mall, he didn’t see anything unusual. But upon entering his store he heard voices. His heart skipped inside his chest. He rushed towards the source. He burst into the room to see a man and a small child sitting on the furniture in the office.

His grand entrance had caused the two to stop talking and look up at him. “Hello Geordan,” The man said. Geordan stood speechless. “I didn’t expect for you to return here. I thought for sure you’d head home and I would explain everything there.”

Geordan shook his head, “Car wasn’t working, not that I expected it to, nothing seems to work around here, not even clocks.”

The man chuckled, “Of course clocks don’t work, time is ebbing after all.”

“What does that mean? Who are you?” Geordan asked confused.

The man laughed again, “There’s the question we have all been waiting for! Who, am I?” He began to pace. “I’m quite frankly surprised that you don’t know. My name is Hulderich, ruler of all.”

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