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Chapter 3

“What are you talking about? Why am I here?” Geordan demanded. He felt like breaking down. For once he just wanted to go back to his normal dreadful life.

“Well that’s simple, you’re here because I want you to be.” Hulderich said and laughed. He stopped and looked at Geordan and smiled. "What? Did you think you were here by accident? Oh, no. I've got plans for you.” A laugh erupted from his throat. It was so loud that the girl next to him covered her ears.

She looked up at the Hulderich, “Why are you always so loud?” She frowned as he looked at her slightly surprised.

“Oh sorry, I forgot you were here.”

“You’re rude too, I can’t believe I’m stuck with you.” She turned away and crossed her arms.

Hulderich’s face darkened slightly with annoyment, “You’re one to talk, “Ms. Can’t Keep Her Mouth Shut.” They glared at each other for a short time until Geordan cleared his throat and reminded them that he was, indeed, still in the room. “Oh yes, of course, Geordan this is Sofia, Sofia this is Geordan. There, introductions are out of the way, I must continue.” His face turned serious once again as he looked deep into Geordan’s eyes. “As I said earlier, I am the ruler of all, the most powerful person on Earth. Holding all this power, no one has ever been able to stop me, therefore most have given up on the quest to vanquish me in the past few centuries, and well, let’s be honest. I’ve gotten really bored, so I’ve chosen you to entertain me.”

“Wait, wait, wait, let me get this straight.” Geordan said, confused, “You decided to ruin my life because you’re bored?”

He smiled, “Precisely”

Geordan looked the man in the face, “And what would you have me do now? I’d like to get out of this mess as soon as possible.”

“Oh, wouldn’t you?” Hulderich laughed. "You're very perceptive, I never said there was a way to escape." A frown took Geordan’s face. "You truly are quick to anger, I guess I should explain your predicament." He lowered himself down, as if sitting, but came to rest in the middle of the air as if an invisible chair was holding his weight. He extended his finger towards Geordan, and a force pushed him back onto the sofa, "It's going to take a few moments, so you might as well sit." The girl made her way to the couch, her steps light as air, and sat down next to him without uttering a word. Hulderich's smug grin once again adorned his face. “As I said before, you are but mere entertainment for me. If I wanted you dead, you would be. It’s as simple as that. So you are going to do a few things for me. You could call them tests if you like, or quests if you’re into that sort of thing.”

“Ok, one second. You want me to run errands for you?” The anger grew even more apparent on Geordan’s face. I can’t believe he is that full of himself he thought.

“Shut up!” Hulderich shouted, “I can run my own errands. What you will be doing is far more dangerous and difficult. I will give you five tasks, it is your responsibility to complete each of them with precision. Do you accept?”

Geordan was bewildered, “So I have the option to say no?”

“Well, yes, obviously. I can’t make you do anything, that’s no fun. Of course, you will have to live with time ebbing.”

“Wait, I asked about that earlier, what exactly does that mean?”

Hulderich stared at the ceiling, feining curiosity, “Well you see, time doesn’t really like to be messed with. When you say, create an alternate timeline that contains only one person on the face of the planet, time will try to fix the error. It’s called ebbing, the fabric of reality starts to tear and magic becomes a lot easier to use, if you are actually weak enough for that to matter. Of course it’s not good that reality itself is breaking apart. The alternate timeline begins to collapse, and eventually disappears, correcting the timeline. Since you would be inside you will also die. Sofia and I will be fine of course, I can get us out of here at any time.” He sighed at this, “Now as I was saying, do you accept?”

Geordan looked up at the strange man, staring him in the eye. “What choice do I have?”

Hulderich smiled a long evil smile of satisfaction, “Excellent.” He snapped his finger, and the world spun around Geordan. Funkadelic colors swarmed around him, rising in a cylinder and disappearing. He was standing in the middle of a large library. He looked around and found Sofia standing nearby. Suddenly he heard Hulderich’s voice from everywhere at once, “This is the first test, figure out what you are supposed to do here and you will be allowed to leave. Sofia will be joining you in your endeavors. Treat her well.”

“That’s not fair! You never told me about this.” Sofia blurted, but apparently Hulderich was already gone.

Geordan held his head, and noticed that he was wearing a trenchcoat, and on his head was a hat of sorts. He took it off and realized it was the same kind of hat that Sherlock Holmes would wear. “This is interesting, I wonder what he has planned for us.” He looked over at Sofia, taking a good look at her for the first time. The light footsteps he thought she was taking earlier probably couldn’t be classified as footprints since her feet never touched the ground. She had long honey blonde hair that came down to her knees. She wore a simple sundress and was barefooted, which made sense due to her lack of contact with the floor. He looked into her annoyed auburn eyes, “What do I do now?”

This seemed to make her even more annoyed, “How should I know? He didn't tell me anything.”
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