The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Sixth Interrogation Interview: Dennis Smart

[This transcript details the particulars of the FBI's interview with Dennis Smart of Smartech Industries. He is being interviewed by Director Sean North of the FBI. The interview is taking place in a secure room at the FBI headquarters.]

Director Sean North: [Clears his throat] ''This interview is being conducted on behalf of the FBI, subject to article 4 of the Wright Act, granted by the permission of the government of the United States of America. The time is now [looking up at the clock above the head of Dennis Smart] 16:00 on the 12th of October. I am interviewing Dennis Smart, of Smartech Industries, by his request. I will now commence the interview.''

[Dennis Smart is an in alert manner; he has his left hand on the table and the right is over his mouth as he looks at Director North.]

''Now, Mr Smart, you came here voluntarily. It's not very often that we get to interview people by this way. Usually we are the ones asking if people want to be interviewed, but, er, this time round we have had a request for interview by the participant. For the record, Mr Smart, could you please give us by verbal recognition the reason for your willing contribution to this interview?''

DS: [Looking intently at North] ''Yes. I volunteered willingly because I believe I have vital information that needs to be shared with the FBI.''

SN: ''Uh, thank you. And could you please answer why you think you have vital information?''

DS: ''Because I know who really carried out the attack over a week ago.''

[Director North looks up at Dennis Smart in surprise.]

SN: ''Who do you believe it is?''

DS: [Smiling and sitting back in his chair slowly] ''Jupiter Global.''

[Director North's expression changes from curiosity to slight puzzlement. He puts his elbows on the table as he leans in and clasps his hands together.]

SN: ''Jupiter Global? What's the basis for your allegations?''

DS: [Scoffing slightly, becoming animated] ''Who else could it be? Jupiter Global...they have always been in competition with my company for years. We've both been making the same technology, but then, they began taking a turn towards space technology. It sounded suitable, since their name is a planet after all. I thought that that was a brave move, since we know NASA is known as the only ones who own that field. But when I heard that Jupiter Global was building rockets that would be capable of landing people on other planets other than Mars, I thought it was too good to be true. So I...did some digging.''

SN: [With an expression of curiosity] ''And what did you unearth?''

DS: [Leaning in closely with widened eyes, with a low tone] ''That they had already built the rocket and sent someone to Mercury.''

[Dennis Smart and Director North regard each other in silence for a while.]

SN: ''Where...did you get this information from?''

DS: [Leaning back] ''From a worker within Jupiter Global. You could say he's a whistleblower. Hates the 'company secrets' sort of thing.''

SN: ''Alright. But...[sighs] what does this have to do with what happened, Mr Smart?''

DS: ''You don't get it? You guys knew about the new plans Jupiter Global had for their new rockets, right? [Director North nods] Well, they said at the event that those rockets were not going to be ready for another 9 years. But what you didn't know was that they had already launched the rocket into space under the guise that it was for space exploration. And they did it under the cover that it was for...exploration of Mars. But in fact [pauses, then looks into Director North's eyes] they had used it to go to Mercury.''

[Director North looks at Smart warily.]

SN: ''Well, if what you're saying is true, how could that have been possible without satellites picking it up?''

DS: ''Because Jupiter Global...own satellites.''

SN: [Looking more interested] ''Jupiter Global owns satellites? So are you saying...that they could have manipulated the satellites to not pick up the diverted rocket and in turn, hide their tracks? doesn't answer how they could do it. Humans so far haven't got the capability to space walk onto Mercury. The surface degree would burn up or freeze the rocket because of its variable temperatures. And it would take up to quite a number of weeks to reach there if they could.''

DS: ''You think I wouldn't know about that? And that they wouldn't have taken that into in consideration? [Leaning in again] The company has been developing suits that are able to adapt to hotter and colder surfaces of planets. Of course, we can't get to the outer planets because of their gaseous make up. But Mercury, Venus and Mars are solid planets. Jupiter Global were making suits that could adapt to the harsh temperatures of Mercury and Venus so that a human could walk on its surface. But because it was in its early stages of trialling, the government were skeptical that the idea was going to work; there have been attempts in the past with non-human objects. But these failed, and the government was not going to give any more funding. So they cajoled India into doing it, and Jupiter Global was going to unveil the primary part of their new rocket at the Tech Expo. But what they didn't plan on happening...did happen.''

SN: [With a mixed expression of curiosity and puzzlement] ''What...what do you mean? Didn't plan on what happening?''

DS: [Looking up slowly at Director North] ''On...the attack. On them...coming down to earth and killing people.''

[Director North looks at Dennis Smart quietly.]

SN: ''On...who coming down?''

DS: ''Do I have to do explain everything for you? Things...from Mercury. Beings. A...[more quietly] Aliens.''

[Director North looks bemused. He looks at Smart with an expression of slight shock.]

SN: ''Did you just say...aliens?''

DS: ''Yeah, I did. I mean...[sighs] look, don't...rubbish what I said. Aliens...for a long time we just portrayed them as...fairytale nonsense. Beings that...come from distant planets.'ve got to admit, it sort of makes sense.''

SN: ''What does?''

DS: ''Jupiter Global's hush-hush mission to Mercury and the sudden attack in Los Angeles.''

SN: ''You believe they're linked? OK. doesn't make sense to me. I mean, if you say aliens have attacked us, why attack one place? Why not attack the rest of the world? And why haven't they done so in the past week after the incident? As far as I can tell, the world is getting on with things as if nothing ever happened.''

DS: ''Yeah, do you explain...people dying from different injuries?''

[Director looks at Smart in alarm.]

SN: ''How do you know about that? Have you been getting unathorised access to our files in this investigation?''

DS: [Putting up his hands quickly] ''No, no, I haven't! I swear! I've-I was making my own observations. [Putting his hands down slowly] I...remember what it was like...after I woke up. I remember...stumbling around, trying to get my bearings, when I noticed...some of strange. I saw some...stuck in strange positions, and I saw one man...had been burnt...and then another...had a 3 inch hole in his stomach. I thought that it was strange that, in an instant of the flash of light I saw, a number of different injuries were caused. How does a flash of light cause burns in one person and a hole in another? It doesn't...add up.''

[Director North looks down and sighs briefly.]

SN: [Looking up at Smart] ''I know it doesn't. But claiming it is something else that can't be proven doesn't make sense either.''

DS: [Scoffing] ''I knew it. I knew you wouldn't believe me. You guys think I'm crazy. But you don't see it. Jupiter Global...they must have done something to make the aliens angry. That's why they came down and attacked us.''

SN: ''OK, OK, Mr Smart, I think I've heard enough about your alien theory. At the FBI, we like to do our own bakcground checks as well, and since we are still undergoing an investigation, we can only speculate on what happened and why Harrison Jepp, the real perpetrator, did this?''

DS: [Looking at Director North puzzled] ''Harrison Jepp? Who-that guy... [clicking his fingers] that journalist? The guy who was going around interviewing everybody? [Letting a brief laugh] You guys are putting the blame on him? That's...making less sense than what I said.''

SN: ''Oh, really? Well, then, can you explain why he was caught up in the middle of the attack?''

DS: [Looking down for a while] ''I don't know...I didn't see him. I don't...remember seeing him. But...I did see something. In the light before I blacked out. It didn't look like Jepp. At least, I don't think it was him.''

SN: ''But it could have been. In fact we have evidence to say it was him. We have video evidence proving it was him,and we found articles around the origin of the attack which places him there at the time. That's more viable evidence than aliens coming down fron Mercury because Jupiter Global wouldn't give them any lollipops.''

DS: ''Hey! I didn't say that! Now you're putting words in my mouth. And you believe I'm talking fart.''

SN: ''Now you're putting words into my mouth. I never once said I believe you are talking fart. each his own, I guess.''

[Dennis Smart folds his arms angrily and looks away.]

SN: ''Look [sighing] Mr Smart, I would like to thank you for coming in today for the interview, and to give us answers. But...I'm afraid we have no proof to corroborate your theory. And's something I won't commission further to be investigated. But I am interested in Jupiter Global's secret endeavours. I may have to look into that.''

DS: [Sighing disappointedly] ''Look, you day, the truth is going to come out. And you will see that I was right all along. That as hard as it may be to believe in it, it was something not human that attacked us that day. And...I'm afraid we won't be here when that does happen.''

SN: [Looking bemused] ''Why do you say that?''

DS: [Looking at him intently] ''Because they would have wiped us out.''

[Director North looks at Smart in silence.]

SN: ''Anyway, Mr Smart I thank you again for coming in to take part in this interview. [Looking up at the clock] Interview terminated at 16:24.''


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