The Blank Incident

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The Review of the Second Transcript by Agent Alison Kramer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

[Review of the second transcript being carried out by Agent Alison Kramer of the FBI. She surmises the information of the transcript, and concludes the FBI's findings.The review is being conducted in the same room of the FBI headquarters as the first review.]

Agent Alison Kramer: ''This review is being carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and should only be redistrubuted to Agent Stanton, Chief Khan and Director North of the FBI, as well as to the President of the United States. I am Agent Alison Kramer, and the time is now [she looks at her wristwatch] 14:13, on the 10th of October, 6 days after the incident. I am now commencing the review of the second transcript.''

[She has a thick beige file in front of her, and she proceeds to take out a few pieces of paper from it.]

''So, we have here a...Yevgeni Borokov, born 12th of May, 1977, from Russia...not the Ukraine. We did background checks on him and apparently he lied about where he originally came from. We've also spotted a few other red flags about him.''

[She holds up a document to the camera that looks like a birth certificate.]

''Yevgeni Dmitri Borokov from Stavropol in Russia. He claimed he was from the Ukraine. He has no siblings, and he lived with his mother when his father died shortly after he turned 2. [She puts down the document.] We could see clearly from the video that his first language is not English, but, I have here [she holds up another document] a degree certificate, stating that he earned a degree in Chemical Physics with honours at Columbia University...[looking at the camera]in America. Which tells us that he also lied when he said this was his first time coming to America.''

[She puts another document on top of the file and looks down on it.]

''Now, he also said that he was a factory worker, which he is. But the type of factory he works in...sounds too good to be true. He works in munitions.''

[She looks at the camera.]

''So he deals with making weapons. But what is really interesting [she looks down at the document again] is that his department dealt with nuclear weaponry.''

[She looks up at the camera again.]

''Now, we cannot speculate as to whether or not he helped make nuclear weapons, but his educated background serves the purpose of speculating that he did. And maybe those nuclear weapons are still in Ukraine, or in Russia, or maybe with the Chinese or Koreans. Which is a very troubling piece of information for us here in the United States.''

[She takes another document out, which is a picture of the product NeoNero, complete with specifications.]

''NeoNero, Mr Borokov's invention. The uses that the subject talks about in the video; could it have been also used as a weapon itself? Maybe. He said it could be used in other ways. Could one of those ways become something to end the lives of so many people? Who knows.''

[She sighs. She looks down in silence for a moment, then pulls out another document, which looks like a photograph.]

''In front of me is photographic evidence of Yevgeni Borokov in demonstrations in Moscow, protesting against the Ukraine government shutting down nuclear facilities. Another red flag. By the looks of the pictures, he seems very outspoken about this issue, which is a far cry from his quiet and humble side as seen in the video.''

[She puts the photograph down slowly.]

''This really begs the question: who really is Yevgeni Borokov?''

[She looks away from the camera for a moment.]

''So from this review, I conclude on the behalf of the FBI that Yevgeni Borokov possibly was in collusion with the subject when carrying out the incident 6 days ago. This is based on evidence on his background checks, suggesting that his research and knowledge in nuclear weaponry may have been used to the advantage of the subject. From this review, we now classify Yevgeni Borokov as a suspect.''

[She looks at her watch.]

''The time is now 14:25. This is the end of the review.''


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