The Blank Incident

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The Seventh Transcript: Lee Minter-Gibbons

[The subject has moved to another area of the hall to the right to interview another inventor.]

[General hubbub is heard.]

HJ: ''Right, so, after that lovely break for refreshments, we are [rubbing his hands together] straight back to business! Let's go!''

[He walks off to the right, and spots someone.]

''Let's go to this gentleman over here. Hello there, would you mind being interviewed?''

[The man of tall stature answers ''No, not at all'' in an English accent.]

''Alright, so can you start by saying who you are, where you are from, what you do and what you have studied?''

Interviewee - Lee Minter-Gibbons: [He is 6'1, weighs 171 lbs, has dark brown hair and green eyes. He is wearing a green shirt with a red tie and dark grey pants with black shoes] ''Yeah, of course. My name is Lee Minter-Gibbons, I am from Kent in England, I am a software developer for Smartech Industries, and I graduated from university with a first class in Software Development.''

HJ: ''Awesome! We have a Brit with us, people! [Laughs] Ok, so, are you working over here I'm guessing? Or do you live here?''

LMG: ''Uh, yes, I work here. Smartech Industries headquarters are in San Diego, so I work there and live there. I moved from England 4 years ago when I got the job.''

HJ: [Nodding along] ''Ah, cool. You already work for the biggest sponsor for this event. So have you been here before or is it your first time?''

LMG: ''My first time actually. I've always known about this Expo, but this is the first time I am here as an inventor.

HJ: ''Cool. So what have you made that will possibly get you noticed?''

LMG: [Chuckles lightly] ''Well, people have come up to me and said, ''What are you doing here? You already work for the big boss'', but I didn't invent a product just for money. I want to help the community and people in general. So I have with me here [he stands to the side] the Calorie Counter!'' [He gestures to a large, flat tranparent square plate that has an electronic panel on the bottom.]

HJ: ''A Calorie Counter? But...don't we already have that?''

LMG: ''Not like this you don't. You see, we can't be exact when it comes to counting calories, especially when you are making home cooked foods. People are not necessarily bothered to count the calories of their food or even weigh how much they want to eat, unless of course you are a crazed calorie counting fanatic.''

[The subject and Minter-Gibbons laugh.]

HJ: ''OK. So tell me how does it work?''

LMG: ''Well, it's simple really. Let's take this cup of water [he takes a cup of water from the table] and put it on the Calorie Counter scale, as so. Now, as you can see, numbers have come up on the screen below, [he points to the electronic panel] 132grams, to show much water there is, and there is another number next to it which is zero.''

HJ: [Interjects] ''Which is the calorie count for water.''

LMG: ''Exactly.''

HJ: ''But next to that number, I can see another one. What does that mean?''

LMG: ''Ah. [Gesturing with his right index finger] Now this is where the counting really gets interesting. This number, 0.28, shows that this water contains a trace amount of salt.''

HJ: ''Alright, so, it doesn't just count calories, it also tells you how much salt, and also sugar I'm guessing, it contains as well?''

LMG: ''Yes, that's right.''

HJ: ''OK. So this green light, what does that mean?''

LMG: ''It's telling us that it is safe to drink this water. If it was orange, it would tell us that there may be an excess of salt, sugar, or fat that may be unhealthy for us to eat. It turns red when it is measuring a dangerously high amount of sugar, salt and fat and warns us against consuming it. You can see here that this cup of water contains no fat or sugar, so the other zeros after the 0.28 reflect this.''

HJ: ''Oh right. That's pretty cool. That's a nifty invention there. Now, we already know who you work for, so will you be pitching to your own company with this idea, or do you have others in mind?''

LMG: [Laughs] ''It's sort of a crisis of conscience here; I have my company at the top of my list of course, but I want to pitch to EatSmart because I know that they would love this product. It's right up their street.''

HJ: ''Yes it is. That's great. Do you have a figure for how much you want for it?''

LMG: ''Yes I do. Around 8 million for now.''

HJ: ''8 million? That's a nice figure. It's not too high, and not too low.''

LMG: ''Yes. This didn't take very long to make; around 4 or 5 months, and I used technology that is already existing, so I'm not going to expect an extremely high amount.''

HJ: ''Oh, that's very modest of you, Mr Minter-Gibbons! [Chuckles briefly] It was really nice to meet you, and I hope to see you and your product again.''

LMG: ''Yes, that would be good. Thank you very much for the interview. Oh, sorry, what was your name again?''

HJ: ''You know what, I totally forgot to introduce myself to you. My name is Harrison Jepp.''

[The subject puts out his hand and shakes Minter-Gibbons' hand.]

LMG: ''Thank you, Mr Jepp. I'll catch you later.''

HJ: ''Alright. Take care of yourself. Bye now.''

LMG: ''Bye!'' [He waves happily.]

[The subject departs from the interviewee.]

HJ: ''Well, what a nice man! And an even nicer product! The Calorie Counter that we just saw doesn't just count calories; it also detects how much sugar, fat and salt is in the food, so it lets you know how much of it you should be eating. But I would like to see it more develped in the future; maybe adding other nutritional factors such as protein, vitamin and fibre content, for example. I might chat to him later about it. [Pauses] But this product could already help to curb a really serious problem we have here in America: obesity. More and more people are getting serious health problems such as diabetes and heart failure from over eating or eating excessive amounts of sugar and salt. This Calorie Counter invention could help to save many people from this debilitating condition, and we may see a dramatic clamp down in obesity levels.''

[Looks around the hall smiling.]

[Back to the camera] ''Man, the amount of inventions that are on the brink of saving people's lives. Technology is the future, people.''


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