The Blank Incident

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The Tenth Transcript: Ayami Hiraboshi

[The subject moves to another part of the hall, towards the left. He goes to interview another inventor.]

[General hubbub is heard in the background.]

HJ: ''Well guys, we are going to interview one more person before we break for lunch, and I was waiting to interview one particular company ever since this event began. I am glad they are here today, so we are going to head over to Subarashi Inc.''

[The camera follows the subject as he walks off towards a stand with a banner emblazoned with 'SUBARASHI INC.' on it. The subject approaches a woman of East Asian appearance, meauring 5'6, weighing 138 lbs, with dark hair just past the shoulder, and dark brown eyes. She is wearing a lemon knee-length dress with a white long-sleeved cardigan and peach shoes.]

''Hello, Miss, how are you?''

[The woman replies ''Fine, thank you'' in a Japanese accent.]

''Great. Would you mind being interviewed now?''

[The woman replies ''No, no, I don't mind.'']

''Cool, so maybe you can tell us first, who you are, where you are from, what is your occupation and your background in education.''

Interviewee - Ayami Hiraboshi: [Smiling and bowing her head twice] ''OK. My name is Ayami Hiraboshi, I am 28 years old, I am from Koga in the Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, and I am a Biotechnologist at Subarashi Inc, and I studied Biotechnolgy and Neurotechnology at university.''

HJ: ''Oh, right, biotechnology. Is that to do with your company's area of creating technology for human enhancement?''

AH: ''Yes, that's right. We develop technology for human augmentation and robotics.''

HJ: ''Awesome! That is why I love you guys! [Laughs briefly] So is it your first time here? I know the company has been here before, but what about you personally?''

AH: ''No, I was here last year for the first time. I enjoyed it really well. And this year has been really good.''

HJ: ''That's good. Now, I've come over to interview you for a specific reason. What invention have you guys unleashed for today?''

AH: [Smiling] ''A treat. It is a new type of augmentation we have developed. We already have exoskeletons and neural implants ready for testing, but we have a new product that merges the two together.''

HJ: ''Oh, wow! Hybrid technology! I like that! So what does it do?''

AH: ''Why don't I show you?''

HJ: ''Oh thank you! That would be great!''

[Hiraboshi leads the subject behind her to a man in a exoskeleton suit.]

AH: ''This is our volunteer Ryoma, and he is going to demonstrate what the suit can do.''

HJ: ''Nice!''

[The volunteer begins to power up the suit, and proceeds to lift up a large white pillar that had been placed next to him.]

HJ: ''Wow...that's...amazing...[Laughs].''

AH: ''The suit is called 'Nova Corpus'. It means 'new body' in Latin.''

HJ: ''Oh, nice. Good name. Obviously, we have seen that it can lift up objects that are probably impossible for an average person to pick up, but can it do anything else?''

AH: ''Yes. I will show you.''

[Hiraboshi signals to the volunteer to operate the suit. The volunteer powers up the suit, and he begins to levitate from off the ground. A small group of onlookers as well as the subject applaud the demonstration.]

HJ: ''Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic! This suit can help you do anything! I'm impressed! I'm glad I interviewed you guys last before our break. [Lights flicker at the top of the camera] How long did it take you guys to build this?''

AH: ''It took...5 years to build, but it was 8 years in the planning.''

HJ: ''OK. And is it subject to use for a particular group of people or can anyone use it?''

AH: ''We built it primarily for those who have illnesses that limit the use of a person's mobility, and also for those who have missing limbs.''

HJ: ''So its primary use is for mobility. So, it would be available for injured servicemen and women who have survived attacks in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq?''

AH: ''Yes, that is correct. But it costs nearly 1 billion dollars to make just one. Hopefully, in the future we can build more.''

HJ: ''Excellent. [Looking at the suit] So how was Ryoma able to do the stuff that he did in the suit? I didn't see him press any buttons.''

AH: [Smiling] ''That is because of the neural implant I had mentioned earlier.''

HJ: ''Ahhh. That's right. [Pointing to the volunteer] Is it in his brain right now?''

AH: ''Yes. We implant it in the part of the brain which controls motor function. That way, he can send messages to the suit, the same way the brain sends messages to parts of our body so that one part of us can move.''

HJ: ''Thanks for the explanation. [Lights flicker more prominently, prompting the subject and cameraman to look up] Maybe we should ask Ryoma to fix the lighting up there?''

[Hiraboshi and the subject laugh light-heartedly.]

HJ: ''Well, it was a pleasure speaking to you Miss Hiraboshi. I hope to see more of Nova Corpus in the future. Thank you very much.''

[The subject shakes hands with Hiraboshi.]

AH: [Smiling and bowing] ''Thank you.''

[The subject departs from Hiraboshi.]

HJ: ''Nova Corpus. An exoskeleton suit that incorporates the actions of a human through a neural implant. Well, we've seen exoskeletons and neural implants before, but merging the two together...that's a whole other story. Imagine what you could do with it! Flight and superstrength are just early applications. We could have enhanced speed, enhanced durability and a higher propelled trajectory, or jumping, if you like. Can you imagine what the transformations could be in the future? [Lights flicker again] It's a brave new world we're in everybody! Are you keeping up? [Smiles briefly] Now to take that long awaited break until we interview some more people. See you soon!''


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