The Blank Incident

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The Transcript of the Review of the Incident by Agent Alison Kramer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the final transcript is to be carried out by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. She surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings. The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Alison Kramer: [She has in front of her a large black file with the insignia of the FBI, which she opens up in contemplative silence. She leaves it open as she looks at it for a few moments. She then clears her throat before speaking] '' is only to be redistrubuted to Agent Stanton, Chief Khan and Director North of the FBI, as well as to the President of the United States. The time is now [she looks at her wristwatch] 11:10, on the 13th of October. I will commence the review of the incident that occurred on Sunday the 4th of October.''

[She sighs, clears her throat once more, and takes a sip from a cup of water placed next to the file.]

''Harrison Jepp...was clearly seen within the recording as...being the one who supposedly initiated the attack which ended up killing 287 civilians. He was clearly the perpetrator. To all who sees the recording, there is no doubt that Harrison Jepp was at the centre of the scene of the attack. However...[pauses, and sighs quietly] there are questions that we have tried to answer throughout this investigation...that we are still unable to answer honestly, and without all the facts. I mean [sighs briefly, then folding her arms] we still don't have definitive answers as to what he was using as a weapon...if at all he was using one. We don't know if he had help. And we don't know...just where on earth...Jepp is. He's...[shrugging] nowhere to be seen. Vanished into thin air.''

[She looks away from the camera for a few moments in deep thought.]

''We have absolutely no idea where he is, and neither does anyone else he had come into contact with at the event. We believed that anyone he had interviewed might have had some involvement with his plan to attack. But everyone we've interviewed...and haven't interviewed...[shaking her head] I don't believe any of them had any clue what Harrison Jepp was going to do that day. Which seems all the more stranger to explain.''

[She sighs briefly, then takes another sip of her water. She then retrieves a document from the file and reads it briefly.]

''Wolfgang Zimmer. He's been another anomaly in this investigation. We had thought that he may have been one of the unidentified victims, but they have all been confirmed now. [Pauses] None of them are Wolfgang Zimmer. We have no idea where he has got to, either. [Pauses] Which makes you wonder: were Jepp and Zimmer working in tandem?''

[She looks down at the document for a while as she strokes the back of her neck with her right hand, then looks back at the camera.]

''Zimmer didn't seem to like the comment Jepp made about Jupiter Global's sponsorship of the event being taken over by Smartech Industries. He indicated that by rolling his eyes. [Briefly smiling] So...he wouldn't exactly be the likely candidate to team up with Jepp to carry out the attack. [Pauses, then sits back in her chair] In seems highly unlikely anyone would team up with Jepp in very little time to be convinced to go through with it. We've checked phone records, conversations over the internet, we've scoured through computers belonging to...everyone present at the event, and there is to Jepp whatsoever. But...the way he acts...[shaking her head] could he have been possible of doing this at all?''

[Looking away from the camera briefly, then looking back again.]

''Could it be possible...that Jepp was controlled? [Slightly scoffing] I know how it sounds, but...listening to Dennis Smart's allegations about...extraterrestials...[Sighing briefly] It does make you think. [Pauses] What...if there is something out there...that was controlling Jepp?''

[She breathes in and exhales sharply. She puts her head down, then sharply snaps it back up to look at the camera again. A light slightly dims, then goes brighter suddenly.]

''I know, I know. Aliens aren't real. They don't exist. Humans are always endeavouring to...try and find answers on other planets. But maybe...there are some things humans aren't meant to find answers for. [She leans her head sideways and looks at the camera strangely] Jepp is a dangerous man. An extremely dangerous person. [She puts her head back up] What if he does this again? What if he kills more people?''

[She takes another sip of water as the light in the room begins to flicker slightly.]

[To herself] ''Problem with this light as well.''

[She clears her throat.]

'' conclude. The incident that occurred on Sunday the 4th of October was an act of terrorism. An act that cost the lives of 287 innocent people, and, on behalf of the FBI, we continue to treat Harrison Jepp as the prime suspect in this case. [She takes a long sip of her water, and snaps the file in front of her shut] Review terminated at 11:24.''

[An unidentified low whistling sound is heard in the background for a few seconds before the recording ends.]


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