The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Fourth Interrogation Interview: Jenna McGrath

[This transcript details the particulars of the FBI's interview with the first person interviewed by the subject. Jenna McGrath is being interviewed by Chief Khan of the FBI. The interview is taking place in a secure room at the FBI headquarters.]

[Sniffles heard from McGrath.]

Chief Salaman Khan: ''This interview is being conducted on behalf of the FBI, subject to article 4 of the Wright Act, granted by the permission of the government of the United States of America. I am interviewing Jenna McGrath, and the time is now [he looks at his wristwatch] 10:25 on 12th October, 8 days after the incident.''

[He has a large red file in front of her. He proceeds to retrieve some documents from it and places it in front of him.]

''Jenna, I'm sorry, but...are you sure you really knew who Harrison Jepp was?''

Jenna McGrath: [Sniffling, then looking at Chief Khan with distain] ''Yes, I did. He's not the murderer you guys are making him out to be.''

SK: ''We're not making out to be the murderer. According to the evidence, he is the murderer.''

JM: [Look of disdain] ''What evidence? You accuse him of being the culprit based on what?''

SK: ''Based on this.''

[He proceeds to take out photographs from the red file. He puts the photographs in front of the interview.]

''Harrison Jepp, your friend, is in the middle [pointing to the photograph] of this...thing. This [jabbing at the photograph]...was what killed 287 people. Based on this evidence, we conclude that he was the perpetrator to this incident 8 days ago.''

[McGrath sobs silently.]

''Look, Miss McGrath, I brought you in here to ask you a few questions. It is up to you to tell me the truth. Did you know what Harrison Jepp was planning to do that day?''

JM: [Looking straight at Chief Khan, speaking in anger] ''No. I didn't. He had no plan. I don't believe for one minute that he did this. No matter what rubbish you guys show me.''

SK: ''But it's proof that the man that you once knew, the boy you knew from school, grew up to be a terrorist.''

JM: ''It's not proof. It's lies! You guys can't prove anything until you ask him yourself.''

[Chief Khan sighs then folds him arms and leans on the table.]

SK: ''We really do want to ask him. But he seems to away. Do you, perhaps, know where he is Miss McGrath?''

JM: [Looking puzzled] ''Do I know where he is? [Scoffs] That's...that's amazing! You guys actually would have me believe that Harrison's a murderer, and then think that, since we were close when we were younger, that I would know where he is right now? [Shaking her head] You guys are pathetic.''

[Chief Khan regards her in silence.]

SK: ''What is even more pathetic, Miss McGrath, is the fact that Harrison Jepp is nowhere to be found. If he really is as innocent as you make him out to be, where has he gone? Why has he not made himself available for questioning?''

JM: [Looking down and shaking her head slightly] ''I...I don't know. I don't [wiping her face with her hands] know going on anymore.''

SK: ''Neither do we. That is why we are trying to figure this all out. Why we are trying to piece together this puzzle. We do not know why it happened, and why someone would do this. We are just trying to get some answers so we can get to the bottom of this. Can you help us with that, Miss McGrath?''

JM: ''What help can I be? I don't even buy what you guys are saying about Harrison. I can't.''

SK: ''I know, but, could you at least tell us...what sort of person he is?''

[McGrath is silent for a moment.]

JM: ''Harrison...was kind. Gentle. A bit of a nerd, but [briefly laughs] he was popular. He got on with everybody, he had no fights with anyone. He was a peacemaker, not a peacebreaker. He's... [sighs] he's just not evil. He could never be evil. His nature was honest, and considerate [voice breaking] and he would never, ever hurt anyone. [Crying] He was a beautiful person.''

[Chief Khan observes McGrath for a while.]

SK: ''I apologize Miss McGrath.''

JM: [Abruptly] ''For what?'' For painting him as the bad guy? For claiming he did this...this...evil thing? You guys are not sorry! You're not! You can't find anyone else to blame, so you blame him! You guys...are evil!''

SK: [Waiting for McGrath to calm down] ''I apologize for making you think that everyone one in the world cannot change. I apologize for making you think that...your friend could still be the nice guy you said he was from school. I apologize...for not telling you...that sometimes, you can get it all wrong.''

[McGrath looks up at Chief Khan slowly.]

JM: [Quietly] ''You're right. You can get it wrong sometimes. [Leaning in on the table] And you've got Harrison all wrong. I will prove you right. [Nodding and leaning back in her seat] You'll see. I will be right, and will be wrong.''

[Chief Khan regards her in silence.]

SK: ''But the fact still remains, Miss McGrath, that 287 people are dead because of the gross misconduct of one, or maybe more, individuals. Which leads me to believe that, based on your defense of Harrison Jepp, the prime suspect in this case, the FBI are now regarding you as a person of interest in this case. You are free to leave, but not the country.''

JM: [Beginning to laugh] ''You guys...are the real monsters. You are the real murderers.''

[Chief Khan gathers the documents and puts them back in the red file in silence.]

SK: [Standing up, and looking at his wristwatch] ''Goodbye, Miss McGrath. Interview terminated at 10:40.''


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