The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Current Stage of the Investigation: Chief Salaman Khan of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[This transcript details the particulars of the current stage of investigation as related by Chief Khan of the FBI. He surmises information about the interviews conducted so far, and news reports on the case. He is conducting the review in an undisclosed location within FBI headquarters.]

Chief Salaman Khan: ''This review should only be seen by Agents Stanton and Kramer, Director North of the FBI and to the President of the United States. It is the 12th of October, [looking at his wristwatch] 16:34. I will be discussing the current stages of the investigation. Commencing the review now.''

[He pulls up his chair closer to the table, then opens a large red file in front of him and retrieves a few documents from it.]

''We have conducted 6 interviews so far with the primary persons of interest, namely those who appeared in the video to have had direct conduct with the subject Harrison Jepp. Marta Dziebowski was not interviewed, as we gathered from her review, which ruled her out as a suspect. From these interviews, we have seen many possible theories that could have been a motive for the attack 8 days ago. However, we have been unable to gather enough evidence to support or prove any of these theories. Without...the subject himself, we are only able to speculate about what happened and why it happened.''

[Reading a document he has in his hand.]

''Dennis Smart, the C.E.O. of Smartech Industries, had his interview conducted earlier, personally by Director North. Smart put across his hypothesis, claiming that...extraterrestial beings were to blame for the attack. We at the FBI only investigate credible sources of information. This belief absurd, and the speculative theory should be put down as such. Jupiter Global's involvement in the investigation was not to be seen as a point of suspicion. They have been ruled out of this and should not be considered at all. So...we have discounted one theory.''

[He looks at another document in his hand.]

''Theories based on personal revenge seem very...vague. They are solid enough reasons, but they lack the...sense. Minesh Kapoor's possible vendetta for what happened to his sister, Brandon Horner's mysterious shooter being is too much to say that these events could have sparked this off. does seem strange how all these people with these...backgrounds happened to be at the same event. [Pausing whilst looking down] Very strange indeed.''

[He reads another document.]

''New reports have information about the coroner's report. How the causes of deaths of the victims strikingly vary. The media is questioning whether we have all the facts. Whether we believe we are pinning the blame on the right person. [Scoffs lightly] These people are only supposed to report, not have an opinion. They are the ones who probably fueled Dennis Smart's idea of aliens attacking us. It's that sort of constant pressure for answers which cause some to doubt what we have seen. I know what I saw from those stills of the videotape. I believe Harrison Jepp killed 287 people.''

[Putting documents down and clasping his hands together on the table.]

''Does Jepp believe that he can get away with this? Does he think that we cannot capture him? I really do hope we find him soon. For all we know, he could be out there, planning his next attack. [Sighs] This investigation has bought me closer to the fact that it is indeed Jepp who was the one who carried out the attack, and not another person. He alone...was the one. Whether he got help was of no consequence; he knew what he was doing, and he will be punished for it. [More upset] I just want him punished before he kills more people.''

[He looks at the documents in front of him.]

''I would like to ask the media one question. I would like to ask: if you say Harrison Jepp is not to blame, then why has he not come forward to defend himself?''

[He pauses briefly.]

''They are trying to make him out to be some sort of venerated pariah. But they are the ones with the wrong story. They are the ones who are believing in lies. We will get the truth, and we will bring Harrison Jepp to justice. And the sooner we can get this done, the smoother the process will be of...trying to move on from this tragedy.''

[Looking at his wristwatch.]

''Time is 16:46. Review terminated.''


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