The Blank Incident

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The Fourth Transcript: Jenna McGrath

[The subject has now moved to the left side of the hall.]

[General hubbub is heard in the background.]

HJ: ''So far, we have seen some really good products that I hope we will see in the near future as making a difference to the world...I wish! [Laughs briefly] Anyway, we are now going to do one last interview before the C.E.O. of Smartech Industries, Mister Dennis Smart himself, comes on stage and begins his speech. [He walks towards a woman who has her back turned] Now, who have we here? [He taps the woman's shoulder, and she turns around] Oh, hey! [Surprised] Hey...aren't you...Jenna McGrath?''

Interviewee - Jenna McGrath - [She speaks with a slightly high pitched American accent, is 5'5, weighs 120 lbs, is of Caucasian appearance, has shoulder length dark brown hair with lighter brown highlights, and is wearing a sleveless denim jacket over a purple top, denim knee length shorts and yellow flat shoes.] ''Oh, hey, yeah! Harrison? Harrison...Jepp, right?''

HJ: ''Yeah, it is! What are you doing here?''

JM: ''Oh, I'm here for the Expo. I've come with a little invention of mine.''

HJ: ''Oh, really? You've made something?''

JM: ''Yeah, I have. What are you up to? You've got a cameraman aswell?''

HJ: ''Oh, I am doing interviews for my magazine. You've heard of Technos Magazine, right?''

JM: ''Oh yeah, of course! I like reading the column on what's the hottest piece of tech out now.''

HJ: ''Really? I write those columns!''

JM: ''You do? That's cool!''

HJ: [Laughing, then clearing his throat] ''Oh, sorry, for those who are watching this, Jenna McGrath and I used to go to the same high school, so we know each other. So, Jenna, are you OK for doing an interview for us?''

JM: ''Yeah, sure, I would love that!''

HJ: ''Cool. OK, so could we start off with asking you who you are, again, and then stating what you studied at college or university, if that's OK.''

JM: ''OK. So my name is Jenna McGrath, in case you didn't hear [the subject is heard sniggering] and I...actually didn't go college or university.''

HJ: [Slightly surprised] ''Really? OK, so how did you get into inventing then?''

JM: ''Well, I've always been into building stuff, and my dad actually has a 3D printer, so I've been practising my crafting skills and making things.''

HJ: ''And does this relate to your day job at all?''

JM: ''Nope! [She laughs] ''I actually work at Starbucks! But, erm, yeah, I like doing this as a hobby. You know, I like science and technology, and in my spare time, I like to create circuit boards and stuff for computers.''

HJ: ''That is awesome. OK, so would you like to tell us what you have invented and brought with you today?''

JM: ''Yeah sure. [She turns around and picks up a long, cream stick-like object] This is it.''

HJ: [Pauses as he looks at the object] ''And what is 'it' exactly?''

JM: ''This is 'HaloGen'.''

HJ: ''HaloGen? Pray tell, what does it do?''

JM: ''Well, it helps cultivate plants faster when it glows.''

HJ: ''Ah, OK. It glows? So, I'm guessing, when you leave it in a room with no sunlight, for example, it helps it to grow? But isn't there something like that already?''

JM: ''Yes, there is, but my HaloGen helps it to grow 10 times quicker. So instead of waiting for a plant to grow for weeks, it can be done within...30 minutes or so.''

HJ: ''Oh, so this stick, which you made from your 3D printer, speeds up the process of the growth of plants. Very cool. So, what are the benefits of HaloGen?''

JM: ''Well, I was hoping that it could be used to help speed up the production of food so that we could help feed people who are not getting enough food around the world.''

HJ: ''Oh, so this could help solve food crises happening around the world?''

JM: ''Well, it might or might not, but it would certainly help towards it.''

HJ: ''Have there been any side effects from its use?''

JM: ''Nope, not so far. I've trialled it for a year now, and there has been no adverse effects on plant or vegetable life.''

HJ: ''Wow, that's good. Is there something in it that prevents that from happening?''

JM: ''Yep. We know that too much UV radiation can harm crops, so I have a special inhibitor that can dilute the amount of artifical UV rays that is emitted from the HaloGen.''

HJ: ''You're not going to say what the special inhibitor is?''

JM: ''Nope, I'm afraid it's a secret!''

HJ: ''Oh, alright then. So there is a sciency part! [He laughs] Where have you hidden all of this knowledge all these years?''

JM: ''Well, I didn't want to be branded a nerd at school.''

HJ: ''Hey! Nerds are cool! And besides, you would have been a very good-looking nerd.''

JM: [Smiling] ''Whatever!''

HJ: [Laughing briefly] ''No, joking aside, this is a pretty neat invention. It's small, lightweight, and it helps solve one of the problems that the government couldn't fix. They should hire you!''

JM: [She laughs] ''Yeah, they should. I hope I get a good payout.''

HJ: ''Yeah, you will. It would be an outrage if you didn't.''

JM: ''You gonna put in a good word for me?''

HJ: ''You bet.''

JM: ''Thanks, Mr Jepp.''

HJ: [Smiling longingly] ''OK, so, who are you hoping to sell this product to?''

JM: ''Well, I want to try out EEE, uh, Efficient and Environmental Earth, as their company makes technology that improves lives for people around the world.''

HJ: ''Oh, alright, that's nice. I'm pretty sure they will take you up on your product. [Clears his throat] Well, it has been a pleasure talking to you, Jenna. Great seeing you after, what, 5 years?''

JM: ''Yep, 5 years.''

HJ: ''Wow, time moves so quick! Alright, thank you very much Jenna for your interview, and I hope to see you around later. See you.''

JM: ''Thank you, Harrison. See you later.'' [She waves goodbye to the camera.]

[The subject moves away from McGrath and talks to the camera.]

HJ: ''Well, there you have it. We have seen a phone that will never die, a bottle that can turn anything into water, a device that can convert materials into anything, and a stick that can grow food fast. These inventions have shown us the wonderful and amazing abilities that we as humans have when we use our minds, and all these products that we have seen today have conveyed to us that we can help those in need globally. Now, it's coming to the end of our session here today, so we are just [craning his head to his right to look at the stage area] about to now see what Dennis Smart of Smartech Industries has in store for the rest of the weekend. I'm Harrison Jepp, and this is the 2015 Technology and Science Expo. See you soon.''


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