The Blank Incident

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The Second Transcript: Yevgeni Borokov

[The subject has moved to another area of the hall, and has found another person to interview.]

[General hubbub is heard in the background.]

HJ: ''So now, we have moved on to...this guy over here. We're just going to find out who he is and what he has invented. [To the unidentified man] Hello there! My name is Harrison Jepp and I'm interviewing budding inventors for my magazine Technos. Could you tell us your name and your profession please?''

Interviewee - Yevgeni Borokov - [Interviewee speaks with a heavy Ukranian accent and broken English. He is slightly balding, and is wearing glasses. He is wearing a brown sweater with black pants and black shoes. He is 6'1, and weighs 155 lbs.]''Uh, hello. My name is Yevgeni Borokov. I am from the Ukraine...and as- in factory. In factory.''

HJ: ''OK, cool. Did you study in university?''

YB: ''Uh, yes. I study at university.''

HJ: ''And what did you study?''

YB: ''I study, um, physics and chemistry.''

HJ: ''That's great! But...the factory you are working in...''

YB: [He finishes the subject's sentence] ''It is not job I would like to have situation...I would like to change. I want...stable money and job. So I invent things.''

HJ: ''Oh, thank you for telling me that. That's very nice. So what have you invented, my friend?''

YB: ''It's's a bottle that can make any drink into water. It's name is NeoNero. It means 'new water' in Greek.''

HJ: [Smiling] ''Ah, really? That's a cool name. How does the bottle work? The idea sounds really cool!''

YB: ''Well...I show you.'' [He turns around and picks up his invention, which is a silver coated 600ml bottle] I have juice drink here. I pour it in [he pours in a cup of orange liquid into the bottle] and it is now water. Have a taste.''

[Borokov hands subject the bottle.]

[The subject drinks from the bottle.]

HJ: ''Mmmm...Oh wow! It's...water! That's amazing! How did you do that?''

YB: ''Well, inside the bottle, I have coated the inside with a substance I create that cancels out the chemicals in the drink and make it neutral like water.''

HJ: ''Oh, cool! So it's like a...drinks neutralizer, right?''

YB: ''Yes, like that. It can also make fizzy drinks into water.''

HJ: [Excitedly] ''Really?! I would like to see that!''

YB: [He goes to the table behind him and opens a bottle of fizzy cola, and proceeds to pour it into the silver coated bottle] ''OK, you hear the fizz is going away?''

[The camera and microphone are placed nearer to the bottle to hear the effects.]

HJ: ''It's gone quiet!''

YB: ''That is neutralization taking place. Bubbles are gone now, and it is water. Have a taste again.''

[The subject takes the bottle and drinks its contents]

HJ: ''Wow! It's...not even fizzy anymore! [To the camera] And look, I'll show you that the colour has completely changed from dark cola to transparent H2O!''

[He retrieves an empy transparent cup from the table behind Borokov and holds it up to the camera as he pours some of the contents of what is in the silver coated bottle into the cup.]

HJ: ''You see that? Completely transparent, completely H2O. That is what I call an invention!''

YB: ''Yes, thank you.''

HJ: ''Wait a moment. We need to test it out once more. Now this is the ultimate test. We've done it with orange juice, we've done it with a fizzy drink; now, it's time to do it with...alcohol!''

YB: ''OK, let's do it.''

[The cameraman and the subject follow Borokov as he searches for an alcoholic based drink. They see a waitress holding refreshments on a tray a few feet away. Borokov takes a glass of red wine and heads back to his stand.]

HJ: ''Ladies and gentlemen, we are now witnessing wine being turned into water.''

[Borokov pours the glass into the bottle, then pours the bottle into an empty transparent cup.]

YB: ''It is now clear again. Drink it.''

[The subject takes the cup and proceeds to drink.]

HJ: ''Unbelievable! It works! It works for all types of drinks! That is really, really amazing, Mr Borokov! Congratulations! I am really impressed by your invention. Who are you looking to sell this bottle to?''

YB: ''I am not sure yet, I am waiting to see. I am on lookout for any company, but I will see who will offer me best deal.''

HJ: ''Ah, that's good. Weighing up the competiton. Good idea. Anyway, Mr Borokov, it was nice meeting you and talking to you and seeing NeoNero in action. I hope you have a lovely time here in at the Expo. Oh, I forgot to ask you, is this your first time here?''

YB: ''Yes, it is my first time here and in America.''

HJ: ''How are you enjoying it so far?''

YB: ''It is very nice. The weather is beautiful, and the people are friendly too.''

HJ: ''It's good that you are enjoying yourself Mr Borokov. I hope to see you and your invention in the future sometime. I hope it lifts off the ground. Take care of yourself, Yevgeni.''

YB: ''OK. Thank you, Mr Jepp. Bye.''

[The subject and Borokov smile and shake hands before they depart.]

HJ: ''So, we've just witnessed another amazing invention, which we will hopefully be seeing in stores in the near future. I can see it being used for parties, being used in the drinks industry, and it can also be used when you're out camping. I think this invention, NeoNero, can be expanded upon, and maybe its uses could be increased. Yevgeni Borokov may be a name that we will be hearing more of in the future. [Sighs happily] OK, let's find our next miracle worker.''


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