The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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One Women Vs. Five Men Come and be part of the invasion... An arrogant vampire comes up with a way to make a new immortal species to help the dark underworld fight the destruction that the human race has caused; destruction that could soon lead to their imminent extinction. Molly Barons was just your typical average wife and mother, nothing out of the ordinary. Her life was messy with children, a husband, house work, but, her life is about to change in ways she never thought possible when a man shows up at her door one summer evening and kidnaps her from her. Molly’s hauled off to England to be part of an experiment for a group of five powerful men who run the dark world known as the Creatures. The three vampires, a werewolf King, and an Elvin king all have their hopes set on her to solve all their problems. She is to become a blood slave to the vampires and an incubator for the other two. But, the mindless obedient woman they thought they were going to make through the experiment, wasn’t what they got. What they got however, is much more than they bargained for. The world of darkness thought that by playing God they could bring forth their salvation, little did they know that one small woman could bring them all to their knees.

Mystery / Romance
Jennifer L Byars
4.7 22 reviews
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In the beginning

In the beginning there was only man, but man grew lonely, so God provided him with a companion, woman. But since woman was made from man, he was the dominant of the two, and that’s how it remained.

Now, when man and woman ate from the forbidden tree sin was cast into the world, and from that sin came forth, the others. These others were called “The Creatures.” No one is certain where they came from, only that when they arrived, these creatures, began destroying all of God’s work.

Seeing all of his glorious creations being torn apart God cursed the creatures. And for their punishment of what they had done, they would never grow old, they would have to walk in the shadows of the world, and last but not least, they were forbidden offspring.

Of these, one of these creatures was given the harshest of curses, the vampire. For they destroyed God work without remorse, that that was how they were punished. They enjoyed the killing by drinking the blood of the pure and innocent victims. For their evil, they were to forever drink blood, and crave it with such a lust that could never be quenched.

But the vampires did not mind their lot they were dealt. They were more then happy with what God had done to them, loving their immortality, and loving the bloodlust. They grew stronger and their savagery grew as well. So God stepped in again, and the blood that they took so viciously, would be their downfall. For now if they drank a mortal dry, the blood would rot in their gut and bring them close to madness.

In time they taught themselves to only drink from the mortals and to not kill them, saving themselves from the agony of being stained by the loss of that mortal soul. But the thirst, the thirst remained and ate at them every day of their long lives.

After a time, some of the creatures thought they had escaped the punishment of being barren, as some started to give birth to a child every now and again... but this was not to last.

For as the humans grew in wisdom and learned to prosper just as God had planned, the creatures, they started to dwindle. Soon none of the cursed was able to bear a child, just as they had been told.

This turned the tide in favor of the mortals in spite of their weakness of body, but they had something the creatures were forbade: an ability to procreate. With this, the creatures lost all hope as their numbers plummeted, and vanished from human sight and into obscurity.

There is a deep need that runs among all who live, mortal and immortal alike: the desire to bring forth life from one’s own body. It is a strong pull that can destroy a person’s soul when it is denied. So, one can only imagine the despair of the immortals.

It is from this place of despair that our story begins. This is the story of how the desperation of these creatures decided to play God and brought forth something that they shouldn’t. What they thought was going to be their salvation, only to discover it could lead to their demise.

Man once ruled the world and everything in it.

But now it’s woman’s turn.

~Molly Barron~

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