The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Current Stage of Investigation: Director Sean Douglas North of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[This transcript details the particulars of the current stage of investigation as related by Director North of the FBI. For the record of the transcript, Director Sean Douglas North is a Caucasian male, is 52 years old, is 6'3, weighs 212 lbs, has short, dark brown hair and has hazel brown eyes. He is wearing a blue suit with a grey shirt and dark grey patterned tie, with black shoes. He is wearing rectangular-shaped glasses. He surmises information about the subject Harrison Jepp and the incident. He is conducting the review in an unknown location within FBI headquarters.]

Director Sean North: ''It is [looks at a clock on the wall above the camera] 12:17 on October 12th. This review should only be seen by the President of the United States. On October 4th 2015, at approximately 13:28 Pacific Standard Time, an incident occurred at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California, which resulted in the deaths of 287 people. The FBI has been investigating what exactly happened at that time, as well as trying to determine the person, or persons, responsible for this atrocity. We have identified a prime suspect in the case; Harrison Jepp. He has no previous criminal convictions, and he has no ties to any known terrorist groups. At this current stage of investigations, the suspect has not been found yet. He fled from the scene of the crime, and has not been seen since. Due to the severity of the crime, as well as the nature of the suspect, the FBI has classified Harrison Jepp 'Public Enemy Number 1' on the FBI's 'Most Wanted' list. We have informed the public that if any one sees Jepp that they should not approach him, and that they should inform the authorities as soon as possible.''

[Exhales loudly as he looks down.]

[Looking up] ''I cannot stress to you enough, Mr President, the impact of what this investigation will cause on the American people- no, the world, if...we think the impossible. What I mean by that is... [pauses] what if we find out...that what killed those people...was not caused by...a human.''

[He looks at the camera intently before looking away.]

''You've seen the coroner's report. A...cocktail of cause of one instance is unheard of. How can one person die from...burns whilst another dies from...drowning? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't...add up. However...I can't resign myself to the fact that this case...cannot be solved just because it may be something it's not. I have to get to bottom of what this is really about.''

[Ponders in silence for a while.]

''We've interviewed all the people that we could procure from the event who had come in to contact with the subject, with the exception of deceased individuals, and those who are no longer within this country. Some of the people we have questioned have some form of connection or link that we have identified as red flags. Borokov worked in a nuclear munitions factory in Russia. Il-Min's parents are originally from North Korea. As you know, sir, we don't particularlyhave the best of friendships with those two countries. But...would they go as far as to...murder people on our own soil if they knew we would find out it was one of them, or both of them? [Shaking his head] Something feels very off about this. I don't know what it is, but I don't feel that...this was some other government's doing. I mean, why attack a Technology and Science Expo? Why not attack...a political rally, or an embassy, or some place where dignitaries are convening? [Sighs] That's what's troubling me. The fact that this I get deeper and not making any connections.''

[Puts his right hand over his mouth briefly as he leans on the table.]

''Harrison Jepp...just what he? There has been strange occurrences and mysterious happenings on the earth before, but nothing...has been more stranger than this. We are all trying to piece together what happened that day, but nothing is more of a puzzle than Harrison Jepp. Everything we know about him fails to provide us with an answer as to why. Why...kill? Why him?''

[Sighs deeply as he leans back in his seat.]

''In the FBI, we make it our priority to come up with fool-proof profiles of suspects and criminals. That's how we catch the bad guy. But...what happens when we think we know everything about a person...and then it doesn't make any sense why they would do the unthinkable. It's like when you hear that actors in Hollywood who you would never believe are battling with demons...end up taking their own lives.''

[Shaking his head slowly as he looks into the distance for a moment.]

''We always want to find the reason as to why a terrible action has occurred, but when we have absolutely nothing to go makes us reevaluate our methods. Readjust our thinking. Change our modus operandi. survive. It is only when we do this, that we should be able to find the answer.''

[Shaking his head and briefly laughing.]

''No. We will find the answer. We need to. The truth is out there. Jepp has it. And I will find Jepp. You will see in due time, sir, why the FBI are the number one organization for catching the world's most dangerous criminals. This man...will be found. And he will be brought to justice.''

[Looking intently at the camera, then diverting his eyes to the clock.]

''Review terminated at 12:31.''


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