The Blank Incident

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The Third Transcript: Sung-Moon Il-Min

[The subject interviews another inventor. He has moved to the back of the hall.]

[General hubbub is heard in the background.]

HJ: [Walking backwards as he talks] ''So we have now moved to the back of the hall, where I have just have to interview this guy. He's invented something really cool and you guys need to see what it is. [He taps on the shoulder of a man, who turns around to face him] Hello there. I'm interviewing budding inventors for my technology magazine, and I just wondered if you would be up for it?''

[The man the subject is talking to is 5'6 in height, weighs 128 lbs, is wearing a red t-shirt with the comic book character Flash emblazoned on it, and blue jeans with red Converse shoes. He is also wearing glasses, and has thick black hair. The man says ''Yes''.]

HJ: ''OK, cool! Would you like to tell us your name and what you studied in college or university, if you did, please?''

Interviewee - Sung-Moon Il Min - [He speaks with an American accent] ''Hello, my name is Sung-Moon Il Min, and I'm originally from South Korea.'' [He smiles and waves at the camera.]

HJ: ''Nice to meet you Sung-Moon!''

SMIM: ''Thanks. Oh yeah, um, I'm still studying at university by the way. I'm doing a degree in architecture at Cornell University in New York.''

HJ: [Enthusiastically] ''Oh, wow! Neat! That's a break away from the typical inventor's niche of science studies. Architecture, huh? How long have you been doing that for?''

SMIM: ''I'm in my second year now, and it's been going good.''

HJ: [Smiling] ''That's good to hear, Mr Il-Min, that's good to hear. [He places his hand on Il-Min's shoulder.] So, my friend, would you like to tell us about your invention?''

SMIM: ''Yeah sure. [He picks up a small black cuboid box-like object from the table behind him] It's a device that can convert any material into anything you like.''

HJ: [Slightly surprised] ''Really? Any material?''

SMIM: ''Any material that isn't liquid or gas based, of course.''

HJ: ''Good, because we don't want people to break it, do we?''

SMIM: ''No, I wouldn't want that.''

HJ: ''Now, we've actually seen your product in action before, haven't we?''

SMIM: ''Um, yep, on my Youtube channel, SungMoonCraft.''

HJ: ''So, some of us already know how this operates, but for the benefit of our viewers, let's just see how this baby works. Sung-Moon, take it away.''

SMIM: ''Alright, so I'm going to open it up, and you can see [he places the open device in front of the camera] that it is empty. I'm going to[he looks around him, then spots a paper napkin on the table which he picks up] this paper napkin inside [he places the napkin inside the device] and then I close it. The next thing I want to do is tell the box to make the paper napkin into something else. So if you see here at the front of it [he shows a part of the device to the camera] that there is a microphone outlet where I can speak to the device and tell it what I want.''

HJ: ''Amazing! So what can you turn it into?''

SMIM: ''Well, I can turn it into anything I want. Except of course, things that are not of the same size or mass of the original object. So you can't say I want a shoe, it's just too big. It can't even fit in the device. And you can't convert it into something with moving parts, any other piece of technology, or of course, food. Neither of these things should never be used as convertable materials anyway. Just use common sense really. So, what I'm going to do, is change it into...a spoon.''

[The device makes a whirring sound as it operates for a moment.]

HJ: ''How fast can it convert something?''

SMIM: ''Depending on the size of the object, what it's made of and what it is converting it into, anything from around 20 seconds to 4 minutes.''

HJ: ''So this shouldn't be too long?'

SMIM: ''Nope. [They wait in silence for a while before the device makes a 'ping' sound.] And it's ready. Let's open it up.''

[Il-Min opens the device, takes the contents out and holds it up to the camera.]

HJ: ''And that, geekies and gentlenerds, is a spoon...made out of paper.''

SMIM: [Chuckles] ''Yes it is.''

HJ: ''That is awesome. Though, rumour has it, is that when you converted paper for the first time, you Actual money, from this device. Care to enlighten us?''

SMIM: [Laughs lightly] ''Well...I'm not sure where the rumour came from, but...I'm not telling.''

HJ: [Laughs] ''OK, you don't want to tell us? Your silence on the subject confirms you have made money, Mr Il-Min!''

SMIM: [Grins] ''Well, if you say so.''

HJ: ''Yes, I do say so. Well, it was very cool seeing your product in action. What name do you have for it?''

SMIM: ''Um...I don't really have one, but my friends have been calling it Convert-a-bot.''

HJ: ''Very inventive!''

SMIM: ''Yes, I know.''

[They both laugh.]

HJ: ''So you are obviously here to sell your product. Who have you got your eyes on today?''

SMIM: ''Ummm, I have been looking at the big guys of course, but I want to go to the biggest of them all - Smartech Industries.''

HJ: ''Wow, you want the giant! How do you think you will get them to take on Convert-a-bot?''

SMIM: ''With my cool charm and intelligence, hopefully.''

HJ: [Laughs] ''Well, you are quite the joker! Thank you very much Mr Il-Min for your interview. I hope to see you in the near future. Bye bye, now!''

[The subject and Il-Min shake hands.]

SMIM: ''Thank you, bye bye.'' [He smiles and waves to the camera.]

[The camera focuses on the subject.]

HJ: ''So, this kid, who is still in university, has made an extremely nifty device which can convert any solid material into anything else, albeit with some precautions to take note of. I can see the uses of this product in recycling, a large nation, we produce a lot of waste here in the USA. So this device can help curb that problem. But if it the rumour is true that this device can convert paper into money, this would be a game changer. And if it was to be marketed by Smartech Industries, I believe Sung-Moon Il-Min would be the most profitable person in this room today. [Smiling] Now, let's go see what other life changing products other people have invented.''


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