The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Message to the President of the United States: Director Sean Douglas North of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[This transcript details the particulars of the message articulated by the Director of the FBI, Sean Douglas North. He directly speaks to the President of the United States about the findings of the investigation into the incident. He is relating the message in an undisclosed location within FBI headquarters.]

Director Sean North: ''Good morning, Mr President. It is [glances briefly at the clock aboce the camera] 10:05 on the 13th of October, 9 days after the incident. I am sending you this direct message because you need to be informed of what new updates we have in our investigation into the incident. Now, Mr President, you have reviewed all of what has happened so far, you have seen the interviews we have conducted, and you have seen reports from Chief Khan and from the coroner, Dr Danielle Harvey. It is her report that has given raised impetus to this case, as we have highlighted a specific irregularity with regard to connecting what happened to the victims with the effects of a viable piece of nuclear weaponry. In her report [he has a green file which contains many documents in front of him, and he opens it up to retrieve one] she states that at least four different victims died of completely different injuries, and this is corroborated by a comment made by Dennis Smart, who willingly volunteered for an interview with us.''

[He sighs, and pauses briefly.]

''I...I am not sure what to tell you, Mr President. We have always believed, with good reason, that the perpetrator was Harrison Jepp. This was due to evidence revealed on the tape implacating him within the midst of the attack, and his subsequent disappearance. But...maybe...there is more to this than meets the eye. [Looking down briefly, then back at the camera] Dennis Smart's theory of...extraterrestials being behind this is very unbelievable. have to wonder...what type of person, or weapon, could cause one person to die from 3rd degree burns, and another [looking at a document in front of him]...displaying symptoms of instant rigor mortis. I mean [lightly scoffs] it just doesn't...add up. What kind of a weapon could do this? Either...Harrison Jepp was experimenting on something really dangerous, or...the other possibility...[staring into the distance for a while, then looking back at the camera] is that we are dealing with something...not human.''

[He sighs inwardly and leans forward on the table with his arms crossed.]

''I...don't want to kid you, Mr President, but we aren't able to answer why this...anomaly with the victims' cause of deaths is so significant. I don't believe, from all the evidence we have gathered, that one single person - Harrison Jepp - is able to kill 287 people at one time without the use of a...gun or knife. The coroner states in her report [he picks up the paper and reads it] that all the victims...[looking at the camera] died at the same time. If they had died within a few moments of each other, then maybe this wouldn't strike me as too strange. But the fact that the case...I can't simply ignore...that what we may believe as being impossible, actually may be...proving probable.''

[He rubs his mouth with his right hand as he thinks.]

''Mr President, you probably...won't believe this yourself. But...put yourself in my position. You have been led to believe that this guy, Harrison Jepp, was the sole perpetrator of this attack, and we thought it may have been possible that he had an accomplice, or accomplices. But never would we have given a thought being something else entirely. Especially...something that we don't understand. [Picking up a document and reading it] I have done some digging of my own into Dennis Smart's accusations of Jupiter Global launching secret hi-tech rockets into space with the hope of landing on Mercury, and I found out that Jupiter Global had indeed been using India as a base of operations for their launches into space. India have been sending rockets to Mars as part of their space programme, but what was kept secret was the fact that Jupiter Global had been sending India their rockets to launch, and that they would be diverted to Mercury without being detected. India seems like a good cover, since NASA had stopped funding Jupiter Global rockets. Instead, they had been funding for satellites. This [looking at the camera] significant detail poses a lot of questions. Were Jupiter Global successful in their mission? How many rockets did they launch? And...what exactly happened on Mercury if they did get there? Dennis Smart seems convinced that Jupiter Global sparked some sort of interplanetary war with us forms found on Mercury. was asked in his interview, why would they just attack at one event? Why haven't they attacked since? It just doesn't make any sense.''

[He sighs as he holds the documents in his hand. He looks at them for a while, then puts them back into the file.]

''Mr President, you can surmise what you will about this investigation. You may or may not choose to believe what I am saying in this message, but one thing is for sure, Sir; 287 people died as a result of an act of terrorism on American soil. I for one hope that we do catch whoever did this, whether it is Harrison Jepp...or someone else. [Sighs] I thank you, Sir, for your time. Terminating message at [looking up at the clock briefly] 10:18.''


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