The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Current Stage of the Investigation: Chief Salaman Khan

[This transcript details the particulars of the current stage of the FBI's investigation into the incident. Chief Salaman Khan discusses the investigation, the subject Harrison Jepp, and what has happened so far. Chief Khan is Indian, speaks English with an Indian accent, has short, dark black hair, is 6'0, and weighs 190 lbs. He is wearing a blue suit with a red tie and white shirt. The discussion takes place in an undisclosed location within the FBI headquarters.]

Chief Salaman Khan: [Looking directly at the camera] ''It is 13:02 on the 11th of October. This briefing is only to be seen by the President of the United States and Director North of the FBI. It has been 7 days since this incident, and this incident, which took place at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California, resulted in the deaths of 287 people. The prime suspect of the investigation into the incident has been one person; Harrison Jepp. In previous transcripts, we have referred to him as the subject, as he is the main person of interest to us in this case. During our reviews of the footage we have retrieved, we have been looking at the moments that preceeded the main incident, and we have seen the subject interviewing various people throughout the day of the 2nd of October.''

[He crosses his arms and leans them on the table.]

''We still firmly believe that the subject is the perpetrator. However, we are still unable to, or why he would do such a thing. We are unsure as to what sort of weapon he used, we are unsure as to what his motive would be for killing so many people, including children, and just...what...he is.''

[He looks down briefly and sighs.]

''The agents assigned to this case, Agents Kramer and Stanton, are trying to get to the bottom of this. But I am not certain that we ourselves can determine what really happened that day. We have footage of it, but...sometimes even our own eyes can decieve us. [He pauses for a moment.] But our eyes cannot decieve us when we see people dying and dead in front of us. That a photograph in our mind. [Pauses] A picture paints a thousand words. A video...speaks millions.''

[He clasps his hands together.]

''We have looked at the past of the subject, and you would never suspect all. He is as clean as a whistle. I hate to admit it but he is...not the person I would intially suspect, at first, to have carried out the massacre. We can't even figure out his motive. Did he even have one? Maybe not. Agent Kramer has her doubts as well. She thinks...that he may not be the one. That we are placing the blame on him. But she must look at the evidence. The footage shows him clearly in the middle of it all. [Points down at the table] It clearly looks like he is doing it. The camera shows him...killing them.''

[He strokes the back of his head.]

''But...did he get any help? Did he have collaborators? Did he manage to get sophisticated weapons from the people he interviewed? Did he have friends from the outside to help? Was this all planned? [He sighs] All these and my team are working hard and as fast as possible to get answers and give it to the people who deserve it. The families of those not understand what, how and why this happened. It is our job to find out and tell them. But...I cannot guarantee that they will be happy to find out. We can't even find the subject. He is anymore.''

[He sits back in his chair.]

''Some people believe...that they way these people were attacked...was out of this world. I don't believe that. This man...I don't know what kind of monster he is, but we cannot resign ourselves to thinking that what we witnessed was an unexplainable event. A blank incident of some sort. [He shakes his head slightly] We need to get to the bottom of this investigation now. We need to get Harrison Jepp and hold him accountable for all those people he killed. He...cannot get away with this. And when we do get him, the first question I would ask him is...why. [Pauses] Why? Why would you do this? Why would you hurt people? Why would you kill them? For money? For power? To go to war with someone? Why? Can a human being be so...consumed by an emotion that fuels the need, the desire to harm another person? Are we that insignificant?''

[He looks at the camera for a while with a slightly angered expression.]

''He seems so innocent when we look at him. He smiles, he jokes. He is like you and me. But...looks can be deceiving. And we most certainly should not judge a book by its cover. Or a person by their face.''

[He leans in on the table again.]

''All the victims' families ask me one question. 'Who is Harrison Jepp?' You know, I have no answer. I can't say who he is. I would like to find out the answer myself. And I hope, for their sake, and the sake of the world, that I find that out quickly.''

[He sighs and clears his throat, then looks at his watch.]

''This briefing is being terminated at 13:22.''


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