The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Second Interrogation Interview: Yevgeni Borokov

[This transcript details the particulars of the FBI's interview with the scond person interviewed by the subject. Yevgeni Borokov is being interviewed by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. The interview is taking place in a secure room at the FBI headquarters.]

Agent Alison Kramer: ''This interview is being conducted on behalf of the FBI, subject to article 4 of the Wright Act, granted by the permission of the government of the United States of America. The person being interviewed is Yevgeni Dmitri Borokov. The time is now [she looks at her wristwatch] 12:00 exactly on the 11th of October, 7 days after the incident. I am Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI, and I am now commencing the interview.''

[She has a red file in front of her on the table separating her and and the interviewee. She proceeds to open it up and retrieve a few documents.]

''Hello, Mr Borokov. How are you today?''

Yevgeni Borokov: ''Not very happy. I don't like being treated this way.''

AK: [She proceeds to fold her legs and nestle into her seat] ''Treated what way, Mr Borokov?''

YB: [He looks at her cautiously] ''Like I'm...a criminal.''

AK: [Looks with mock bemusement] ''A criminal? Of course not! Why would you say that?''

YB: ''You put me in here because you know I am Russian. I am not stupid. You have paper about where I am from. Not Ukraine, Russia. You think I'm spy because I did not tell truth.''

AK: [Unfolds her legs and puts her elbows on the table, clasping her hands together. She puts her head forward and looks directly at Borokov] ''Well, you sure know now what job the FBI does. But I don't care for your birthplace. I care for your workplace. Now [she sits back] what is it you actually do, Mr Borokov? Factory work, was it?''

YB: [Looks at her warily] ''Yes. I work at factory.''

AK: [Looks intently at a piece of paper in front of her] ''Hmm. What type of factory is it?''

YB: [Stays silent for a while as he looks down] ''A...munitions factory.''

AK: ''More specifically, what type of munitions factory?''

YB: [Looks awkwardly to the side, then mumbles] ''Nuclear...munitions.''

AK: [Leaning on the table as she clasps her hands together] ''Ah, nuclear. I was wondering when our favourite word was going to come up. And what nuclear weaponry were you helping to create, Borokov?''

YB: [Defensive] ''That is none of your business!''

AK: ''We're the FBI, it is our business! And while we are on the subject of business, what was in it for you?''

YB: ''What-what are you talking about?''

AK: ''Oh, you told me you aren't stupid. You have a talented brain, Mr Borokov. I doubt you were just pushing buttons in the factory.''

YB: [Looks at her] ''Yes...well, I-I help with fixing things, that's all.''

AK: [Unclaspin gher hands] ''Stop it, Borokov. We are grown ups, not children. If I wanted to play games I would have gone to a playground. What were you building?''

YB: [Looks down silently.]

AK: ''Not talking now, huh? Well it's alright, we've got some pictures to look at here. [She opens the red file and proceeds to take out some printed photographs] The paparazzi have been busy in Russia. What does these look like to you?''

[She places the pictures in front of him. Yevgeni Borokov looks at them in silence.]

YB: [Quietly] ''Missiles.''

AK: ''Yes. Missiles. Nuclear filled missiles. Where were they being taken?''

YB: ''I'm...not sure. I just build and fix, I don't transport. I don't know where they go.''

AK: ''Are you sure?''

YB: ''Yes. Very. I don't drive.''

[Agent Kramer sighs and sits back in her seat.]

AK: ''Mr Borokov, did you take any of these missles, smuggle them into the country somehow, and give them to Harrison Jepp at all?''

YB: [Looking up slowly with a shocked expression] ''What? No! I have not done that! Why you accuse me of this? I do not have missiles! I do not bring with me to America! I do not give to man you say!''

AK: [Puts her right hand up] ''Alright, alright. You say that you have never done this. But it's awfully coincidental that you are interviewed by Harrison Jepp and you turn out to be a nuclear munitions worker.''

YB: [Defensively] ''I did not know the man before. That was only time I met him. He is nice guy. He could not hurt those people. [Pauses] And there was no missile debris. There would be missile debris if I bring it. If he used it. You would have found it. There was none.''

AK: [Looks at him in silence] ''Yeah...that's true. We didn't find any. But...''

YB: [Looks at her with a hint of bafflement, as she does not finish her sentence] ''But what?''

AK: [Looking down for some time, then looks up quickly] ''But nothing. Mr Borokov, you are free to go. But [she sighs] you are still a person of interest in this investigation, so I'm afraid you can't leave the country if you are intending to.''

YB: ''But I am innocent. You think I help this man? He did not do this. He is nice guy. Why you accuse him of this?''

AK: [Putting the documents back in the file, then standing up] ''Because...sometimes people are not all who they seem to be. Because he could be nice one moment, and then nasty the next. Because...[she looks down briefly] you can't judge a book by it's cover.''

[Yevgeni Borokov looks at her in silence.]

AK: ''Goodbye Mr Borokov. Interview terminated at [she looks at her wristwatch] 12:28.''


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