The Blank Incident

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The Review of the Tenth Transcript by Agent Philip Stanton of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the tenth transcript to be carried out by Agent Philip Stanton of the FBI. He surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings. The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Philip Stanton: [Looks at his phone on the table] ''Time is now 14:49 on the 12th of October. This review should only be redistributed to Agent Kramer, Chief Khan and Director North, as well as to the President of the United States. I am commencing the review of the tenth transcript now.''

[Pulls up his seat to the table and opens a purple file in front of him to retrieve some documents.]

''The Japanese-born Ayami Sora Hiraboshi was born March 21st 1987. She has one older brother, and both her parents are alive and live in Japan. She's a [looking at a document] math and science prodigy, and she won a 'National Junior Science and Technology Award' when she was 12 for making [looking at another document] a robot device of some sort. Very clever girl.''

[Clears his throat.]

''Now I have some information here [looking at another document] that Miss Hiraboshi had applied for a high position within her company, Subarashi Inc., but that she was refused on the grounds that...her family status is too low. Which she believed was a lie. She said she was refused [reading the document] because of her gender. In Japan, the men like to be the boss, she states. When she was refused, another candidate was made Deputy Director to the company, even though his acumen was weaker than hers. It would have been embarrassing for her to try and sue her bosses, knowing she may have faced backlash from those around her. [Pauses] So...maybe she...wanted to get back at her company for refusing to make her a Deputy Director? She may have got Jepp to put on the suit, and it is possible that she wanted to target the people of her company at her event, but Jepp lost control of the suit and...killed other people instead. But...would her bosses know that? If they knew she was upset, would they have even let her come to the event? [Sighs briefly] I don't think they would. [Pauses briefly] Or maybe they still needed her. She is a very smart woman after all. Maybe she's too good to let go. So they keep her in the company, make sure she's the face of a revolutionary product they may be possible...that...they rigged the suit to malfunction somehow?''

[He sits back in his seat, thinking about what he has said as he rubs his mouth with his hand.]

''Maybe [leaning forward again] they wanted to embarrass her, and humiliate her in public by making the suit fail when she put it on. But...would they have known that Jepp would put it on instead, and it would backfire on them? If the suit failed, it would be blamed on Hiraboshi. But then again...would Surabashi really spend 1 billion dollars on a piece of hi-tech hardware, then make it fail just so they could get back at one of their employees?''

[Pauses for a moment as he puts his folded arms on the table.]

''I don't think so. It would be a huge loss to the company. Profits-wise as well as their reputation. They would probably be bankrupt if they pulled off this stunt. But...people can go to extreme lengths just to do something bad to another person. Maybe this did happen. Or...maybe not. We have searched for debris linked to the suit, but haven't really found anything. [Sighs] Either way, I can't get any information out of Hiraboshi. She is...suffering from shell-shock of some sort, and has been confined to a mental clinic for the time being as she recuperates. But we're not sure when she would be coming out of her state, if she will at all. So another dead end, I'm afraid.''

[Exhales loudly.]

''So, on behalf of the FBI, I conclude this review by stating that Ayami Hiraboshi may not have been a colluder with the subject, but based on evidence on her employment background, she may is a person of interest to us. She has had no previous connection to Jepp, and so I have reason to believe if she did carry out the attack, it may have been her plan, and her plan alone. But...with the other reviews we've done...there's now...too many people that have inserted themselves as suspects. It's going to be very hard to get to the bottom of this. Every time we have a concrete reason for the motive, there's a spanner thrown into the works. And it's getting more complicated by the minute.''

[Sighs inwardly, then looking at his phone.]

''Review terminated at 15:03.''


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