The Blank Incident

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The Fifth Transcript: Marta Dziebowski

[The subject interviews another inventor. He is located in an area near the entrance to the hall.]

[General hubbub is heard.]

HJ: ''OK, so, hello everyone, it is day 2 of the Technology and Science Expo here at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, and it's time for slightly bigger gadgets and pieces of technology to be in the spotlight. We're talking about things that are the size of a vacuum cleaner but not as big as, say, a car. That's for day 3! [Chuckles] Alright, so, back again with my trusty camera man Lance Miller [Lance Miller's right hand comes in front of the camera quickly, flashing his thumb up] I will be looking for a few inventors to talk to about the products they have come with today. [Turns away from the camera to survey the crowd of people in the hall] So, who shall I talk to today? [Turns to his left] Ah! Let's go to this person. [The camera follows behind the subject as he walks to his left until he stops at a woman] Hello there, how are you?''

[The woman says ''Hello, I'm fine thank you'' in an American accent]

HJ: ''Good, good. I'm Harrison Jepp, a journalist from Technos magazine, and I am just interviewing people about their inventions. Would you mind telling us who you are, what you do, where you are from and what are your credentials?''

Interviewee - Marta Dziebowski: [She is 5'11, weighs 150 lbs, has jaw-length dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, and has a distinct 1 inch scar going around on the left side of her neck. She is wearing a light blue t-shirt, covered by a beige jacket, black pants and cream shoes.]''No, of course not. My name is Marta Dziebowski, I'm originally from Milwaukee, I am an Financial Analyst working in Wall Street in New York, and I have a PhD in Environmental Science and a Masters in Economics.''

HJ: [Surprised] ''Wow, that's amazing! What a brainbox you are! That's cool! Good at science and math! [Laughs briefly] So, what have you brought with you today?''

MD: ''I have [she turns around and picks up a large black cuboid shaped object with both hands and turns back around] this. It is called 'Fire Fighter'.''

HJ: ''Fire Fighter? So...obviously the name details that it fights fires, but how?''

MD: ''Well, I can't show you unfortunately, because it requires a fire to be present, and due to health and safety, I'm not allowed to make one.''

HJ: [In humour] ''Oh that's a shame! Even though you would be able to put it out?''

MD: [Laughs] ''Yes, I know, but I'm afraid they won't allow me to do it. Sorry.''

HJ: ''No, it's alright. We of course don't want you to get in trouble or endanger the lives of others in this hall, and I wouldn't want to jeopardize the lives of hundreds of people either. OK, so could you explain the process of its function then?''

MD: ''Yeah, sure. So in the event of a fire, wherever that may be, all you have to do is press this button here [she points to a button on the device that has a symbol for 'On'] and then it gets to work. What it does is it will act as a vacuum to suck all the oxygen out of the air, because as we all know, fires need oxygen as a fuel, so if we take oxygen out of the equation, as it were, then the fire will be able to be contained more quickly.''

HJ: [Briefly silent] ''Huh. That's an excellent idea. I'm actually quite blown away by this. Because we all know, that every year, I'm not quite sure of the estimate, but millions of people die every year from fires in their home. I'm assuming that's the environment where this device will be used?''

MD: ''Yes, of course, and I've been able to conduct tests within homes to see how well the product works, and how fast it can help fight the fire.''

HJ: ''That is a wonderful concept. I really admire what you have done with that. With this product, more lives will be saved in the event of a fire.''

MD: ''That's what I want to do. Help people.''

HJ: ''Marta, it's what all humans should be doing. But sadly, we don't see that happening, do we?''

MD: ''No, we don't. But at least I'm doing my part.''

HJ: ''That you are. By the way, when you turn this product on, I assume people must leave the premises immediately, right?''

MD: ''Yes, of course. Since the device takes away oxygen, it's also creating an atmosphere where humans wold not be able to breathe. So once you turn it on you must you must vacate the premises or area where the fire is, other wise you may cause fatal harm to yourself and others.''

HJ: [Turning to the camera] ''OK, so you got that everyone? You must NOT be inside your home or wherever the fire is when you turn this product on.''

MD: [Smiling] ''Thank you.''

HJ: ''No problem. Does it have any other functions?''

MD: ''Uh, yes. It beeps very loudly as a warning to let people know that the product is on, just in case anyone is in the vicinity.''

HJ: ''How close does it need to be in order to do its thing?''

MD: ''Um, it can be within 10 metres of the fire in order for it to work.''

HJ: ''Cool. And does it have a limit as to how much it can suck up?''

MD: ''No, since oxygen is a gas, it can store unlimited amounts. And when it is safe, then it can release it back into the environment with the push of this button.'' [She directs the camera to a button that says 'Reverse Process' on the bottom of the product.]

HJ: ''Awesome. Also, I would just like to ask, how long did it take you to make?''

MD: ''Um, well, with money I was able to get a private company to help make it, and it took around...8 months to complete.''

HJ: ''Wow! 8 months? Not too bad for a wonder bot! [Laughs with Dziebowski briefly] So how did you come up with the name?''

MD: ''Um, well, it's function is simple, so I just gave it a name that describes its job perfectly; Fire Fighter. It fights fires.''

HJ: ''Easy to remember and incredibly helpful. Marta, who are you hoping to sell your product to today?''

MD: ''I have a few companies in mind, but I have already had an offer from one company which wants to have the product installed within schools, hospitals, goverment buildings and banks, within the airduct system, so that in the event of a fire, it would be used as soon as everyone is evacuated from the premises. So quite a bit of interest for Fire Fighter.''

HJ: ''Well I can imagine. He's a great invention! [Briefly chuckles] You have a price tag in mind?''

MD: ''Yes, I do, but I can't disclose unfortunately. Sorry.''

HJ: ''No, it's alright. We know how in demand Fire Fighter is, so the price hasn't been verified yet. But are we talking...millions?''

MD: [Smiling silently] ''Mmmmm...yes, we are.''

HJ: ''Alright, alright. Well, Marta Dziebowski, it has been lovely speaking with you, and it was great meeting Fire Fighter as well.''

MD: ''Yes it was great speaking with you as well, Mr Jepp. I'll see you around.''

HJ: ''Yes, I'll see you too. Thanks again. Bye-bye.''

MD: [She waves quickly at the camera] ''Bye!''

[The subject departs from Marta Dziebowski.]

HJ: ''What a cool invention! Fire Fighter fights fires, and the brilliant mind of Financial Analyst Marta Dziebowski proves that technology is helpful to people's lives, and helps improves our wellbeing. I am so happy I got to see a product that directly saves lives, and used worldwide, we would see the amount of people dying from fires within homes and other buildings drop dramatically. We know water helps fires, but, approaching the problem of tackling fires from another perspective, and with actually taking out one of the contributing factors of fire out of the picture, then that would create a better, and to me, a more convenient way to tackle fires. Anyway, let's move on to find more life-saving and resourceful products in these very walls.''


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