The Blank Incident

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The Review of the Seventh Transcript by Agent Alison Kramer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the seventh transcript is to be carried out by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. She surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings. The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Alison Kramer: [She looks at her wristwatch] ''It is 16:13 on 11th of October, 7 days after the incident. This review should only be redistrubuted to Agent Stanton, Chief Khan and Director North of the FBI, as well as to the President of the United States. I will be commencing the review now.''

[She has in front of her a black file. She opens it and retrieves some documents from it.]

''A British national, Lee Michael Francis Minter-Gibbons was born on the 18th of November 1988. He lived with his two older sisters and with both parents in Kent in England before he moved to America in 2010. So far so good. [She sighs] But, it says here [she holds up one of the documents] that his father had a deal with some Chinese property tycoon that went south. Lost 8 million dollars. 8 million. [Pauses] That's the exact amount that Minter-Gibbons said he wanted for his product. [Looks at the camera] That sounds...too much of a coincidence to me.''

[She picks up another document.]

''His product, the Calorie Counter, is very efficient. But unfortunately, he only got 5 million for it later on when he went to sell it. Sold it to EatSmart. Smartech rejected it. 5 million is a little short of 8 million. If he wanted to help his father out with the deal, 5 million wouldn't be enough. Maybe...he let Jepp know about it, and Jepp tried to negotiate a higher deal. Maybe [sighs] it didn't turn out how they wanted, and Lee got desperate. So Jepp...helped get Lee's revenge back on Smartech. That could be one theory. Along with a whole line of others.''

[She clears her throat.]

''So this deal with the Chinese. In March of 2015, Francis Anthony Minter-Gibbons, Lee's father, was supposed to have made an inital deal with a Chinese businessman by the name of Wu Tsang Sing, for an apartment complex to be built in Shanghai by Minter-Gibbons' company, which was to be around 8 million Hong Kong dollars. However, the costs of the building went up, and Sing wanted a new deal for 20 million. However, Sing agreed to the 8 million as long as he would get the rest by the end of this year. Minter-Gibbons...may have been unable to gain the rest, and by October, it's possible he would have been getting slightly desperate, as the year was going to be ending soon and he didn't have enough. Maybe Lee wanted to help his father, and believed his product would get enough, or maybe more to help. But it didn't go to plan.''

[She sighs and looks down for a moment. She then pulls out a document from the file which appears to be a newspaper clipping.]

''Wu Tsang Sing was found dead at his home in Shanghai on the 1st of October. It was apparently a burglary gone wrong. But all fingers pointed to Francis Minter-Gibbons. Which of course, would have worried his son Lee. I don't believe Lee knew about it until later. We have Lee's phone records which tells us that he received a call from his father just after his interview with Jepp. The Chinese authorities would be after his father, and maybe Lee too, since Lee knew of the deal. They would place the blame on either one of them. That much of a would be too damaging to Lee and his family. And even Smartech. [She pauses and thinks for a moment] Maybe Lee got even more desperate after not receiving enough for his product, and thought that if he 'died' in the incident, the Chinese authorities would not come after him. That may be one theory.''

[She folds her arms on the table.]

''Or...Smartech knew what was going on...and...possibly orchestrated the incident so that they could kill Lee instead, making it look like an accident. [Pauses] That may be another theory. [Exhales loudly] But theories aren't fact.''

[She sits back in her chair.]

''We can't even question Lee. He was found alive after the incident, but flown immediately to England. We can't extradite him without an actual charge, so he's free to go. Unless we can prove one of our theories about him.''

[She gathers the documents up and puts them back in the file.]

''This...this is beginning to look more and more like...persons other than Jepp are responsible for this. Maybe...we were wrong about him. I'm [shaking her head] just being open-minded about all this. All the evidence we've been gathering...seems to be leading away from Jepp, not to him. Maybe...we are blaming the wrong person. [Sighs] doesn't explain...what he was doing on that day. Why he was there. looks like...he murdered 287 people.''

[She puts her hand on her forehead, then strokes her hair in slight frustration.]

''I conclude that Lee Minter-Gibbons may have been a colluder with the subject, or, was the perpetrator himself and the subject an accessory to the crime 7 days ago. [Clears throat] The time is now [she looks at her wristwatch] 16:34. The review is terminated.''


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