The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 14

I looked up at an old brick building on the outskirts of London where my ex-lover Justice now lived. I went up the two flights of stairs and walked down a narrow hall, looking for Justice’s apartment. When I was about to knock on the door I heard loud moaning coming from inside. Well, wasn’t I a jerk for screwing up his nice morning.

I banged on the door with my fist, making a really big racket. I listened and heard the moaning subside. But he wasn’t coming to answer, so I banged even harder. Finally his footsteps came clomping to the door; every foul word was pouring from his mouth. “What the fuck! Somebody better be dead if they’re coming here bugging me right now,” he seethed.

The door flew open, and he had a very pissed-off look on his face. I smiled, as his eyes grew wide. “Hey Justice, hope I didn’t interrupt anything?” I winked.

His chrome-colored eyes roamed over my half-dressed body as I pushed past him. “Well you already know you did, so don’t be a shit,” he told me as he shut the door behind him. I looked around his tiny flat. “Hey, where’s your bathroom?”

He put his hands on his hips, not sure whether he was happy to see me or not. “It’s straight ahead in my bedroom…” I was heading for his bedroom door when he stopped me. “I’ve got someone in there,” he said.

I went to the door and opened it up. The woman in the bed was a fay, and she all but screamed when I came walking in towards the bathroom. “Look, finish up with her, then you and I will need to talk,”

The bathroom was small but the shower was hot. It felt so good to get out of those clothes and get clean. I just stood there letting the hot water run down my back, washing all my troubles away. Not ten minutes later, Justice came walking back into the bathroom and leaned against the sink. “That was quick. I thought I’d have more time to waste your water,” I chuckled.

“You so fuckin’ own me. I’m going to have blue balls for fucking ever.” He sniggered.

I smiled as I opened the shower curtain, and his eye wondered over my body. “I couldn’t find the towels,”

His hands rubbed through his short white hair to the back of his neck, then he turned to get me a towel from his bedroom. I wrapped the towel around me and leaned up against the wall across from him.

He looked at me in agony and anger. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on, and why you’re in London? I would have thought Georgie would kill somebody before she’d let you cross the ocean,”

“I need someone with me when I check out this exclusive men’s club. So I thought maybe you’d help me out,” I shrugged.

I walked out of the bathroom and rummaged through his drawers, taking out a pair of his boxers and a white tank top. After a minute or two Justice finally came out after me. “You look like hell. What happened?” he asked.

I climbed into his bed, stretching, making myself comfy. I took the pillow that smelled like him, placing it under my head. “It’s really a long story, and right now I’m going to need a couple of hours of sleep,” I said, curling into a ball.

He climbed in behind me and pulled me close to him. “It’s been a long time, Molly. I didn’t think I would ever see you again,” he said, kissing the back of my neck.

My eyes stayed closed as he kissed me. “Ah Justice, I’m so damn tired. Besides, you were just sleeping with a little fay. You want to sleep with me again, but you still haven’t even taken a shower to wash the smell of her off you,” I sighed, almost asleep.

He was running his fingers through my hair. “Could it be that you’re jealous?” he whispered in my ear.

“You know better than that, don’t you?” I whispered half asleep.

I heard him sigh. With one last kiss he got up from the bed, giving me the peace I needed. When I woke the light of day had vanished, leaving the room dark. I turned on the lights and saw that Justice had picked up some clothes for me. Fresh undergarments along with khaki slacks, a soft cream-colored billowy blouse, and a pair of cream-colored flats awaited me. He always loved me in soft things.

The kitchen light was on and I could smell eggs and bacon cooking. I made my way to his small round Ikea table and sat down. He grabbed a plate off the counter and scooped a generous amount of the food onto it. “So you going to tell me what’s going on, or am I just supposed to guess?” he asked, placing the food in front of me.

I slid my phone over to him and let him see the address that George had texted me. He looked at me, not believing what he saw, then plopped himself down next to me at the table. “She wants us to go there?”

I kept eating, nodding my head. “Yup, apparently there’s something going on there. Have you heard about all the murders that are going on?” I asked, grabbing the cup of coffee from his hands. He shook his head no. “Since I left New York I really just keep to myself.”

I looked up at him. “I’ve got to get in there to see what’s going on.” My eyes ran over him, giving him the once-over. “Do you think you can get in there? I hear it’s pretty seedy. And you’ve always looked like such a good boy,” I smiled.

He leaned back, rubbing his hands over his clean-shaven face. “Oh piss off!” That had me laughing at his little English phrase. His momentary lapse ended and the seriousness of the situation set in. “So when do you want to leave?”

“I’m thinking now would be just as good a time as any. George is on her way back to London and I want to give her my information A.S.A.P.. There’s something specific she wants me to look for, and I’m not leaving until I can confirm or deny it to be true. Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah, I’m good. But what are you looking for exactly?” he asked me.

“I really can’t get into that at the moment. But I’ll tell you, if it’s true, it’s huge!” was all I could say.

We came up with a flag word in case we needed to tell each other something. Walking out of his building, I threw him the keys to my borrowed Mercedes. “Here, catch.”

He caught them in one hand as he watched me go around to the passenger side and get in. “Where did you get the ride?” he asked as he started it up. I flipped down the mirror, making sure everything I put on my face was still in place.

“My makers.” I shrugged.

The SUV jerked to a stop. I could hear brakes slamming behind us and horns going off. “What did you just say?” he asked, his voice low.

“Drive, Justice. Shit!” I yelled. What a mess. He glanced over at me as the Mercedes started to move. “My makers found me. They thought I might have been killed with the other girls, so they went looking for me. That’s what they told me at least.”

“But you think there’s more to it.” He nodded. It wasn’t a question so much as a statement.

“Well, yes. I believe with the power they have, they should’ve found me easily. I’m not sure how much power they have, but I think it’s big,” I told him, lost in my thoughts.

Keeping his eyes on the road, he was putting his own pieces together. “So your thought is there’s somebody pulling strings on the inside?”

I texted Georgie that I was on my way to the address. “It just makes sense,” I replied. “But the how and why, I don’t know… I think they’ve embedded themselves deep within us.”

Justice stayed quiet as we drove. I didn’t want to open old wounds between the two of us, but I wasn’t going to be so lucky. “So your makers found you, then you show up at my flat. Back into my life when I was trying so hard to get you out of my every thought,” he said softly.

It was dark in the compartment, but I could see the sadness in his features. “I would’ve never bothered you, if I didn’t think it was important,”

He just kept driving, giving quick nods, like he was thinking to himself. “So what did you think of them? These men who made you,” he asked me.

“Some seem nice. But I don’t really want to go there. I did shove my hand through one of their chests though,” I shrugged.

A smile formed on his face, then he chuckled. “Only you, Molly, would impale one of your makers. So this is it. What we had is really finished now. When I left, I always planned on coming back to you. But I wanted to make you miss me, so you could feel the desire for me like I have for you. I’m glad I left when I did. Because I couldn’t handle you leaving me.”

My hand went to his on the shifter. “I’m sorry, Justice, I never wanted to hurt you. And if you must know, I cared for you; I still care for you. And I want you to be happy,” I squeezed his hand. “After tonight you will never have to see me again. I will never stumble back into your life. That’s a promise,” I swore.

The car jerked off the road, pulling over to the side. His steel-gray eyes stared at me. The circuits along the side of his face cast a soft light as they ran up and down his cheek and jaw. He reached over, pulling me from my seat onto him. He looked into my eyes, and kissed me.

Memories of this man filled my mind, and being able to surrender myself into his kiss was like second nature. But another pair of eyes came before me. A pair of aqua-blue eyes.

I pulled away from him. “No, we can’t do this. I can’t give you this,” I frowned.

“I guess it really is over,” He nodded, stroking my cheek. Then turned and started driving, We were back on the road in silence when... “So what are their names? Your husbands?” he asked casually.

“Justice…”I glanced over at him.

“No, I’m serious. I don’t even know how many husbands you have, and I was just wondering.”

“First, I don’t have husbands, I have makers. Second, I have five of them,” I said, crossing my arms.

“Well, that explains a couple things.” He laughed. “Well, what they’re like? We have about ten more minutes till we get to this hell-hole.”

“Justice, stop.”

“Molly, I wasn’t going to do anything to them. I just…” He frowned.

I looked over at him. “What the hell are you babbling about? We’re here damn it,” I sighed.

“Oh, yeah...” He mumbled, and the Mercedes stopped.

What I saw, I just couldn’t believe. The building looked old, and abandoned. Justice looked down at the phone to make sure he had the right address. “Are you sure this is it? There’s nobody here,” he huffed.

“Oh, they’re here all right, I can smell them. I’m guessing they’ve paid some good money to a coven to keep this place on looking the way it does with an illusion. That way no one, who isn’t supposed to, will come around.” I said, and started to open the door.

“Wait! You’re supposed to be a submissive; that means I come and get you,” he hissed.

He came around to my side and opened the door for me. “Get your game face on, sweetheart. This one’s going to be tough on you,” he told me. He kissed my cheek and guided me to the front of the building.

It was amazing what a coven can create. This building looked totally abandoned, like it was ready to be knocked down sometime soon. But I could smell the creatures behind the façade. “Ready?”

“Yes, let’s do this.” I whispered, lowering my head.

He opened the doors to a small entry room. A man sat at a desk wearing a very expensive suit. He looked up at Justice as he pulled me forward. The guys eyes lingered longer than I would have liked.

“Can I help you with something?” A high-pitched voice came from this big man.

It took everything I had not to burst out laughing. But Justice played a rich, snobby man and didn’t even crake a grin. He straightened his cuffs and jacket. “I was told I could park my car here and possibly get an upgrade.”

The man looked us both over again and then picked up the phone. “If you’ll excuse me for a moment, please.” He was talking on the phone so low that even I couldn’t hear what was being said. Justice pushed one of his fingers in my side, letting me know he thought this wasn’t going to go well.

“What name can I give?” he asked.

“Buckley, Thomas Buckley.” Justice huffed.

“Welcome to the Hunts Club, Mr. Buckley. I hope you and your companion have a nice evening,” The man answered leading the way.

We moved past the desk and through a long red drape on the wall that was hiding the doorway to the nightclub--and a whole other world.

This was a men’s club. The men were gathered in different groups talking, smoking, and drinking. There were creatures from every different species here, all intermingling with each other.

All the women, though, sat quietly against the walls, either looking lovingly at their husbands or looking at the floor. Not one of them was speaking with each other. Which was definitely weird. Innocents are like children or young teenagers, they’re always talking.

I watched a pair of creatures go over to one of the women. They stood in front of her as the large demon looked her over. He took her hand and pulled her up to him, examining her as if she were a thoroughbred he was about to purchase.

Justice steered me away from that situation. “You need to behave,” he whispered in my ear. Sitting me down, he made his away over to a group of men and introduced himself. Then he turned his head, making a gesture in my direction. That was when the real chatter started.

Clusters of men would get a woman and take her into a couple of different groups. She would just stand there like a good girl while the man who brought her in talked about all her good qualities. From what I could hear, some were looking for blood while others wanted companions.

I was familiar with some of the creatures that lived in my world. And just like the bad guys in the mortal world, we have our own wanted list in the world of creatures. Some were just average monsters, but if I looked closely I could spot a couple of real hard-asses that even I wouldn’t want to mess with.

After about forty-five minutes Justice came walking up to me. “Now I know you’re not going to like what’s being said, but just go with it. George was right in thinking this place might be a problem.” He took my hand and led me towards one group.

As we got closer he whispered in my ear, “Just remember your part. We don’t want to mess with these guys if we don’t have to.” He pulled me alongside him, wrapping his hand around my waist.

Eyes were examining every inch of my body. A centaur addressed Justice first. “Now, Mr. Buckley, what I want to know is, is she fertile?” The men all agreed. “Because if she hasn’t hit maturity then she’s really no use to us, well, to those of us that do not crave blood.” They all laughed.

Then a merman joined in. “No, what we really want to know is if she will produce a child like its father? We don’t need any more like we’ve been having,” he told the others, who murmured agreement.

What the hell did that mean? Mixers were having children... since when? And what kind of babies were they having? I was so absorbing everything that was being said I didn’t pay attention to a vampire that came over.

Justice dug his fingers into my side reminding me of my place. But the vampire took a strand of my hair and smelled it. He looked over my face, then down at my body. “She really does smell quite intriguing. The chap was right, she had more than three that made her. If she can survive that, our chances for successful offspring are as much as a grantee could possibly have.” He offered to the others.

Justice cleared his throat. “Now gentlemen, I know I’m new here but I would like some of the rules explained to me before you plan to take my bride.”

Another nanohuman stepped up, he was about the same height as Justice but with coal-black eyes and chrome hair. He was stockier, and his wires ran down the right side of his face, going over his eye and part of his mouth.

“Well there are a couple of different options. If one of wants your bride, then he may offer a trade, to either keep or borrow. Or you can lease her out to us for the vampire community; she smells like she has a unique blood and they will pay handsomely for it. In this you will make a profit from everyone who drinks from her.”

Justice stood there, looking like he was contemplating his decision, and I had to make sure that my mouth wasn’t hitting the floor. He was about to answer when a man walked into the room, a tall noble-looking man. His hair and eyes were the color of chocolate; he was very well built, but in a way meant for war not show. Some of the men scoffed at him and others seemed to respect him. He went over to a crowd to our left, but one of the vampires that was with us called him over. He turned his head in our direction, and headed toward us.

That’s when I saw the man who was with him, a man I knew intimately. Tipton’s handsome face followed behind the other man. And Justice’s hand clenched to my side. This man was one of the reason he had left me.

The noble man came to the vampire and shook his hand. “Ah, Mr. West, I wouldn’t have thought you would make it tonight? And Sir Tipton, what an honor. Let me introduce our new member, Mr. Buckley. Mr. Buckley, this is Mr. West. And Sir Tipton,” said the vampire.

“Nice to meet you both.” Justice grinned playing it cool, even though our cover was blown.

“A pleasure. So what brings you to us this evening, Mr. Buckley?” Mr. West asked.

“Was thinking about trying a new woman for a bit is all. I heard of this place through a friend of mine.” Justice stated.

There was something in this Mr. West eyes, like he knew that we weren’t who we said we were and then he looked me over and turned his head back to Justice.

Mr. West nodded his head, listening, then brought his hand to his chin, pondering what he’d just heard. “So did you find a women that you wish to switch with?” he asked.

“Irvington, his wife looks rather pale. I’ll take her to get some blood while you gentlemen continue your discussion.” Tipton smiled, the winked at Justice, and all I could do was play submissive to him.

When we were out of earshot I let him have it. “What the hell are you doing here?” I hissed. Now that I knew the truth about what he was doing with me, I couldn’t stand the sight of him.

He just chuckled, leading me down a hall away from peeping eyes. The hall grew very dim, when suddenly he pushed me up against the wall. “What am I doing here? The better question is what are you doing here!” he whispered in my ear.

“I’m investigating the murders of innocent mixers and human infants. And I have reason to believe this place has something to do with it,” I seethed.

His hand traveled up my side, reaching my breast. “I knew Irvington was too sloppy. You’re just too damn good at putting pieces together aren’t you. And I see you brought that little nanohuman with you; I thought he left our little play group?” He chuckled cruelly.

“You son of a bitch!” I hissed.

“No matter, Molly, things are wrapping up nicely.Irvington should be shaping this up rather quickly now, then you’ll get to stay in my domain for a bit,” he murmured as his eyes hooded, and his thumb creased over my nipple.

“Who is Irvington Tipton?” I hissed hitting his hand aside.

“He’s the one who’s going to take out all the creatures of the world. And when he’s through, it will be the nanohumans and the mixers. And with that he’ll wipe out the whole of the human race. Rather clever, don’t you think?”

“What do you get from all this?” I asked, trying to maneuver out of his grip.

“It’s really quite simple; he’s going to help me get something I very much want. I need an army, and that’s exactly what he’s going to breed, an army, my darling. And of course I’ll have my own heir.” His hand traveled down to my stomach.

I looked up at him, eyes wide in shock. His mouth came down, kissing me hard. I tried to push him off, but he wouldn’t budge, so I bit his lip. “Damn it, Molly!” His hands were in my hair, pulling my head back. “Don’t ever do that again, or you will be punished.” He promised.

He released my hair and licked the blood from his lip. “Let’s go get you to your little man, shall we? I’m sure he’s very worried by now. And I don’t have time to do what I want to do to you. But I want you to make your exit. I’m afraid you’ll get hurt in the crossfire if anyone suspects anything…yet. And I’ve waited too long for this moment for some stupid nanohuman to come and screw it up. Nod your head if you understand me,” He growled, then I noticed when Justice saw me.

"Yes, I understand. I'll leave, for now." I hissed.

"Good, then let's get you out of here."

Tipton walked easily back into the group and handed me off to Justice with a wicked gleam in his eye. “I think she’ll be fine now. But I think you should take her, Mr. Buckley. She's doesn't have the qualities that were looking for. Goodnight."

“I’m sorry you think that. But thank you for the opportunity anyways." Justice said with a slight bow and stated walking me out oft the room when...

"Thank you Mr. Buckley for brining such a exquisite creature. And I'm sure we'll meet again my dear. You can depend on it." Mr. West promised with a chuckled. Then Justice walked us that much faster.

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