The Blank Incident

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The Review of the Eighth Transcript by Agent Alison Kramer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the eighth transcript is to be carried out by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. She surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings. The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Alison Kramer: [Looks at her wristwatch] ''Time is 13:10 on 12th October, 8 days after the incident. This review should only be redistributed to...Agent Stanton, Chief Khan and Director North, as well as to the Prseident of the United States. Commencing the review now.''

[She has a cup of water next to a green file in front of her. She proceeds to take a small sip of the water, then opens up the file to retrieve some documents.]

[Clears her throat, and looks at a document in her left hand] ''Brandon Jeremy Horner, born February 9th, 1990. Eldest of two brothers, both of whom were brought up by an aunt and uncle. Parents are deceased. They were killed in a shooting at a shopping mall when Brandon was 11. [Sighs] And once again, no prior contact whatsoever with the subject, and he has nothing that I can categorise as suspicious activity on his part.''

[Exhales deeply as she looks down at the table. She then looks up at the camera.]

''In terms of finding links to Jepp, there is no visible evidence to suggest Horner has ever met the guy until the 4th of October, and also nothing else to suggest that...he colluded with him in some way.We've got nothing. [Shrugging her shoulders] And we can't even interview him. He' a coma. He was near Jepp happened.''

[Clears her throat.]

''If we were to pick a motive, based on his background, I would have to say that, he held a grudge of some sort with his the shooter of his parents. It turns out [she picks up a document] that the shooter who killed Horner's parents was never found. Maybe...Horner traced him, tracked him down to this same event, and decided to get his revenge? That would put him and Minesh Kapoor in the same boat. But, like Kapoor, we can't get any answers. Kapoor is dead, and Horner's in a coma. We can't get any definitive answers until he wakes up. If he ever does. But even then, we're not sure if he will even remember what happened. The doctor says it is more than likely he will suffer memory loss. So...without anything to go on, it seems we are at a dead end with regard to Horner.''

[She picks up the documents and straightens them on the table.]

''Therefore, after this short review, I conclude on the behalf of the FBI, that Brandon Jeremy Horner was likely not an accomplice of Harrison Jepp. We have thus ruled him out as a suspect in this investigation. However, he will remain a person of interest to this case.''

[She puts the documents back in the file. She then takes another sip of water.]

[Clears her throat] ''Time is [looks at her wristwatch] 13:16. Review terminated.''


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