The Blank Incident

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The Review of the First Transcript by Agent Alison Kramer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the first transcript by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. She surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings.

For the record of the transcript, Agent Alison Kramer is a Caucasian female, weighing in at 141 lbs, measuring at 5'9. She has blue eyes, chestnut brown hair, which is tied in a bun in the video, and she is wearing her officer uniform; a blue suit with a white shirt underneath. Her jacket is decorated in military regalia. She is sitting on a desk in a closed off room within FBI headquarters with the camera facing her.]

Agent Alison Kramer: ''This review is being carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and should only be redistrubuted to Agent Stanton, Chief Khan and Director North of the FBI, as well as to the President of the United States. The, er, the time is...[she looks at her wristwatch]13:20, and it is the 10th of October, 2015, 6 days after the incident. I am commencing the review of the first transcript.''

[She has a beige file in front of her on the desk, which contains documents. She opens the file and retrieves a document.]

''Nathan Franklin Barley, born 7th August 1991, from Boston, Massachusetts. He has 2 sisters and 1 brother, and both parents are still married. He has not been in trouble with the law in the past, and has been a model citizen by the looks of his file. [Sighs briefly] OK, so that's the particulars done.''

[She puts some of the documents to the side as she picks up another piece of paper.]

''Now, I have in my hand the first transcript of the subject's interview with Nathan Barley. From it, we have seen the subject discuss with Mr Barley the nature of his invention. We have looked at the invention, and analysed its functions in detail. We have found no between the invention and the incident. Therefore, I must conclude, on the FBI's behalf, that this product was not the cause of the incident, nor was it used in it.''

[She clears her throat, before looking at another document from the file.]

''From reviewing the tape, it is possible that Nathan Barley could have colluded with the subject, but there is no clear evidence of prior engagement. We have thoroughly investigated the backgrounds of each person, and have found no link between them. So, once again, I must conclude from all the evidence we have obtained and reviewed, that Nathan Barley was not in collusion with the subject prior to the incident.''

[She sighs briefly.]

Sirs, I know I may be speaking out of turn, but...I'm not so sure that the subject had any...colluders. I don't even think...that...[she looks down, then looks up] the subject himself is...the perpetrator. He doesn't seem like the sort of person that this. But, I know that you would say no one in this world is innocent.''

[She sighs again.]

''You can't judge a book by its cover, right?''

[She clears her throat again]

''This is the end of the review. Review terminated at [she looks at her wristwatch once more] 13:30.''


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