The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Fifth Interrogation Interview: Lance Miller

[This transcript details the particulars of the FBI's interview with Lance Miller, the cameraman. He is being interviewed by Chief Khan of the FBI. Lance Miller is an American citizen of Dutch, Scottish and Swiss descent, and he has chesnut brown hair and blue eyes. He is wearing a grey sweatshirt, blue jeans and white trainers. The interview is taking place in a secure room at the FBI headquarters.]

Chief Salaman Khan: ''This interview is being conducted on behalf of the FBI, subject to article 4 of the Wright Act, granted by the permission of the government of the United States of America. The time is [looks at his wristwatch] 15:15 on October 12th. I am interviewing Lance Miller.''

[He has a black file in front of him, which he opens up slowly as he looks at Lance Miller. Lance Miller has a blank and distant expression as he stares at the table. He has a visible cut on his lip, as well as a bruised left cheekbone and a stitched cut on the right side of his forehead.]

''Mr Miller. You...held the camera that captured one of the most devastating events in history. It also captured something we have not been able to piece together. And you are here today, to give us the answers we have been trying to find.''

LM: [Quietly, monotonously] ''I don't think I can give you the answers you are trying to find.''

SK: [Looking slightly baffled] ''Why do you say that?''

LM: [Looking up at Chief Khan's face slowly] '' one can explain what happened that day. Not...even me.''

SK: ''But I think you can. And you can start by going through what happened at the time of the incident.''

LM: [Looking slightly uncomfortable] ''I don't want to...remember.''

SK: ''I know you don't, have to help us. You are the only one who can tell us what happened.''

LM: ''Is what happened...was it even...real? [Looking up at Chief Khan.]

SK: [Looking down briefly, then back at Miller] ''It was real enough for the families of the 287 people that died, Mr Miller. It is all of us.''

LM: [Looking down slowly] ''I...can't believe he would do this. I won't believe it. [Looking up at Chief Khan suddenly] You've got the wrong guy. Harrison's my friend. I don't believe...he would do that to other people. He's a nice guy. Not bad at all. You've got the wrong person!''

SK: [Sighing] ''How long...had you known Jepp prior to the...incident?''

LM: [Sitting back in his chair] ''We've been colleagues at Technos for 7 years. We've covered hundreds of stories together. He's always been...kind, and...helpful to me. He never would say anything bad about anyone. He would always want to assist others. He's good at sticking to deadlines. The boss would always commend him. [Smiling slightly] Everyone would go to him for things. He was...popular. And he...always had a smile.[Pauses, then looks up at Chief Khan] How...could you say that he would kill all those people?''

SK: [Looking at him knowingly] ''Because of evidence. I follow what I see from the pictures gathered at the scene. [Opening up the file and retrieving photographs] Here, you can see for yourself.''

[Chief Khan places 4 photographs in front of Miller. Miller watches them intently, and Chief Khan observes his reaction. Miller picks up the second photograph, which depicts a still from the video tape of a flash of bright red, orange, yellow, blue and green colours enveloping a human figure which appears to be Harrison Jepp.]

LM: [Looking closer at the picture] ''You guys honestly believe...that this shows Harrison...killing people? [Shaking his head] This isn't proof. This isn't evidence.''

SK: ''Oh, it's not? Then what would you say it is? Because he clearly looks like he's ki-''

LM: [Interjecting] ''He's not! There is no proof to say that it's him that caused this...thing to happen! He might have been caught up in it just like everyone else was. It just so happens looks like he did it.''

SK: [Sighing and sitting back in his chair] ''Then if you say he didn't, did you see anyone else that could have?''

LM: [Sighing disappointedly, and putting down the photograph] '' I didn't. can't prove it. You can ask him what happened. But [pausing, then looking up at Chief Khan] you guys...don't even know where he is.''

SK: [Observing him intently] ''He fled from the scene. We don't believe he's any of the victims we recovered at the site, due to the position of where the recording took place. [Pointing to the photo] There is no body where that beam of light once stood. Just bodies around it. We've identified the victims situated within the immediate area of where the attack took place and none of them are Jepp.''

LM: ''How do you know he fled from the scene? He could have been...ejected from the point of the attack...and landed somewhere else. You said it yourself that you haven't identified everybody. He could be one of those people.''

SK: [Leaning forward on the table] ''You sound very hopeful. Do you know for a fact of this happening? Your camera didn't capture everything. Maybe you saw something, Miller.''

[Miller looks up at Chief Khan slowly, with a baffled expression. They regard each other in silence.]

LM: ''What are you saying?''

SK: ''I'm saying...that you know more than you're letting on. And could be helping a mass murderer.''

LM: [With an expression of shock] '' could you say that?! That I've been doing what?! [Scoffs] You guys are really something. A bunch of idiots. [Sniggering] You know what I think? I think you guys are just laying all the blame on Jepp because you don't know what actually happened on that day. You can't explain it. No one can. You guys are ignoring the obvious. It's right in front of you! And it has been the whole time!''

SK: [Observing him intently] ''Oh really? And what was this obvious thing that we have been ignoring?''

LM: [Sitting back in his seat with a look of realization, and speaking quietly] ''That...this wasn't caused by something...human.''

[Chief Khan is silent for a while as he acknowledges Miller's response.]

SK: ''Not...human? What are you talking about?''

LM: [Leaning on the table suddenly] ''That this attack...wasn't carried out by Harrison. It can't have been. It doesn't...make sense. [Picking up the photograph he had previously, and showing it to Chief Khan] And this type of attack...can't have been caused by a human.''

SK: [Looking at the photograph] ''And how would you know this? It was clearly some sort of nuclear weapon that did it.''

[Lance Miller begins to laugh.]

LM: ''Nuclear weapon? Are you hearing what you're saying? [Laughing subsides] There's no way that this attack was nuclear. There would be signs of radiation. And there was none. Otherwise, I would be dead. You would be dead. Everyone exposed would be dead. [Sitting back in silence] But you found nothing. Absolutely nothing...that can tie this to Harrison Jepp. I told've got the wrong guy.''

[Chief Khan observes him silently. He then gathers the photographs and puts them back into the file.]

SK: ''You seem to know an awful lot about this case. [Pulling out another document from the file] I know you are good with computers, Mr Miller. Did you by any chance hack into any goverment feeds and retrieve any files to do with it?''

LM: [Scoffing] ''Did you by any chance see any evidence of hacking?''

SK: ''No, we didn't. But there are ways of adapting so that you would become unnoticeable. The same way Jepp must have adapted a weapon to kill people in several different ways.''

[Lance Miller looks at him with a puzzled expression.]

LM: ''Jepp...wouldn't know how to do that. No human on earth would know how to do that. Why...are you pinning everything on him?''

SK: ''Because...I need to bring someone to justice.''

LM: ''Then you're bringing down the wrong person.''

SK: ''Who do you suggest I should blame then?''

LM: [Pausing briefly] ''I don't know. But...don't resign yourself to thinking that what you really what you believe. There might be more to this than you know.''

[Chief Khan looks at him silently.]

SK: ''If Jepp happens to be the perpetrator all along, I may have to consider you an accessory to murder.''

LM: ''And if he doesn't, I may have to consider you an idiot.''

[Chief Khan smiles briefly. He puts the document he has in his hand back into the file.]

SK: ''You are free to leave Mr Miller. But you cannot leave the country due to ongoing investigations.''

LM: ''Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere until I know Harrison Jepp will no longer be considered the prime suspect in this case.''

[Chief Khan looks at him.]

SK: ''If you happen to be right, and he's not the murderer, then I would happily put you on a plane to the Bahamas as an apology.''

LM: ''I look forward to it.''

[Chief Khan smiles briefly. He looks at his wristwatch.]

SK: ''Interview terminated at 15:33.''


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