The Blank Incident

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The Review of the Ninth Transcript by Agent Philip Stanton of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the ninth transcript to be carried out by Agent Philip Stanton of the FBI. He surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings. The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Philip Stanton: ''This review should only be redistributed to Agent Kramer, Chief Khan and Director North, as well as to the President of the United States. The time is [looks at his phone on the table] 13:52, 12th of October. I will be commencing the review now.''

[He has a grey file in front of him. He opens it up and retrieves some documents.]

''Wolfgang Zimmer, born June 29th, 1975. His story checks out that he was indeed born in Leipzig in Germany, and he has no siblings. His mother and father are still alive and still living in Leipzig. [Clears his throat] He left his hometown to study aeronautical engineering at Berlin, and then came to America in 2004 to work at Jupiter Global. However, before that [he looks intently at one document] he worked at...Wake known as Smartech Industries.''

[He pauses for a while.]

''When I was reviewing the tape, Zimmer's eyes rolled when the subject mentioned that Smartech Industries now hosts the Tech and Science Expo. [Pauses] Maybe...the take over wasn't to everybody's liking? Maybe Zimmer...didn't like his old boss taking over the show? But...he used to work for Smartech. That is, he used to work for the previous company before it became Smartech. Maybe Zimmer...and Smartech didn't get on so well. So he moved to Jupiter Global. But...[pulls out another document from the file and looks at it] Jupiter Global's profits hasn't been doing as well as Smartech. Since Wake Enterprises became Smartech, profits has almost trebled. Maybe...Zimmer's jealous. And that jealousy...led him to possibly declaring war on Smartech. It might have been him that helped Jepp carry out the attack. But...from the looks of the video tape, Zimmer didn't seem to have built a good rapport with Jepp. Zimmer looks like the type to just...get on with business. His's almost as if he cares about business, money and reputation. [Looking down, then at the camera] You know, when Jepp would ask him questions, Zimmer would almost always reply 'we', instead of I. He worked for the company, and he was the company. He sounded almost...robotic. So...if he did help to carry out the attack, was he under orders to do it for his company?''

[He pauses, looks away from the camera, then looks back up to it again.]

''Looking at the way Zimmer reacted probably gives me more reason to suspect him than others. But...there's been no prior contact with Jepp, and his body language tells me he barely wanted to speak for too long with him. So I doubt he would have colluded with him in the incident. Or...was it all a front?''

[He sighs loudly.]

'' missing. We are still identifying the remaining few bodies at this stage, so it is possible he may be one of the victims. Which is bad for us. But we have talked to others at the event who claim they may have spotted him leaving with other survivors. Well, he is quite a tall man. It would be hard for people to miss him. And it would be good for us if we can track him down. But for now, we are at a dead end.''

[He folds his arms on the table.]

''It is strange though. We tried to ask Jupiter Global for more information on Zimmer, and they said they don't have anything on him. There is surveillance footage of him working there, and few bits of documentation on him, but other than that, we're unable to establish more of a profile on him. Which I find strange for a guy who can't be too hard too miss. Has he made himself this inconspicuous? What does he have to hide? His disappearance makes me question him alot. So on that note, I conclude on the behalf of the FBI, that Wolfgang Zimmer may have been a colluder with the subject, and may have been an accessory to the incident. I'm just unsure as to how he may have supplied a weapon. Therefore, we have classified him as an accomplice to the prime suspect, and if we do not get confirmation that he is not one of the 287 victims, then he is at large. [Clears his throat] The time is now [looks at his phone] 14:07. Review terminated.''


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