The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of The Speech by Dennis Smart of Smartech Industries

[The subject and Lance Miller now film the speech given by Dennis Smart of Smartech Industries. The camera view is placed to the right of where the platform is. Dennis Smart is a man of tall stature, standing at 6'1, weighing 200 lbs. He is of mixed Chinese, French and Irish descent, and has dark, slicked back black hair that reaches the nape of his neck. He is wearing a silver grey suit with a white shirt and pink tie with black shoes.]

[Applause from audience.]

Speech by Dennis Smart: [Clears his throat] ''Thank you, everyone. [Smiles and waits for the applause to die down.] Thank you, thank you. [The applause fades to silence.] Thank you all for being here. It's our first time hosting this year's event, and I am so pleased to be seeing so many inventors with wonderful and brilliant ideas. You know, when I started Smartech Industries, I didn't realise that one day, my company would be one of the biggest contributors to the the technology age. Smartech has helped so many inventions lift off the ground, literally, and we have seen ideas come to fruition in our time that I thought we would not see come about for at least another 30 years. Our potential to create amazing and intelligent things show that we have a right to make our lives better, as well as for those who are not so fortunate as us. I have met with people who have built things that help alleviate poverty in poorer parts of the world, and I have seen an invention that could help increase healthy food production.''

[The camera briefly turns to the subject, whilst Dennis Smart is still talking in the background.]

HJ: [Whispering] ''That's the HaloGen that Jenna McGrath made!''

[The camera goes back to Dennis Smart on the platform.]

DS: ''And that is just what we have seen in one day! Imagine what will be happening tomorrow, and on the final day on Sunday. Today is about smaller gagdets and inventions, tomorrow, we will be seeing slightly bigger things, and on Sunday, we will be treated to state-of-art technological advancements from corporations, including a Smartech exclusive.''

[The audience applauds excitedly. Dennis Smart raises his hand to hush the applause.]

''Well we have to make something, don't we?''

[The audience laughs.]

''In this day and age, we have exciting times to look forward to. Advances in practically every field that technology branches out in to are all here under one roof, and there will be more to come in the future. It seems as if we are getting closer and closer to the day when all the things we've read about in comic books and tales of fiction will be real and true. Imagine teleporting from one place to another! [The audience laughs] Turning invisible! Or reading each other's minds! [Pauses briefly] Well, that would be something anyone would want.''

[He laughs along with the audience.]

''And what about human flight? [Pauses] No, not with jetpacks or the like! Real human beings, taking off into the air. [He looks up.] That would be something, wouldn't it?''

[The camera turns to the subject quickly as the audience applaud him.]

HJ: ''Yes it would!''

[The camera turns back to Dennis Smart as the appluase dies down.]

DS: ''What I am saying is...we no longer need to dream. The reality of the future is within our grasp. Isn't it a beautiful thing that we are apart of that future today?''

[The audience bursts into enthusiastic applause. The camera pans around the hall, and as it begins to turn the right, it captures the flicker of a few lights in the corner of the room. It then turns back to Dennis Smart as the applause subsides.]

DS: ''So over these next few days, I want everyone to enjoy themselves. I want all in attendance to experience the beauty of science and technology, and to embrace all what the future holds for us. And most of all, I want each and every one of have fun!''

[Applause breaks out again from the audience.]

DS: ''Thank you, thank you.''

[The camera turns to the subject.]

HJ: ''And that's a wrap! We will be back tomorrow for more first looks at new inventions and interviews with up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs. Over and out!''


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