The Blank Incident

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The Sixth Transcript: Minesh Kapoor

[The subject moves to another area of the hall to interview another person.]

[General hubbub is heard in the background.]

HJ: ''I'm still on a high after meeting with Marta Dziebowski, the inventor of Fire Fighter. I'm probably sure that there are a few more inventions like hers that are dedicated to helping people as well as the environment. But I'm not partial to technology created for our enjoyment, either, so let's try and find someone to talk to. [He spots a man ahead of him, then looks back at the camera] Follow me!''

[He walks across the hall through the crowd.]

''Hello there, would you mind if we had an interview with you?''

[A man of Indian descent replies in an accent ''No, that is fine.'']

''OK cool. I'm Harrison Jepp from the technology magazine Technos, would you like to start by stating who you are, where you are from, what job it is you do and what is your background in eductation please?''

Interviewee - Minesh Kapoor: [He is 5'10, weighs 143 lbs, has shoulder length dark hair and dark brown eyes, and is wearing glasses. He is wearing a white t-shirt with brown pants and dark brown shoes.] ''Yes, of course. My name is Minesh Kapoor, I am from Kerala in India, but I live in Orange County in California. I am an Engineering Technologist, and I have degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Technology.''

HJ: ''Cool. How long have you been living here in California?''

MK: ''I just moved here one year ago.''

HJ: ''Ah, so not very long. How are you enjoying your stay?''

MK: ''Very well, thank you. America is very friendly.''

HJ: ''I'm glad you are having a nice experience. Is it your first time here to this event?''

MK: ''Yes, it is. It is a very big place. A lot of people, inventors as well.''

HJ: ''Yes, there is. And that's why I'm here too. Have you got an invention for me, Minesh?''

MK: ''Yes, I do. Here it is.''

[Minesh Kapoor moves to his right and motions with his hand to a red and blue computer processor on the table behind him.]

HJ: ''What is it and what does it do?''

MK: ''This is my invention, a computer processor that has USB ports to connect to a microwave to cook your food, to connect to a kettle to boil water, and also it does not require electricity to work; it is solar-powered.''

HJ: [With widened eyes] ''Really? A solar-powered computer processor? And it can do all that?''

MK: ''Yes.''

HJ: ''Whoa, that is awesome, Minesh! How long did it take you to create?''

MK: [Looking up] ''Um, it took about...3 and a half years or so?''

HJ: [Excitedly] ''A long time! But it was worth it! Now, I'm assuming that kettles and microwaves also have to have USB ports. Are you making those as well?''

MK: ''Yes, initally we did that. But we can also do it with existing ones.''

HJ: ''Really? How?''

MK: ''Well, I created a wireless function that enables the processor, with the aid of a microphone here [he points to a part of the processor with speaker holes] to listen to what you want to cook in the microwave.''

HJ: ''Are we going to be able to see this baby in action?''

MK: ''Not at the moment; I will be doing it later.''

HJ: ''Ah, OK. So why did you want to make this processor?''

MK: ''Well, electricity consumption in the world is very high, and we have been using it more and more in the beginning of this century alone, so I wanted to create a computer processor that does not need to rely on a plug socket to work.''

HJ: ''That's cool. Are there any requirements for your product to work?''

MK: ''It must be placed next to a window where sunlight or moonlight can come through so it can stay on.''

HJ: ''Alright. Oh yeah, so, how does the microwave and kettle receive the message from the processor to cook or boil?''

MK: ''There is a microchip installed in them that can transmit and receive signals from other forms of technology. It's like...telepathy with machines.''

HJ: [To the camera] ''Machines communicating with machines. Feels as if I'm witnessing the beginning of machines becoming self-aware like in Terminator. [Turning back to Minesh Kapoor] So, do you have a name for your processor?''

MK: [Smiling] ''T1000.''

[Harrison Jepp and Minesh Kapoor laugh together.]

HJ: ''That was a good one! [Clears his throat] So are you going with that then?''

MK: ''No, no. I did not really have one marketed yet, but whoever I sell to today will hopefully give it one.''

HJ: ''Which leads nicely to my next question; who are you planning to sell it to?''

MK: ''Well, Jupiter Global and Smartech are big companies I would like to pitch to, but I am open to Hypernate and Solis as well. They are good eco-tech companies.''

HJ: ''Good, good. How much are you hoping to get?''

MK: ''I am hoping at least...42 million dollars. Maybe more.''

HJ: [Shocked expression] ''Say what? 42 million?! Wow, you definitely know what you want, don't you Mr Kapoor?''

MK: [Chuckles briefly] ''Yes. Well it took a lot of money to build as well, and it would also cover the cost of making the microwaves and kettles too.''

HJ: ''Oh, yeah, you're right. OK, so we have to wait and see when you make a deal to a company as to when we will see this ready for commerce. Well, it has been great speaking to you, Minesh Kapoor.''

[Minesh Kapoor and Harrison Jepp shake hands.]

MK: [Smiling] ''Thank you. Nice speaking to you too.''

HJ: ''I hope you get a good deal on the T1000 here.''

MK: [Laughing lightly] ''Yes, I hope so too.''

HJ: ''Alright, I will see you later. Might see your demonstration for the processor later.''

MK: ''OK then. Bye.'' [He waves at the subject.]

HJ: ''Bye-bye.''

[The subject departs from Minesh Kapoor.]

HJ: ''What a cool product! A processor that is solar powered, and it can tell your kettle and microwave what to do! Amazing! Soon, it could probably open its functions to...telling the washing machine to wash clothes, the dishwasher to wash dishes, the dryer to dry clothes...there's so many applications for this thing. Minesh Kapoor - I am so happy I met him today, and I hope to see his processor being demonstrated later. [Leaning into the camera] A message for you guys: If we are unable to see a product being demonstrated for interviews, usually it's because of a pre-planned demo later in the day or, with Marta's product, that it is not allowed to be demonstrated in front of us. [Standing back] Right, so me and Lance are going to have a little refreshment before we find someone whose product can be demonstrated for us! See ya!''


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