The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 13

Standing in the doorway was a man I would never forget. He walked into the room and stood in front of us, wearing just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. My eyes traveled up his body until I came to his face…where bicolored eyes watched me carefully.

I stumbled back, landing in Marcus’s arms, trying to make sense of what I was seeing. “You!” I hissed, pushing my way out of Marcus’s arms. “What the fuck are you doing here? I told you if I ever saw you again I would kill you! Do you think my threats were empty?” I screamed.

His big chest took a breath, like he was prepared for my outrage then shook his head. “No hen, I know what ye said to be true. But I was hoping we could put what happened that night aside and start over again,” He admitted.

I was so outraged I walked right up to him and stared up into his face. “Tell me you’re kidding,” I said through clenched teeth. But he said nothing, he just stood there, like he was waiting for judgment.

My anger was unraveling, my gut was churning, and my thirst was needy. In sheer rage I screamed, backhanding him to the opposite side of the room. “You son of a bitch! You let them destroy me, and now you want me to play house?”

“Ah dinna want this, lass, that’s not why you’re here,” he said picking himself up from the floor, and his hands up in surrender.

“Oh sweetheart, I’m sure you don’t want the hell I’m about to unleash on you,” I chuckled.

“Molly, please, let’s just sit down for a moment,” Marcus tried to sooth the situation.

“Why? Why would you bring me here? Do you want him to die!?” I fumed.

I was right in front of the wolf, and I kicked his legs out from underneath him and he fell to the ground with a thud. He sighed as he picked himself up but stayed on his knees as I glared down at him. It took everything I had not to shove my hand through his chest and disintegrate his heart.

“Why? Why did you let those men rape me?” I seethed.

When he looked up, I was shocked by the sadness in his eyes. “Ah didna know that they were there, lass. We all made plans to move ye to a safe place. But ye ran away before we could. By the time Ah found ye the damage was already done. Ah tried to stop Agatha from taking the shot. But she heard me coming for ye and shot that much sooner. As for what Ah said to ye after, Ah have no excuse.

“When Ah saw ye for the first night I knew ye were mine. I couldna control the need for ye when I marked you. The beast has a mind of his own, as ye well know now. I’m so sorry for the cruelty that I’ve brought to ye.” He answered, looking back up at me.

My hand was at the mark on my neck as tears ran down my face. “You’re the one who bit my neck.” He nodded, not even trying to deny it. “And before all this, you raped me,” I said on a sob. “Do you even understand what you turned me into? The hatred I have for men? The cruelty that runs so deep in me it takes every ounce of me to keep it under control.” I whispered.

He reached out to wipe the tears off my face but I flinched away, making his hand fell to his side. “That’s why I’m sitting here. Ye do as you see fit with me. I canna take back what happened, but I can give you all the power now.”

I was torn, and hurt, but still I understood what it’s like not to be able to control yourself when it came to the beast. I hesitated, not really sure what to do. He didn’t let her shoot me. He was going to take me away to keep me safe. But the humiliation of what had happened ran bone deep.

The snapping of joints could be heard through the room as my fingers changed to deadly claws, black as death. My hand went over his heart, digging my razor-sharp nails into his flesh. His shirt disintegrated under my touch. But he just sat there taking the pain I was inflicting.

My breathing was harsh and angry, as we stared at each other. I looked up to see Marcus holding Nicolas back, both of them concerned for the wolf. But it was clear they were not going to step in and stop this, regardless of the outcome.

I burned through another layer of skin. He had raped me, he made me, and didn’t even stand up for me. The anger was winning out and I was going to take his life. But before I inflicted the killing push to annihilate his heart, my nightmare flashed before my eyes. That unholy creature lingering in the darkness of deceit and hatred would be me, if I killed this man, and I never want to become that monster.

My hand dropped from his chest, and his skin was chalky and ashen but still alive. He fell forward, breathing heavily. “Thank ye hen.”

“Don’t thank me, because I absolutely loathe you. And even if I forgive you for your part in making me, that doesn’t mean I have to like you. Just remember this, I spared your life, when you couldn’t even stand up for mine,” I trembled with anger as tears ran down my face.

His eyes met mine and I had to get out of there. I ran out of the room, and kept going till I was out of the house. When my face hit the cool night air I took a deep cleansing breath. There were tantalizing smells of the men. No smell of humans or the passing of life. Out here in the country, there were just the soft pleasant scents of nature.

I walked into a lovely field on the other side of the road. It was peaceful, soothing, and with everything that had happened to me in the span of two days, it was just what I needed a place to think.

I took off Marcus’s jacket and placed it on the ground before I sat. No moon lit up the night sky, just thousands of stars twinkling down on me. I leaned back on the cool earth, placing my arms behind my head and let myself not think.

“Do you know I could smell you a mile away?” Nicolas chuckled, looking down at me. My eyes opened then shut again, I said nothing; I just wanted peace. “I really thought you were going to kill him,” he hedged.

“I was going to. But when I thought about what I could become, I stopped. That would have been my very first kill,” I whispered.

“Do you mind if I lie down next to you?” he asked.

“I wont stop you.” I shrugged.

He took off his coat, lying next to me. “You did really well tonight,” he said, as he took my hand out from under my head. He placed it on his stomach, our fingers entwined, as his thumb stroked the top.

My eyes opened and I glanced over at the beautiful man next to me. “Why did you really bring me here?”

“We know Eloise.” He replied as our eyes meet.

“Okay, so. That still doesn’t tell me what you want.”

“What do you mean by that?” He asked seemingly a little taken back.

I turned my head to look back at the stars. “I mean exactly what I said. I’m damaged in both mind and body. If you’re looking for food, then I guess that’s what I am. I mean look at you; I knew you were my maker after you drank from me. You look healthy now, not sick. I’ve seen some vampires who starved for their mixer’s blood; wasn’t a pretty sight.

“But what happens after that? We have sex, you pass me around to all the others so they can drink or have sex with me. Truthfully I don’t think I’m strong enough for that. So the question remains, what are you hoping to get out of me?” I sighed.

One minute I was looking at the stars, the next minute icy blue eyes, filled with concern and something more, were staring down at me. “You think I want any bleeding man other than me to touch your body? You’re daft! And as much as I’d like just to be your only husband, I understood what I was getting into when you were made. You have five makers, so you have five husbands. Every one of them devoted to you.

“There’s not an evil ploy going on. And what started out as necessity for all of us, has turned into something much more luv. Can you not see that?”

He placed his hand on my stomach, caressing me. “So if you want to know what I’m hoping for, this is what I’ll tell you. I want you to be my friend, my confidant, my lover, the one person I spend eternity with, and if you’re willing…the mother of my children.”

He brought his lips slowly to mine, grazing them with his own. My hands went up into his hair, feeling the silkiness. His kisses trailed down my neck, making goose bumps all up and down my fevered skin. He stopped when his lips reached the low neckline of the shirt he’d bought me.

He pulled back and gazed at me. “I don’t know if we should do this. Lord knows I want to, but after what you just said…I want you to trust me, Molly. And if that means we wait until that time, I will,” he murmured.

“I want you to make me feel loved.” I whispered, pulling his lips to mine again.

His mouth was on mine instantly, exploring it with enthusiasm. His hand ran lightly up my thigh until he reached the thin fabric of my panties. His fingers went over the wet fabric, pushing the fabric away, sinking his finger in between my wet folds.

His moan was low and deep as his fingers now moved in and out of me, making my body tremble with anticipation. He lips kissed my neck but growled in frustration with all the fabric I had on. He withdrew his fingers, took the hem of my teddy and very large shirt, and pulled them off my body. When my clothes were discarded he threw his shirt aside.

He kissed my lips lightly before trailing them down my body. When he got to my chest he teased me, kissing around my very wanting nipple. When his tongue flicked it I moaned. “More, Nicolas,” I pleaded.

He chuckled as his lips finally latched on to the rosy bud. His fingers found their way back down to my very needy center; I gasped out his name when he slid them in. My back arched off the ground, every caress of his fingers sending me closer to completion.

I reached down, caressing his large erection through his pants. “More,” I whispered. The smile vanished, replaced with need. He unbuckled his pants, pulling them down to expose his erection.

He was placing himself between my thighs but I put my hand on his chest to stop him. “I want to watch you stroke yourself before you come inside me.”

His eyes went wide, but he went to his manhood, gripping it roughly as I’d asked. My legs were open for him, letting him take his fill. I watched as beads of sticky liquid came rolling down the head. With each stroke pushing out more. “Damn it!” he growled.

I licked one of my fingers, which drew his attention away from what he wanted. He watched me suck on it, rolling it around on my tongue. Slowly I moved it down my body, stopping at my nipple. I rolled it around, getting it hard. “Don’t stop stroking yourself,” I whispered.

His eyes were glued to the movement of my finger as it traveled down to my exposed pussy. Down, down I slid it until I touched the little nub between my still wet folds, causing both of us to moan.

My finger slid deep inside, and his eyes were on me. “Bloody hell!” he growled out. He quickly took the hand in me and held it. In one fast fluid stroke he slipped into me. When he hit my end, my hands came up, grabbing his hair.

His mouth took mine, devouring it. His thrusts were deep, needy, and hard, hitting all the right spots. I wrapped my legs around him, meeting his hips with mine with each thrust. When he released my mouth he went to my neck, placing hungry nips on the soft skin, making me shiver. I placed my arms around his head to bring his mouth close to what he wanted. “Yes, take it,” I whispered.

When his teeth pierced my flesh, pleasure rocketed through my body. My orgasm bubbled up to the point of ecstasy, but so did my need for him. My thirst was overwhelming, but there was something else, something more: a need to possess this man completely.

He throbbed inside of me, needing release as badly as I did. This was it, the release I wanted, waited for! My fangs came down, and when he released my neck I growled in his ear, “Mine.” Then I pierced his skin, sucking his sweet blood into me.

The moment I pierced him, he came, growling out my name. And when his warm seed made its way into me, I let go of his neck. My fingers dug into his back with each hard thrust as my orgasm exploded, sending me over the edge, milking him until he still came inside me.

We both were breathing heavily, but I enjoyed this his weight on me, it was comforting. He started to pull out, but I entwined my body around his. “No, not yet. Just stay here with me,” I whispered.

He pushed himself up looking down at me. “I’m not going anywhere, Molly. You know that don’t you luv?” His smiled as his hand came up, pushing some hair from my face.

I kissed him again, tracing his face with the tips of my fingers. “Molly, if I don’t get up right now, we’re going to have another go,” he groaned, and I could feel him hardening inside me even as he spoke.

My arms and legs fell away as he slid out of me, leaving me feeling empty inside, and that scared me. He pulled up his pants and I reached over putting back on the awful pink teddy. He helped me up, then reached for Marcus’s jacket, shaking it off and offering to slide it on my shoulders.

“What do you say we head back inside and talk about what we’re going to do next.” He grinned taking my hand and helping me up from the ground. “I guess if I’m going to have a row with Marcus, it might as well be for something bloody well worth it,” he chuckled walking back with his arm around my waist.

When he brought me back to the study, Marcus and Alexander were deep in conversation. Nicolas walked me over to a chair and I sank down in it. It was after four in the morning, and after our love-making I was definitely satisfied but completely exhausted.

Alexander looked up as we walked in, and then left. Marcus looked over at Nicolas with an actual scowl on his face. His eyes took me in, then frowned. “So glad you could make it back, mate.” He stated, but there was something in his tone.

“Did you find out anything of use, Marcus?” Nicolas questioned. But he didn’t answer. Seemed like Nicolas and me were in some kind of trouble in Marcus book. This was why I didn’t keep steady men; things always got to complicated.

“Marcus, what we did…” I started to say, but stopped when Alexander walked back in.

He was holding a soft pink silky robe in his big hands. “I thought ye might like something to cover yourself with,” he smiled.

“I don’t want anything that is hers,” I hissed.

“No, lass, I bought this for ye a long time ago.” He moved his hands forward but leaned into the seat, making him sigh. “I’m just going to take ye’r coat.”

Marcus came over took me by the wrist pulling me from my seat, having his jacket fall to the floor. He took the robe from Alexander and helped me slip it on when his arms came around my waist, tying the cord. “I smell your passion bird, I also smell him all over you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Marcus,” Nicolas growl in warning.

Alexander slowly pulled me from Marcus’s. “Why don’t ye just sit back down, you look very tired.”

He was right about one thing, I was exhausted. I took the rubber band from my hair and coming it out with my fingers thinking of Georgie and if she found anything in Wales, when I realized how quite it was. I looked up to see all eyes were watching me. “Can I possibly get something to drink?”

“What would you like? Scotch, or bourbon?” Alexander asked running his hand over his head, then made his way over to the wet bar.

“I don’t like scotch. I’ll take bourbon, neat please.”

My body felt like it had pins and needles running through it. My hand went to my cheek where the bruising had formed the black eye. It didn’t feel tender anymore; in fact my headache was gone. Looking down at my wrist, where I’d had a nasty bruise from the grip of the wolf, it was gone as well.

“You seem to heal rather nicely after you’ve been drinking. You had us worried about that. Do you always take so long to heal?” Marcus observed.

Alexander brought over my drink and I took a small sip. “Well, when I get hurt, it’s never a quick fix for me like the others like me. If George gets pierced by something, she heals quickly. If she drinks blood, it’s rapid. I on the other hand don’t drink blood so I don’t heal well. But a doctor that lives with my cluster thinks if I was ever mortally wounded again, blood wouldn’t heal wouldn’t save me. So the trick to not getting myself killed, is to make sure I get to them first,” I shrugged.

They all glanced to one another over that statement, but didn’t ask me any more questions. Nicolas went to the bar as well, making himself a drink. “Has anyone heard from Philip? This is very unusual for him, not to check in with everything that’s been happening,”

Marcus pulled out a cigar from a wooden box on the table and lit it. “Yes, I agree with that; someone will have to go check up on the café he was at.”

That’s when heavy boots made their way quickly up the hallway. “Looks like he’s finally made it,” Nicolas murmured.

I glanced at the door way as a slender elf appeared. He was dressed in brown and gold, with armor that looked made of some sort of wood. His auburn hair was braided, exposing his pointed ears with a simple band of gold around his head.

He looked around the room, stopping when he found me.“You really found her. I thought we had lost her for certain, especially after we’ve found the girls. But you did it,” he said, to Marcus.

Nicolas walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Molly, this is Ryklin, another one of your makers.”

Ryklin walked swiftly in front of me, crouching down so we were eye to eye. He searched my face as a hand came up slowly, cautiously, to rest on my leg.

Lightly taking the hem of my robe in his thin hands, he started to peel away the fabric. I jumped when his skin touched mine, and I gave a low growl in warring. “Don’t fret my angel, I promise I will not harm you in any way. I’m just looking for a scar,” he confessed.

The robe slipped off my thigh, revealing what once was my ashy gray scar. “You covered it.” He nodded, then glanced back at me.

“I cover the scar on my leg, and the mark on my neck a long time ago,” I told him. His eyes went to my neck, seeing the coloring of my tattoo.

“You know my brother, I’ve been told,” His said, his hand came caressing my face.

“I’m sorry, I know we’ve met before, apparently. But I really don’t remember you, and I have no idea who your brother is,” I murmured.

“I see,” he nodded. murmured quietly, walking to the bar. I guess were all drinking this morning. “Do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions?” he asked, pouring himself a drink.

“That depends on what your questions is,” I said cautiously.

He smiled, taking his shot. “Well, I’ve been told that you know a man named Tipton.”

“Yes, I know him. What about it?” I shrugged.

“What I want to know is, when was the first time you met him?” He asked pouring himself another shot.

“When did I first meet him...” I thought. My mind went racing back to that first week in New York.

What I remembered most was the thirst. I didn’t know who could take away the hunger that grew in my gut, or the fire that burned my dry parched throat.

Georgie had me working out, learning fighting skills to take my mind off it. Calista, being Irish, told me to get myself a good old pint; that would wash anything away. I did both.

The day I met him, I had gone to a big bookstore with a café inside. I wanted something to read, a classic, a reminder of the days of old. But more importantly, something to take me away from the nightmare I was now living. The smell of humans was comforting; they didn’t make me crave blood.

There in the corner of the café, where the books met the tile floor, sat a ratty overstuffed chair. Getting my extremely girly coffee, I made my way to it, sat down, and got myself comfortable with David Copperfield. And then I heard someone clear his throat.

Turning around, I saw a man sitting in a chair just in back of mine. He smiled as he turned to look at me. “I’m sorry, miss, but if you’re going to move the chair so much, I’m afraid I can’t let you sit in it,” he laughed.

I remember thinking to myself This must be a dream. His wheat-gold hair was to his shoulders, styled back. He was slim but still had meat on him, and his eyes, lord, his eyes. They were the color of clean copper and went to gold around the iris.

“I met him the first Friday after I woke up. So that was sixty five years ago now. The attraction I felt for him was instant. He felt familiar to me, and at the time I felt really lost and, lonely.” I admitted.

“He’s, had you?”

“Well, yes. I remember telling him that I couldn’t’ control myself , that I could hurt him. But some how he was able to sooth that need in me. He didn’t smell as good as you do to me, but at the time it was the closest equivalent.”

The shot glass in Ryklin’s hand shattered. “What the hell did he think he was doing? I knew he was up to something sinister. But I thought it was against our enemies, but this? I didn’t expect this treachery! For sixty five years he’s kept you hidden from me…from us.”

“I’m sorry, but I still don’t really understand what’s going on What does this have to do with Tipton?” I asked

“Tipton is my younger Brother.” Ryklin explained.

“What, no. But how did he... There’s no way he knew you were my maker.” I argued.

“Oh but he did. He would know you were mine, just as I would know if I stumbled across a woman that was his...” He remarked.

“But why? I mean he never said anything to me about you. He did say something strange the very first time we meet. At least I thought it was strange at the time but now...” I mused.

“What did Tipton say luv?” Nicolas asked.

“Well, he told me he could help me with my craving when we were together, so I let him. After our first…time, I didn’t crave his blood anymore. But he told me that one day I would.”

“We all know Eloise has some apart of these missing innocents. But do we think that him hiding Molly has anything to do with that? Why would Tipton would offer his help her to for some reason?” Marcus questioned.

“His interest is in destroying me and taking my throne. What a better way to start that then taking my queen. But for him to help Eloise, I can’t see where he would benefit from going along with that crazy woman. She’s unstable at best, and unpredictable at worst. I think he would have to be very desperate to join with her.” Ryklin surmised.

“Well then, it’s very possible that he was. And did. If ye had ye’r brother’s queen and nobody knew about it, what would ye do? I would say that would make ye not only desperate, but a little cocky as well,” Alexander said with disdain.

“I’m sorry. I had now idea that I was being used in a power play.” I whispered.

Ryklin took me into his arms, hugging me tightly. “It’s not your fault. None of this is your fault.” His voice rumbled in my ear. “Now we must figure out what we should do with this information.” He sighed.

I pulled myself from Ryklin’s hold. “I think you need to tell me where this Eloise is. This is my job to take care of. You’ve helped me immensely, but now it’s time for my people to get involved.”

“You think we’re going to let you out of our bloody sight after all these years, woman?” he huffed. “You’re going to stay at Philip’s flat, and the five of us are going to deal with this situation.” Marcus commanded, now standing over me.

“You are not going back to New York. All this time apart from us, you have done what you’ve wanted. Well, let me inform you that those days are now through. You are ours!

“Did you really believe that we didn’t hear what you said on the phone. You can’t even trust your own people right now, why in the bloody hell would I let you out of my sight now.” he growled.

I stared up in those dark stormy eye, then cracked a smile, and started to laugh. “Lord, you’re like a child who has found his lost toy. If you think I’m some little Suzy homemaker who’s going to sit around waiting for you, you’ve lost your ever-loving mind!” I hissed, pushing him away.

“Get this straight: I’m leaving, and I’ll go wherever the hell I want to go after words. But for now, I’m going back to England to find Georgie, see what she’s found out then head home... to New York,” I fumed.

“We will find you again, you can’t hide from us bird,” Marcus scowled.

“You really are stupid, aren’t you? I didn’t hide from you. I didn’t know who the fuck you were! So what would be the point of hiding?” I laughed, shaking my head.

Ryklin’s arms came around my waist, pulling me against him. “Molly, you need our protection. There’s so much more than you realize at play here.”

I wiggled out of his grasp and turned to look at all of the men before me. “I don’t require protection, gentlemen. In fact, far from it. And I’m not saying that we can’t work all this out. But what I am saying is, right now I’ve got things that I have to do. So if someone will give me a phone I can call George and be on my way.”

Nobody moved; they all stood there looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders, squeezed my way between Marcus and Ryklin, and headed out of the room. A hand shot out, grabbing my arm. “Where do you think you’re bloody well going?!” Marcus seethed.

“Marcus, you need to calm down. She’s not leaving us,” Nicolas said, tried to quell the situation.

Marcus’s eyes went all black as he stared down at me; it was terrifying. “No, we have her here now! And I’ve waited too long for this. I won’t lose her again!” he snarled.

This situation was spinning out of control. I couldn’t handle all five of these men if they wanted to stop me, but I could give them a glimpse of what could happen if they didn’t back off.

My hand whipped out from my side with lightning speed. You could hear the bones cracking as they formed the wolflike talon that I now made into a spear with the sharp claws.

The black flowed into my fingers as soon as they touched Marcus’s chest, impaling him. He gasped in pain as my hand slid right next to his heart. The black veins crawled up my arm, waiting to drain the life out of him. But I wasn’t going to; I just needed to get out of there, and maybe have a little time to think. The need to be close to Nicolas was overwhelming, scattering my thoughts, as was the need to possess all the men around me.

My hand forced him to his knees. “I need your keys and phone,” I sighed.

“Molly? You don’t need to resort to this,” Nicolas pleaded.

“But I do. This is the only way you all will let me leave. I need to think, I need time, and I need to do my work. Now, the keys, Marcus.”

“Left side pocket.” Marcus said through clenched teeth.

Reaching down I found his keys and iPhone, then looked up at him. “Where’s Philip?” I asked but nobody answered. “I’m going, whether you tell me or not. The only question is do you want me to help him, or do you want me to do this on my own?”

“He’s watching the Rouge Par 24. It’s a bar that Eloise has been seen coming in and out of. It’s only about seventy-two kilometers away,” Alexander finally answered.

Looking down at Marcus, what I saw was a lost little boy. Sweat was running down his face as I held him incapacitated. I pulled my hand from his chest and he fell forward, landing on his hands, heaving in great breaths.

He was so beautiful, and so full of rage, even wounded. I knew all to well about rage. He slowly looked up at me, and I wiped some sweat from his face. “You silly man. You really know how to screw things up, don’t you?” I sighed. He chest wound was still bleeding, he would heal, but slowly since my blackness had touched him. “Sit up, Marcus.”

When he made it to his knees I sliced open the side of my palm. The blood flowed from me as I rubbed it on the wound. He grunted as it sizzled, helping him heal. “You know so very little of me and my kind. Just remember, some of us have the ability to kill those who have made us.” I warned, then kissed his forehead.

I stood and looked over at the rest of the men, who were watching me intensely, and my shoulders sagged. I was just so damn tired. My life was getting way to complicated, and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s complicated.


“What the bloody hell did she just do to me?” Marcus hissed grabbing his now healed chest. He got up from the floor, feeling well drained.

Ryklin fell into a chair his hand over his face. “She has the ability to draw life out of things she touches. If she can do that, what other powers did she receive from me?”

Nicolas looked out the window as she got into the Mercedes and started to drive off. “I’ve never seen anything quite like that. I think we may have to watch our step when it come to her mate.”

“You don’t say? And what about you? What in the bloody hell do you think you were doing shagging her in a field, you tosser? I see she drank from you as well. If you’re looking for a row, then I’m willing!?” Marcus growled.

“She didn’t just drink from him. She marked him.” Alexander sighed.

“What?” Nicolas asked.

Marcus fell into the chair next to Ryklin. “Yes, what Nicolas just asked…? What the bloody hell?”

Alexander threw Nicolas a piece of cloth. “Wipe off the blood.” He did as asked, and to everyone’s surprise there were two little puncture marks underneath. “Just like I thought. She’s young, she didn’t know what she was doing. But there’s ye’r proof. Nicolas, ye are now hers. Every female that ye come in contact with will smell her ownership of you.”

Ryklin just sat back in the chair, not believing what he was hearing. “That doesn’t make sense. You marked her, and I don’t smell any such ownership. And I’m assuming the rest of you don’t, either?”

“Ah was thinkin’ about it, and there’s only one conclusion. Molly’s the alpha in our relationships. So my mark has no effect.” Alexander answered crossed his arms over his large chest.

“I’m no one bloody beta mate.” Marcus hissed.

“Canna help what is the truth. “Alexander argued.

“Why would you think she has that much power?” Ryklin asked.

“No, I’m tellin’ ye, she is that powerful! But there’s something more there, I could smell it. When she told me that she has a hard time controllin’ herself, I very much believe that. She has a dark side, I can smell it like a virus on her. But she’s also a woman, she wants to be loved and protected. We’ve failed her thus far; if she gets pushed to the edge she might not be able to be saved.” He replied running his hands over his face.

“She told me she wanted to be loved. Despite what she is capable of, I agree with Alexander. I will not deny her anything, but nor am I willing to let her go off on her own. I’m good now, I can jump to where Philip is, if I must. But I say we solve our Eloise problem, then get to know Molly so she is willing to come home with us.”


The days and nights were starting to blur together. “Damn it, I hate it when George is right... I never should’ve come to England!” I hissed needing a smoke. I pulled my newly acquired cell and started to dial her number.


“Yup, it’s me. Did you find anything useful?”

“Yes, but it’s been a long endeavor. I can’t seem to get Drew or Rosa on the phone. Jamie’s looking at one of these dens of iniquity, so that leaves you and your guys,” she sighed.

“Well, I left them and was heading to a bar where that Eloise has been seen…” I said, then started to pull off the M20 to get cigarettes.

“No, forget this Eloise, I need you in London. I’m going to text you the address of where to go, but I think I might have found what we’ve been looking for. I think there might be male mixers.”

“What the hell are you talking about. There’s no male mixers, George, their bodies can’t withstand the change.” I reminded her.

“I know what we’ve been told, but I’m telling you, that’s what I’ve heard, what I’ve seen! That’s why Marcus could’ve finally proved his ass useful, it’s a kind of men’s club. But anyways, I need your ass at the address I've sent, you’re good at sniffing this kind of shit out!” She directed, then I heard some commotion on her side.

“Look, I need to go. I’m heading out of Wales now, and should be back in London soon. We’ll meet up after you check this place out,” she said.

I pulled into a petrol station. “Yeah, that sounds good. You should hear from me in twenty-four hours,” I told her, parking the Mercedes.

As soon as she hung up, I called Calista. “Hey Cal, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to find Justice’s address for me.”

She was quiet. “Hello, Calista? What’s going on?”

She put her hand over the phone, but I could hear her say something. Then she came back. “Holy hell! I’m trying to be bleedin’ careful. The shite’s hittin’ the effin’ fan out here. I caused some trouble with looking into backgrounds, but they don’t know I’ve been the one doing the snooping,” she whispered. “Wait--Justice? I thought he left to get away from you?”

I sighed, walking into the station in my pink bathrobe, where I received some strange looks. I asked for a pack of Camels, paid and walked to the Mercedes. “I know he did. But I need his help now,”

“Oh shite, Dorin’s coming over. He’s been asking about you every day, I’ll text you Justice’s address,” she said, hanging up.

A couple of minutes later Cal sent me Justice address. I had a four-hour drive to his apartment. I pulled out a smoke and lit it. "Well this should be fun." I chuckled.

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