The Blank Incident

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The Review of the Sixth Transcript by Agent Alison Kramer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the sixth transcript is to be carried out by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. She surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings.The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Alison Kramer: [Opens up a navy file in front of her and retrieves some documents] ''It is now [she looks at her wristwatch] 15:35 on 11th of October, 7 days after the incident. This review is only to be redistrubuted to Agent Stanton, Chief Khan and Director North of the FBI, as well as primarily to the President of the United States. I will now be commencing the review of the sixth transcript.''

[She pulls up her chair to the table and holds up the documents in front of her on the table.]

''The Engineering Technologist Minesh Kapoor, born 4th of April, 1986. He is the eldest of 9 children, born in a village in Kerala, India. He was educated in India and then later in England, studying his degrees at the University of Cambridge. Then he moved to Orange County in California in October of 2014. So his background checks out. No red flags I've spotted at all. He has no criminal record, no criminal activity related to his family. However [she picks up one document] there is this death certificate I have here that states that his youngest sister was killed in a car incident 5 years ago. I researched further and found out that she was run over by an American tourist, one who so happens to be a native to Orange County, California. Which sounds too unbelievable to be just a coincidence.''

[She puts the document down on the table and folds her arms.]

''Well, the American tourist isn't Harrison Jepp, so that's cleared that up. But maybe Kapoor moved to Orange County when he found out the identity of the man, and was waiting to make his move. It may have been that the man was at the event, and...Kapoor, invented his processor to possibly be a weapon. Even if it wasn't evident in the transcript that he had not built it for the purpose of killing people, he may have been able to convert it somehow into, I don't know, a bomb, so that he could get revenge for his sister's death. But then, why kill others too? Could it have been out of anger? Maybe he couldn't control the detonation, maybe something went wrong with the device. could have been made to look like an accident. Or...he did it because he wanted others to suffer as well? Whatever it was, if Kapoor was the one to blame, maybe...[she sighs] there is a possibility...of ruling out Jepp. I have [shaking her head] seen no proof of Jepp and Kapoor meeting with each other to discuss this plan. But...then again...maybe there was, and we don't know. It's possible...that Kapoor told Jepp of his plans, and maybe...Jepp decided to help him. I don't know. Maybe.''

[She looks down at the table for a while.]

''They're still identifying the 287 bodies recovered after the incident. I'm not sure if we will find the guy there. The man Kapoor wanted to kill. But we can't identify Kapoor's reasons. [She opens the file and retrieves another document] Because...I'm holding his death certificate. Minesh Kapoor...died along with the other victims of his plot. If he did do it. [She pulls out photographs from the file] We have found the remnants of his processor. But we know that it can't have been used, since the remnants were not even found near the attack site. The way it was destroyed indicates that it can't have been the source. So...did he do it or not?''

[She puts the documents back into the file and exhales.]

''I can conclude, therefore, that based on the evidence on Minesh Kapoor, the FBI has put him as a person of interest in this case. However, his death has cast a dark shadow over this investigation, as we are unable to obtain more information until after we have reviewed everything. The time is now [she looks at her wristwatch] 15:46. Terminating the review.''


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