The Blank Incident

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News Report: Dennis Smart

[An auburn-haired, young female woman is shown on camera. She looks to be 5'7, weighing around 138 lbs, and she is wearing a purple jacket with black trousers. Her hair is tied back in a ponytail, and she is reporting from outside a building with the words Smartech Industries' on it.]

News Reporter, Nicole Burnett: ''The C.E.O. of Smartech Industries, Dennis Smart, has been killed in a car accident. The incident happened on Washington Boulevard in Los Angeles this morning. It occurred at approximately 11:15am, and it is believed he was travelling alone. It is still under investigation about what exactly caused the accident, but eyewitness accounts claim that the car simply burst into flames. We have Marco Garcia at the scene to give us more information. Marco?''

[The camera switches to Marco Garcia, a young Hispanic male, measuring at what looks like 5'10, weighing possibly 171 lbs, wearing a tan jacket over a blue top and light brown trousers. He is reporting from the pavement side of a road, with police tape stretched out behind him.]

News Reporter, Marco Garcia: ''Hello Nicole. I am at the scene of the incident which tragically took the life of Dennis Smart. He was reknowned globally as the face of his company Smartech Industries [a montage is shown of Dennis Smart at various events whilst the reporter is speaking] which he built up with the help of his father, Jeremy Smart. The multinational company was one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, and Dennis became the C.E.O. of it 4 years ago [the montage ends and cuts back to Marco Garcia]. Now, just behind me [he turns around to point to an area on the road where dozens of emergency responders have appeared next to a burnt out red Ferrari car] the crime scene investigators and forensic experts have now descended on the scene of where the accident occurred. As you can see, to all the viewers watching, that the car has been totally destroyed by what looks like a fire, but to find out a little bit more as to what happened we are going to speak to an eyewitness at the time of the occurrence this morning. We have Jennifer Dante with us here to speak to us this afternoon. [The camera shows a blonde-haired young female, possibly 5'6, slightly lean, and wearing a denim blue jacket over a pink top and denim blue jeans. She is wearing a white-beaded necklace and a matching bracelet. Her hair is loose around her shoulders] So Jennifer, can you tell us what you saw?''

Eyewitness - Jennifer Dante: ''I saw [she looks over to the crime scene] the car coming down the road as I was walking [pointing to across the road] over there, and when I saw the car, which wasn't going very fast, going past me, I heard a man, like, talking very loudly, and he sounded quite angry. So because it was quite loud, I turned to see who he was talking to, but there was no one else in the car, and I thought that was very strange, that he was talking and shouting at himself.''

MG: ''Did you recognise who it was in the car?''

JD: ''No, not really. It wasn't until he looked at me though, that's when I saw who it was.''

MG: ''He made eye contact with you before the accident?''

JD: ''Yeah, just for like, a few seconds. I remember because he said something...weird.''

MG: ''What did he say?''

JD: ''He said...''We shall have no mercy from Mercury.'' I thought he was rhyming or something, but he had a strange, like, look on his face when he said it.''

MG: ''That does seem quite out of character. What happened next?''

JD: ''I looked away briefly, but then I looked up at his car when I heard him stop suddenly. Then, out of nowhere, his car just...blew up! There was like [gesturing with her hands] this giant fireball in front of me. I went down on the ground almost immediately, because I was scared. It was really sudden.''

MG: ''It must have been a terrifying ordeal for you, Jennifer. What happened after that? Was the police and fire crews called?''

JD: ''Um, yeah, but not immediately by me. I was in shock, just watching it all happen, but then I quickly went into my handbag and grabbed my phone and dialled 911.''

MG: ''And we know you tried your best to help Dennis, which we thank you for, Jennifer. Thank you also for taking the time to speak to us.''

JD: ''No problem. Thank you.''

[The camera shows Marco Garcia solely.]

MG: ''So, an eyewitness report that states that Mr Smart's car just burst into flames. Was it possible that there was a bomb planted in his car? We will have to wait and see what the investigators uncover from this tragic event. Back to you, Nicole.''

[The camera shows Nicole Burnett.]

NB: ''Thank you, Marco. Back here at Smartech, we have not been able to get any word as to what this tragedy will mean for the company, and why anyone, if anyone else is to blame for this, would want to kill Dennis Smart. There is no apparent indication of a suicide, as there were no problems reported at his company. The profits of Smartech Industries has soared in the past few months. However, some employees and those close to Mr Smart did notice a change in his behaviour after the incident that occurred 11 days ago at the Technology and Science Expo event at the Staples Centre. It's possible that he could have been traumatised by the incident, and was not coping well. But whatever did happen, I believe we will get some answers soon. I'm Nicole Burnett, reporting from Smartech Industries in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.''


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