The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Third Interrogation Interview: Sung-Moon Il-Min

[This transcript details the particulars of the FBI's interview with the third person interviewed by the subject. Sung-Moon Il-Min is being interviewed by Agent Philip Stanton of the FBI. The interview is taking place in a secure room at the FBI headquarters.]

Agent Philip Stanton: [Looks at his phone on the table] ''This interview is being conducted on behalf of the FBI, subject to article 4 of the Wright Act, granted by the permission of the government of the United States of America. I am intervieweing Sung-Moon Il-Min. The time is 13:48, 11th of October. Commencing the interview now.''

[He has a large green file in front of him on the table containing many documents. He opens it up and retrieves a few. He pushes the green file to the left and places the documents in his hand in front of him.]

''So, Mr Il-Min, you've been keeping a very low profile after what happened. Could that have anything to do with your connection to the incident?''

Sung-Moon Il-Min: [With a shocked expression and tone] ''Wait, what? My connection? I have no connection! Why should my keeping a low profile spark up any interest in me?''

PS: ''Oh I don't know, maybe because of your links to North Korea?''

SMIM: ''My links? [Scoffs] The only link I have is my parents! I have no affiliation with the country of North Korea nor do I have any contact with any of its citizens, with the exception of my parents!''

PS: ''OK, OK, so you say. But you claimed that you were born in South Korea, not North. You lied, Mr Il-Min.''

SMIM: ''No I didn't.''

PS: ''It says it clearly here in your birth certificate [shows him a sentence on the paper he holds up to Il-Min] that you were born in North Korea, not South.''

SMIM: [Looking down] ''I didn't lie. I wasn't told by my parents where I was born. [Looking up] They hid my birth certificate, and I grew up in South Korea. They never revealed to me that they were from North Korea. I didn't know until recently.''

PS: [Sighs whilst looking at him] ''OK. Let's say that you didn't know. But then, how could you have gone through life without your birth certificate? You would have needed it for passport applications amongst other things.''

SMIM: ''I had another one, one that I thought was my real one. Turns out it's fake. That one states that I was born in South Korea. Don't you guys have it?''

PS: ''Yes, we do. But I can't determine whether you are lying or not. Either way, your background seems a tad bit shady, Mr Il-Min. [Clears his throat] So, do you care to enlighten me more about your product?''

SMIM: ''What product?''

PS: ''The one you created at the Tech Expo. [He picks up a photograph and shows it to him] This one.''

SMIM: ''What about it? You guys have seen the video, you know what it does. What else do you need to know?''

PS: [Putting the photograph down on the table] ''Can it be manipulated in another way? Can it be...retrofitted with any thing else to, say...turn it into a weapon?''

SMIM: [With an expression of shock] ''What? What are your trying to say? That I would turn my product into a weapon?! That I helped kill...all those people?! can you sit there and think that I would do something like that?!''

PS: ''I was just asking you if the device you created could be altered. I didn't claim that you could do it. Besides, I know how much North Korea hates America.''

SMIM: ''I told you, I have no links to North Korea at all. And I don't like what you are implying. Is that why you are questioning me and not others?''

PS: ''I am questioning others also. [Pauses] Did anyone else have access to your device? Did it ever leave your sight for longer then 5 minutes?''

SMIM: ''No. [Remembering something] Actually, wait. I remember...a guy. He was familiar...Smart! Dennis Smart of Smartech Industries! He...his people looked at it for a while. But after I got it back, I hadn't noticed any significant changes to it.''

PS: [Thinking] ''That may be, but we can't too sure. Are you saying...that Dennis Smart had a hand in manipulating your product?''

SMIM: ''Well...I'm not directly saying he...did something. But why would he anyways?''

PS: [Silently shaking his head] ''I don't know. [Pauses] Did you ever see Harrison Jepp take the device at all?''

SMIM: [Shaking his head] ''No, I didn't. He didn't come to see me again until we were going home. And Dennis Smart's people had it before I left.''

PS: ''Hmmm.''

SMIM: [With a look of realisation] ''Are you thinking that...Mr Smart...did something to my device, then gave it to Harrison Jepp?''

PS: [Looking up at him] ''Something like that. [Sighs] Well, Mr Il-Min, you are free to go.''

SMIM: ''You've finshed questioning me?''

PS: ''Well, for now. We may have some more questions to ask in the future, so at this time, we would ask you to try and stay in the country if that's possible.''

SMIM: ''Yes, of course.''

PS: ''Alright. [He looks at his phone on the table after he touches it] Interview terminated at 14:05.''


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