The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Coroner's Report: Dr. Danielle Harvey

[This transcript details the particulars of the final report as related by Dr. Danielle Harvey, the coroner assigned to investigate the causes of the deaths of the 287 victims of the incident. She is 44 years of age, is 5'11 in height, weighs 138 lbs, has dark red hair and green eyes. She is wearing a labcoat over a blue top and beige pants. She is in a unknown location within the FBI headquarters.]

Dr Danielle Harvey: [Clears her throat] ''For the benefit of the FBI's investigation, I am conducting this review which details the reports on my findings with relation to the autopsies carried out on most of the 287 victims of the incident that happened 8 days ago. With me here [she has a large black file in front of her which she gestures to] is the findings. [She opens the file] I want to discuss [she retrieves a few documents] what it is...that was most interesting to me. I have here [she holds up a death certificate of one victim] the death certificate of one Adam Ripper. According to his autopsy which I conducted, his body...had shown signs of instant rigor mortis. I'm...I'm talking about [shaking her head slightly] rigor mortis that set in within 10 seconds. Usually, rigor at death takes 3 to 4 hours to set in, and...well as you can tell, rigor mortis setting in at 10 seconds, at most, is highly...unusual. I'm not sure...what kind of weapon could have caused that. I have not heard of weapon that can do this. Not even a nuclear weapon could have done this.''

[She puts the documents to the side, and retrieves more from the file.]

''Stephanos Giannesirou, a 42 year-old Greek-American male, had symptoms of what I could only describe as explossive decompression. His organs...just blew up inside of him. But...there was no...sign of this until I opened him up. Which is really unusual, since blood should rise to the surface, so he should have bled out from his mouth or his other orifices. But...he didn't.''

[She pauses for a moment, then puts the document down. She pulls out another document from the file.]

''Erm, Nina Lovell, a 28 year-old female, displayed symptoms of a burns victim.

3rd degree burns on 90% of her body. She died from a heart attack brought on by the severity of the burns. But...from the footage I saw from the attack...there was nothing that I saw that could have produced this kind of injury. No fire, no...radioactive attack of any kind. Not even the light that was seen. I know light at a high intensity can produce burns, but if that was the case here, why was this victim the only one to have this type of injury?''

[She pauses as she looks at the document.]

''I'm not sure what kind of weapon that this [shakes her head slightly] Harrison Jepp guy had, wouldn't have resulted in all 287 victims having completely different injuries. Burns, explosive decompression, instant rigor mortis - it's a variety of injuries that seems too strange to have occurred all at one event. And this brings me to the strangest one I have come across.''

[She pulls out another document from the file.]

''Death certificate for 13 year-old Miles Jaddow. He...he died...from drowning. Drowning. [Shaking her head] And yes, I know that there was water in the vicinity at the time of the attack, but...the weirdest thing that he drowned...from the inside. Water from within his own body filled his lungs. And I believe that it came from his stomach as well. The contents of his stomach...was completely solid. Like...there was no liquid in it whatsoever. The acids of the stomach were found in his lungs, along with water. [Pauses] I don't know if this guy, Jepp, could actually, possibly commit murders with multiple weapons. I mean, no human can carry out a massacre with all the victims dying from extremely different injuries. It's just not possible. If a perpetrator has a gun, his victims should all die from bullet wounds. If one victim is burned, that victim should have been burnt by fire, or radiation. These injuries...[sighs] are too different. Too anomalous.''

[She puts down the documents slowly. Then she looks up at the camera.]

Just what Harrison Jepp?''


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