The Blank Incident

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The First Transcript: Nathan Barley

[General hubbub heard in the background, sometimes at high volumes. An average build, dark brown-haired Caucasian male is shown in the camera, with a clean-shaven face and a dark grey sweater. He is the subject Harrison Jepp. He is 5'10, weighing in at 180 1bs.]

Interviewer – Harrison Jepp: ''Hi, my name is Harrison Jepp, we are here today at the Technology and Science Expo at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, and I am doing a video blog for the technology magazine Technos. This event is taking place over this weekend on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of October 2015, and I will be here every day at the centre from 8:00am, which is the time the doors open. Today is the first day of the three-day convention, and we will be looking specifically at small gadgets and devices. I will be going around the centre to interview different inventors and they will be discussing their products, explaining how they work, who they plan to sell the idea to and when can we see the products out in future.''

[The subject begins moving around the hall.]

''Ok, so I am now going around the hall with Lance Miller, my trusty cameraman, and we are looking for the gadget section.''

[The subject spots someone in the right hand corner of the room.]

''Oh, let’s speak to this guy.''

[Subject walks up to a tall Caucasian male wearing a navy blue sweater, a white collared shirt underneath, and also wearing beige suit pants with black shoes. The man is also wearing glasses and has a beard that is not fully grown. He is of similar height and weight to the subject.]

''Hello there, my name is Harrison Jepp from the technological and scientific affairs magazine Technos. Do you mind being interviewed?''

[A quiet ‘'No’' is heard in the background while the camera is titled slightly down.]

''Could you state your name please?''

[The camera now shows the interviewee and the subject]

Interviewee – Nathan Barley: ''Hi, my name is Nathan Barley.''

HJ: ''Can you please tell me your age, where you reside, what you studied, or studying, and where you studied it?''

NB: ''Um, I’m 24, I live in Boston, Massachusetts, and I'm studying for a Major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a Minor in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.''

HJ: ''OK cool, and what is the name of the product that you have invented?''

NB: ''It's called the 'Intra Media Phone' or 'Mobile'.''

HJ: ''Can you explain what it does?''

NB: ''Yeah, sure. Basically, I created a phone that charged up just by sensing other forms of technology around it. It works by sending - it's going to get a bit sciency now - sending waves to each other. Now, televisions and radios use radio waves, but phones use micro waves, [begins gesturing with his hands] so what I did was build a wave transmitter which would absorb the type of wave being emitted from the environment and then the phone would transform it into a wavelength which would be acceptable for the phone. When this happens, the phone will start to charge up, so it will never die.''

HJ: ''That sounds pretty awesome!''

NB: [Smiling] ''Yeah, it is.''

[The subject and Barley laugh briefly.]

HJ: ''Has it got other functions?''

NB: ''Yes; you can also view any of the content from where you have been absorbing the waves from. You could also send that information...anywhere you like.''

HJ: ''So another person can get that information straight away? Aw, that is a very cool idea.''

NB: ''Thanks. I didn't want it to just charge up from another source, I also want the phone to be able to send information to another phone or another computer as well, without the use of a computer or cables.''

HJ: ''Can we see your product in action?''

NB: ''Yeah sure.

[Barley takes product from table next to him and holds it up near to the camera.]

HJ: ''Is it...charging?''

NB: ''Yep. Look, look!

[Barley points to a part of the phone screen which says 'Charging 84%'.]

HJ: ''Wow, that is so cool!'' [Subject laughs excitedly.]

NB: ''Yeah, I know.''

HJ: ''So who are you hoping to pitch your idea to?''

[Barley scratches his head.]

NB: ''Well...I have had numerous offers from companies already, you know, the big phone companies, so I am hoping to make a deal with any of them really.''

HJ: ''Can you tell us who exactly?''

NB: [Slightly smiling] ''I'm afraid I can't; I want to be able to pitch to as many companies as I can so if I name names some of the other companies I don't mention on camera may pull out. I'm sorry.''

HJ: ''No, that's OK, that's understandable. Did you come up with the idea yourself or did you work with a partner?''

NB: ''No, I came up with the idea entirely on my own.''

HJ: ''Did you make the product yourself or did other people help?''

NB: ''Well, my background in electronic engineering helps, so I just pretty much assembled the phone myself. I drew up specifications, product design, and product detail and so on, and then I had to source the materials from various places, and then I built the phone and the transmitter out of scratch.

HJ: ''Wow, sounds like that took a lot of time. How long exactly did it take you to make?''

NB: ''From research to completion, or from starting the product to completion?''

HJ: ''We'll say from building it.''

NB: ''OK, well it took, uhmmm, months to build and complete.''

HJ: ''So not too long then?''

NB: [Smiling] ''No, not really.''

HJ: ''And are you happy with the final product?''

NB: ''Uh, well, there were a few technological hitches, a few teething problems, but it didn’t take too long to fix them and finalise the product.''

HJ: ''Was this the first product you've invented, or have you invented others?''

NB: ''Uh, yeah, this is my first invention, and hopefully, not my last.''

HJ: ''Oh, I hope so too, Mr Barley. How much are you willing to sell the product for? Do you have a price in mind already?''

NB: ''Well, again, I can't disclose how much some of the companies are offering, but I can give a rough estimate. I was thinking for the initial product sale being around $16 million dollars, and then of course, I will be garnering more profit hopefully with more sales.''

HJ: ''Wow, so you are practically rich already!''

NB: ''Yeah, but that is guaranteed only if one or more companies buy the product.''

HJ: ''It is patented, right?''

NB: ''Yep, that was the first thing I did when the product was finished.''

HJ: ''Did you come up with the name for the product?''

NB: ''Yeah. The name came to me when I thought of the idea. But of course, the company who gets it may rename it for marketing purposes, which I don't mind.''

HJ: [Nodding his head] ''OK, OK, so when do we see this hopefully hitting the shelves or so?''

NB: ''Hopefully, if deals are made, we should see the product by summer 2017.''

HJ: ''I will be looking forward to that time then. Nathan Barley, thank you very much for your interview and I hope all goes well with your invention.''

NB: [Shaking hands with the subject] ''Thank you very much for listening to me. See you guys around.''

[Barley salutes Good-bye.]

[Camera cuts to Harrison Jepp.]

HJ: ''So, we have just had our first interview with one budding inventor, who has created a product for the telecommunications industry, and which I think is a very good concept. I mean I can see the good coming out of this product, you know, like if you need to charge your phone, because it's dying all the time, and you don't have immediate access to a computer or charger, you can just use...whatever is around you.''

[The subject spreads his hands out to depict what he is talking about.]

''And what makes the idea really lift off the ground is that you will be able to send the data from the phone to another person, so it is really current and up-to-date with the times we are in with regard to telecommunications. OK, so now we are going to go around and interview some more potential millionaires.''

[The subject moves to the left as the camera begins to pan round the hall; subject heads north for eight meters then turns right.]


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