The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Incident: Sunday 4th October 2015

[This transcript details the particulars of the happenings leading up to the incident, the occurrence of the incident, and the aftermath.]

[General hubbub is heard in the background; lights can be seen flickering intermittently.]

HJ: [Clears his throat] ''Welcome back, guys! I am just [looking around him] searching for another person to interview [looking up at the flickering lights] but these lights are getting to be a bit bothersome.''

[The audience behind the subject begins to raise their voices slightly louder. A man can be heard in the background saying ''What's going on with these lights?'']

HJ: [Looking up at the lights again] ''They really need to fix these lights first.''

[Some members of the audience have expressions of confusion and disappointment. A woman is heard saying ''What is going on?'']

HJ: ''Seems I'm not the only one who is getting slightly annoyed by this.''

[The lights begin to flicker more rapidly than before, and an unidentified low whistling sound can be heard for 5 seconds.]

HJ: [Looking behind] ''Are they...[inaudible sound] fix this or not?''

[The subject and Miller seem to be unable to hear the unidentified low whistling sound, which appears again for another 8 seconds.]

HJ: ''With all the technology we've created, you would think a simple lightbulb would pose the least problems [briefly chuckling].''

[Dennis Smart is seen striding towards the platform.]

DS: ''I am very sorry about this, ladies and gentlemen. We are experiencing a slight technical glitch with the lighting. If you would just stay calm, and try not to move around too much so as to cause a panic, we will get it fixed right aw-''

[Lights blackout suddenly. People are heard screaming and shouting.]

HJ: [Slightly panicking] ''What-what is going on? [Inaudible response] Lights out?''

LM: ''I'm-I'm not sure why.''

[The voices of the audience are getting louder.]

DS: [Shouting] ''Please would everyone be calm, we will fix it shortly!''

HJ: ''Better fix it soon.''

LM: ''I know.''

[The voices of the audience are becoming more agitated. An unidentified person stumbles into the subject and Miller.]

HJ: ''What the-? [Inaudible response].''

[A man is heard saying ''Sorry, sorry man.'']

HJ: ''It's OK. It's quite dark, isn't it?''

LM: ''Yeah, you got that right.''

[Some audience members are using their phone lights to navigate.]

HJ: ''Well at least we have some li-''

[The lights suddenly come back on. The subject is no longer in front of the camera.]

LM: ''What the? Harrison? Harrison? [To himself] Where'd he go?''

[Miller uses the camera to scan the audience. He fails to spot the subject.]

LM: ''Where are you, man?''

[A woman is heard suddenly screaming in the audience.]

LM: ''What [inaudible response].''

[The camera pans around to where the source of the scream was. A male figure is shown in the centre of the screen.]

LM: '' that?''

[The camera then zooms in on the male figure in the centre. His head is down, and he is standing still. A woman is heard screaming ''Who is he? Where did come from?'']

LM: ''How did...?''

[The male figure suddenly looks up and looks at everyone. The male figure appears to be the subject, Harrison Jepp. He has an emotionless expression on his face, and his skin colour appears to be a greyish hue.]

LM: [Almost whispering] ''Oh my...''

[The subject begins to open his mouth wide.]

LM: [Shouting] ''Hey, H, H! Harrison! Harri-''

[A high pitched whistling sound is emitted from the subject. The audience screams in panic and hold their hands over their ears, and most of them are brought to their knees, including Miller.]

LM: [Unable to hold the camera steady, he makes moans of agony.]

[The subject emits the sound for 11 seconds. In that time, lights, glass and electrical equipment nearby begins to explode violently. The audience are heard screaming and shouting loudly.]

LM: [Grunting] ''Harrison! Harrison! Stop! STOP IT!''

[The subject stops emitting the sound and closes his mouth.]

LM: [Moans of relief] ''Thank you. [Panting quickly] Thank God.''

[The audience recover from the effects of the sound. There are sounds of groans, coughing and panting. A woman is heard sobbing in the background. Miller slowly picks himself up and lifts the camera up, still trained on a silent and still Harrison Jepp.]

LM: ''What is he...doing?''

[The lights begin to flicker once more, and the camera zooms in more on the subject. A smile begins to appear slowly across his face before the lights suddenly blackout again.]

LM: ''Oh no! Not again! Harrison! Ha-''

[A sudden beam of a yellow, red and orange light appears where the subject was standing. His figure is enveloped in the light as it revolves violently around him in a circle. The audience screams in panic. The beam then becomes wider and more erratic in its direction. Suddenly, after a few seconds, it explodes abruptly. Miller, along with the camera, is rapidly projected up to 15 feet backwards, and the camera rests on a stationary object, still filming the incident. People are heard screaming and running in different directions. The flash of light begins to emit purple, blue and green colours before it ends unexpectedly after 19 seconds.]

[A man is heard saying ''Oh, God! Please don't let me die! Please!'' Multiple persons are heard sobbing, screaming and moaning in pain.]

LM: [Sounding further away] ''What just...what just happened? Harrison...Harrison...''

[Lance Miller is shown stumbling towards the camera. He picks it up and looks at it. He stares at it for a while, then glances towards the site where the incident just occurred. He looks as if he is going to say something, then shakes his head. He then turns the camera towards the aftermath of the incident.]

LM: ''People...are everywhere...[he moves slowly closer towards the site] so...many...bodies...[he films the bodies on the floor; a few bodies are in rigor mortis positions, a few are burnt] what...on earth...happened...'' [He stands a few feet away from where the subject stood.]

[He sees an identification badge of Harrison Jepp on the floor, slightly burned and ripped. He picks it up and shows it to the camera.]

LM: ''Harrison...where are you?''

[Miller puts the badge down on the floor and pans the camera around the hall. The hall is in disarray; piles of bodies lay on the floor, and some people are shown helping injured people up from the ground. Some people are heard groaning in pain and coughing. Lights are flickering sporadically, and some electrical equipment is heard malfunctioning. A banner is shown hanging half way off the wall, with the message ''2015 Technology and Science Expo'' with the subtitle ''The No. 1 Event for Extraordinary Happenings!'']


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