The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 20

“How the hell are you doing this?” I screamed, trying to fight him off. But he kissed me again with so much force I couldn’t turn my head away. His hand ran down my thigh, pushing my dress up before he let my mouth free. “That’s trade secrets, dove. But I can tell you it’s meant to save you, not just enslave you,”

His hand cupped the back of my thigh, lifting my backside higher so he could grind against me. “Playtime’s over, Molly.” He growled.

When I thought it was over for me, the door flew open, and there was Lennox. Tipton sat himself up with his arms. “Lennox, I wasn’t expecting you this evening. You know I’m not is a sharing mood tonight, so why don’t you go somewhere else for a bit.”

Lennox slammed the door shut, then hurtled himself at Tipton. He rolled off me onto the floor just as Lennox rammed into the settee.

Lennox got up, standing in front of me. “Call for help!” he hissed.

Tipton was on the other side of the room chuckling at us. “Oh, did they forget to tell you? No electronics work anywhere in the buildings. Irvington is very leery of all the newfangled equipment. So if you had help…it’s not coming!” he sneered.

Lennox vaporized, heading towards Tipton but he leaped for something I couldn’t see, until he pulled a sword out of thin air. “Don’t you just love the hell out of glamouring?” He laughed

Tipton slashed through the air, sending Lennox’s wisps of smoke scattering throughout the room. He gathered back together, slamming into Tipton and knocking them both off their feet.

I needed to find Marcus; I was of no use to anyone in this state. At least with his help we could get Tipton.

Lennox had Tipton up against the wall, hitting him. Tipton kneed him hard in the stomach, and when he was hunched over punched him in the face. Lennox fell to the ground and Tipton drew his sword, going to impale him.

I ran over, jumped on Tipton’s back and wrapped my handcuffed arms around his neck, choking him. He flung himself back against the wall, slamming me into it over and over again.

Lennox picked himself off the ground and went at Tipton again. One last crack against the wall and I felt something pop, and a burning pain engulfed my lungs, making it hard to breathe.

They were at each other again. I saw the opportunity to get myself out of the room and find Marcus. I leaned up against the wall, pulling myself up. When the opening came I was going to run out that door, pain or no pain!

They broke apart; Tipton was on the far wall and Lennox was in front of me. “You know banshee, I tolerated you because of her. It’s about time I got rid of her second-favorite play toy,” he sneered. Then he threw his sword like a javelin in Lennox’s direction. When it was about to hit him he vaporized, letting the sword go through him, and it caught me in the soft spot below my shoulder.

I screamed as it sliced through my flesh and buried itself deep in the wall. I heard both the men yelling out my name as they fought each other to get near me. When one got close the other would pull him away from me.

Reaching up, I grabbed the hilt with my hands, trying to pull it out, but it wouldn’t budge. I took a breath past the gurgling in my lung and tried to focus through the pain, willing my body to work. I concentrated on my hands, envisioning them with the black death. I took another breath as the inky pools moved up to my wrists, melting away the metal.

Slowly I opened my eyes as I relaxed, keeping myself calm. I saw that the veins were black and traveling where I’d envisioned them. I smiled; it helped me forget about the pain.

Something kicked my legs out from underneath me, making me slip and dangle on the wall. The sword sliced upward and stopped when it hit my collarbone. I tried to scream but my lung hurt too much, causing me to gasp for air. The inky veins subsided as the pain took over.

“Molly! Fuck!” Lennox roared.

The fight continued with them whirling around each other. Lennox would get close enough to help me, only to have Tipton there, blocking his path. That’s when I wondered if Tipton really wanted me dead after all.

Blood was flowing heavily from my wound, and it was just a matter of time before I bled out. Spots floated in front of my eyes, telling me that I was going to black out soon.

I wondered why no one was coming to stop this commotion. But Tipton was one of the head people, a potential king of the elves. If he wanted an entire wing to himself, then he would get it. No one was going to hear anything that was happening, and that included Marcus.

The door to the room flew open, and I shut my eyes as it shattered into little pieces. The air around me became electrically charged, and all the hair on my arms was standing on end as the surge of electricity sizzled and popped around me.

I opened my eyes only to see that I was in a long black tunnel, and the light was getting farther away from me. Something glowed bright as Tipton swore, and the sound of electricity engulfed the room. Then there was silence.

Someone pulled the sword out from my shoulder, releasing me from the wall. I dropped to the floor, falling into the puddle of blood beneath me.My blood loss was massive and continued with each beat of my heart. Sleep sounded good right about now. Maybe I’d just let myself go and see if I was welcomed into heaven.


Marcus ran to Molly, pulling the sword out of her. There was so much damn blood! “Lennox, grab Molly and stand back!” The air in the room became electrified again, and a bolt of lightning came out Marcus’s hands and through the window. “Nicolas can find us now.”

Marcus went and inspected her wounds. Her left lung had been punctured, and her left side was covered in blood from a gouge that went clean through her shoulder. Her blood was still flowing freely. “Why the hell is she not healing?” he growled, looking over to Lennox.

Lennox threw Tipton’s body over his shoulder. “We need to get her out of here now! Where is our exit plan?”

“Nicolas is coming,” He said, and then Nicolas appeared in front of them.

There was a large commotion coming down the hall towards them. “I think my blowing out the window gave us away,” Marcus said wryly. But Nicolas just took Molly from Lennox’s arms and vanished.

The voices became louder, and Lennox prepared to fight his way out. But saw Marcus standing by the window calmly, and that just pissed him off. “Get ready, Marcus, they’re almost here!”

Marcus just shrugged at the banshee. “Take Nicolas’s shirt the instant you see him. I won’t come back for you if you get left behind,” he answered coldly.

Lennox went to stand near Marcus, just as three men pushed through the opening of the room. They stood looking at the two men, then charged them. Nicolas’s form materialized in between his friends, taking their arms, and they all vanished right before those stupid asses’ eyes.

They materialized in front of a black Range Rover. “Get in! I had to make sure we were far enough away to give us a running start,” Nicolas growled.

“Where’s Molly?” Lennox asked. Nicolas pointed to the back seat, and climbed in next to her.

She looked to be at death’s door. He saw the deep wound on her shoulder was still bleeding. His hands became mist and went to work trying to put the pieces of flesh back together. He looked up at Nicolas. “She needs more blood. I won’t be able to put her back together if she’s not regenerating,” he told them desperately.

Nicolas took his fang and sliced open his wrist, placing it over her mouth while Lennox broke the cuffs at her wrists and went to work. She wasn’t swallowing, so he massaged her throat, hoping to push some blood into her body.

Lennox saw that she wasn’t breathing. He ripped open her dress, revealing the broken rib. He dug his hand through her battered and bruised flesh, taking out the bone that had punctured her lung. “I need you to drip your blood on the lung, Marcus, and where I stick the bones back together,” he told him quickly.

When she finally could swallow on her own, she took a deep breath and coughed up the blood. Her eyes opened, but only for a moment before she passed out aging. Only when the wound on the shoulder stopped bleeding completely, did they feel like they could finally take a breath.

Nicolas had her head in his lap in the back of the car, carefully dripping his blood into her mouth. The cuts in his wrists kept healing after a minute, so he’d slice into them again and again, just to make sure she got enough.

Marcus paced around the car like a crazed man. “What the hell just happened? She should have easily pulled the bloody sword out of her. Not to mention, fucking heal herself! I want answers now, banshee…or I’m going to rip your fucking heart out!” he hissed.

“What do you want me to say, Molly doesn’t heal well? I thought now that she had blood in her, she would heal like the other mixers. Apparently I was wrong to assume that,” Lennox answered, rubbing his bloodstained hands through his hair.

“What do you mean by, she doesn’t heal? I didn’t think that was even possible?” Nicolas questioned, glancing over at Marcus.

“No, she can heal, I said she doesn’t heal well. There is a difference.” Lennox stated.

“What’s the difference? As far as I see, she’s covered in her blood and ours. And not waking up after two vampires shoved more than enough blood down her throat…” He stopped speaking, as a thought just occurred to him. “She can be killed. I mean, she can be killed like a mortal.”

“I’m going to tell you what we think might have happened to trigger her third rebirth. But this is only a theory.” Lennox sighed.

“A third birth?” Marcus puzzled.

“We only know of a few things that Moll’s capable of, and that’s only because she let us know about them. She won’t tell us everything. But I know it scares the hell out of her. Do you all know what happened to her the night she and Georgie tried to run away from you?” he asked.

“We know all the things that matter,” Marcus stated.

“Really? So you knew that she was brutally raped by the wolves? Georgie and Calista would never tell us just how many, but the incident broke her and made the three women inseparable.”

“We did hear that she had been, brutalized, but not the depth of it.” Nicolas offered.

“And the shooting? Did you know she was shot in the head? She has two scars, one in the top of her hairline and one coming out the back of her skull. We believe that she was still in the midst of her first transformation when she was killed the second time. And yes, she was killed.

“When she fed on the werewolf’s blood, we believe that was her third rebirth. But it also gave her power that she’s barely able to contain, yet it also makes her more vulnerable. Think of it as nature’s way to balance what she had become.” Lennox told them.

“But we now have even more to worry about. Not only do we have Tipton in the back, but now we have to worry about her being sick, and that could cause her to get killed.” Nicolas growled.

“Don’t worry about that sod. We’ll let Ryklin know what’s going on, then hand him off. As for Molly, if we’re not careful things could get awfully pear shaped for us. She obviously wasn’t feeling up to par, but neglected to tell us about it. So we’re going to have to really watch her. Which she will fight.” He said, running his hand through his hair.

“I’m still not sure that it’s the best thing for her to be near you. Have you ever thought what may happen if she remembers everything? And when I say that, I’m also talking about the family you took her from.” Lennox suggested.

Marcus didn’t say a word to that; he just turned and walked to the other side of the car. He looked down at the woman lying still unconscious on the seat. “We’ll have to cross that bridge if the time ever comes.” He remarked looking down at Molly. His fingers ran through her blood-soaked hair. “Obviously this was a whole new game.”


My body hurt, even my eyelashes hurt, if that was possible. I opened my eyes to faces all above me looking worried. I tried to sit up my chest hurt and my hand went to a rib.

“Take it easy luv.” Nicolas warned.

He helped me sit up and I moved my shoulder, it was still stiff but at least it was healed. I looked over at Lennox, whos hands were covered in blood. I saw Nicolas had blood all over his hands and arms, and so did Marcus. But what I really notice was how dissolved they all were.

“You’re having a terrible week, bird,” Marcus answered.

“Yeah, it was a close one tonight, but I’m fine now.” I shrugged pretending it was nothing. It was really quite, and when I looked up to see what was going on, they all looked kind of pissed at me.

“Why didn’t you tell us you could harmed” Nicolas growled.

“Well, technically I did. The first night we meet... remember.”

“Blimey, that wont happen again. You will not be involved in these plans when there is a chance you could loose your life.” Nicolas declared.

“I’m not going to sit around because there’s a possibility that I might not make it. I need to go and protect my people. I need to stop what’s going on!” I fumed.

“Aren’t you miss high and mighty this evening? They’re your people now, are they? Well tell me, what good would you do for your people if you’re dead?” Marcus snapped.

“I’m not going to get killed. I’m way too fast for anyone to catch me,” I grinned.

“You might have been fast in the past, but with what’s going on in your body you’re as slow as a human. You can’t be putting yourself into those kinds of situations right now. Don’t you understand that?” Lennox sighed.

The car was parked in a thick glade of trees, and a thin veil of moonlight came through the dark branches. “How did we get out here?”

I heard chuckling to my left. “You have a gift for evading questions, bird. Do you understand the situation or not?” Marcus asked.

“Look, it was totally worth anything that happened to me if we got some useful information. And we did... Did you notice the line of girls on display?” I asked them.

“Hard not to notice little girls standing in the middle of the room, barely dressed,” Marcus said evenly.

I frowned at his choice of words. “Yes, well, you knew they were mixers I’m sure, but I think what you don’t realize is, those men were mixers also.”

“Yes, I remember some men telling me they didn’t quite know what those others were, but they were afraid of them,” Lennox told the group.

“What happened to Tipton?” I asked.

Nicolas walked over to the back of the Rover and pulled him out. I heard a loud thud, and a grunt as his body hit the ground. Nicolas dragged him over to us, dropping him at my feet.

“Well hello, dove, did you capture me?” he smiled. When he looked around at the others with me, the smile faded. “Ah yes, so the whole gang is here. Nick, Marc, always not a pleasure to see your faces.” He groaned pulling himself off the ground into a sitting position.

“You really are a son of a bitch. But now our relationship has come full circle. And you’re going to answer some questions for me.”

“You think you’re strong enough to get me to give up some of my secrets? What do you think you’d possibly do to me? Fuck me to death?” he smirked.

I heard Nicolas say something in the background and start heading to us when Marcus grabbed him, telling him to hold on a minute. I liked that they were starting to trust my judgment.

“I could drink you dry. That way I could gain back some of my strength?” I pondered.

“Well, you could try. But I’m afraid the potion I took all those years ago is still running rather strongly in my veins. Why do you think you don’t crave my blood? Because by instinct your body knows I’m poison to it.

“You could have them interrogate me, but I can tell you now it’s not going to work. I would rather die than give my brother’s allies any information.” Tipton smirked.

“You know I have other ways of doing my job, ways that don’t take quite so much of my power,” I grinned, giving him my own smirk then placed my hand on the ground. My finger went into the earth when his eyes met mine and I smiled.

The ground around him writhed and squirmed like it was alive. A root wrapped around his feet, pulling them out from under him. His eyes were enormous and he struggled in vain to free himself.

Another vine tore itself up from under the ground, seeking my attention. I placed my hand out, petting the root and it stretched up, meeting my touch like a cat.

“That’s not possible!” he roared as more vines wrapped around his hands then his middle, pulling him down to the ground.

He shoved his fingers into the dirt using his own power to damage the vines with frost. That’s when I commanded the vines lifted his body off the ground rendering his power useless.

“Now as you can see, I wasn’t playing around with you. You can try to frost me, which isn’t going to do a damn thing. Or you could give me a couple of answers to some simple questions,” I shrugged.

“Maybe we need something a little more to influence your decision?” I took the vine under my palm and gave it a little squeeze. A thin snake-like root burst forth, wrapping around his neck. “Now every time you refuse to give me the information I want, the root will constrict a little tighter around your throat. I’m not going to ask you if you understand me, I’m just going to assume you get my point,”

“So why are the innocents being murdered?” I questioned, but he didn’t answer. The root ever so slightly tightened, causing him to take a shuddering breath.

“Again, why are the innocents being killed? Does this Mr. West have anything to do with it? And if so, why would you kill the infants?”

The root tightened once again, making him gasp, but he still did not answer me. “ I will use every ounce of my strength until you answer me!” I hissed.

Looking down at my hand, I willed the black death to come. I could only manage to get two fingertips to go black. I touched the vine once again, endowing it with some of the death. “Now I don’t want to be out here all night, so let’s just speed this up, shall we.” The blackness spread to the root around his neck, making him scream out.

“Tell me!” I yelled.

“All right, all right! I’ll tell you. Those girls weren’t mixers like you were thinking. The men, they’ve been trying to make innocent mixers by just using their blood. But the results have been disastrous! The girls all come out half mad! They killed them to stop them from hurting them, because they would attack.”

“And the babies? Why would you hurt them?” I asked, ready to let the root just snap his head off. But he shook his head defiantly.

“No, no one killed the infants. Don’t you see, a male mixer and an innocent mixer producing a human child? They counteract each other, not giving them superior children like Irvington wanted. It gave them weak human infants. Those children died, like most of the women who didn’t survive the change.

“That’s why they’re letting the others impregnate some of the innocent mixers they’ve acquired. To use them to see when they’ve grown, and they’ve had sex with them, if they can conceive a pure mixer like they’re looking for. If you want to take over the world for your species, you better make damn sure you can populate it!” he growled.

“Do you know anything about the wolves, and their plans?” Marcus questioned.

Tipton chuckle. “Only that you killing one pissed them off well enough that the MMs are now on guard to protect every girl in their possession.”

“What is an MM?” I asked.

“An MM my darling dove is a male mixers call themselves.” He stated.

“So the two percent mixer that was found in London recently, was that your doing?”

“No, that was the werewolves. But she was Irvington’s, which had pissed Eloise off something terrible. I don’t know why Philip ever let that psycho live! He must have known one day it would come back to bite him in the ass.” Tipton chuckled.

“Why is Eloise in Paris? And what is that facility that was behind that bar?” Nicolas now asked.

That made Tipton go quite, so I tightened his noose, making him start to choke. “Too tight, too tight, Molly!”

“Then answer the question and I’ll loosen it for you.” I hissed. But my strength was leaving me again. I just needed to hold on for a couple more minutes to get this information.

“Eloise is just one of the harem now. She made Irvington, but MMs are just like the female mixers. They all have little harems. And you can’t imagine how much that pissed Eloise off. But they are experimenting with artificial insemination, to see if they can achieve the desired children using the Petri dish,” he gasped out.

“Just remember, Tipton, you dug your own grave on this one. Nicolas is going to bring you to Ryklin, and I’m not really sure how that’s going to go for you.” I said sadly.

“My darling girl, I should have known not to double-cross you. But you must understand that I wanted you so badly. I’m was tired of Ryklin always getting what I want. And Irvington was so convincing.

“I’m sure you don’t know this yet, but you’re the key, Molly. You connect everything together, from the wolves, to the MMs, even Eloise; you are the one thing that links it all together. You’re the queen bee, sweetheart, and you don’t even know it. Don’t think Irvington doesn’t know that, either. Because he does,” he laughed hoarsely.

Marcus came over and placed a finger to his temple. “I think it’s time for you to go see your brother, mate.” He growled, giving him a quick shock, and he rendered him unconscious.

My hand came away from the root, releasing Tipton. All my strength left me in an instant making my head swim as I collapsed to the ground.

Nicolas caught me, picking me up. It took me every once of will power to stay lucid, as he kissed my forehead. “You did it again, luv. You should not push yourself so hard,” he whispered. .

“When you were unconscious your phone was going off. Shelly texted, telling you to meet her and Jamie at the conference halls for a meeting,” Lennox said, walking to Nicolas.

“That’s not going to be possible. If I don’t rest, I’m not going to be any good to anyone. Text Shelly for me let her know what’s going on, but only the necessities. I think I’m going to need a place to really rest for a bit.” I told them right before I passed out.... again.

When I woke up we were at hotel “Were are we?” I asked

“Come on baby, I think you have some people waiting to see you.” Lennox smiled as we walked into the lobby. But the first thing I noticed was the overpowering smell of vampires, and my eyes scanned the area.

Marcus took my arm, walking me towards the elevators. “We’re going to the forty-seventh floor.” He said leading the way.

A small vampire was an elevator boy. I didn’t even think they still had such a thing But vampires are defiantly one thing... old fashioned. The guy discretely tracing my body with his eyes and stopping at the blood all over my breast. I knew he was tasting the air and I just rolled my eyes ignoring him.

“If you wish to remain in one piece, you will stop what you’re doing at once.” Marcus said icily.

The vampire turned around, visibly swallowing his fear. When the doors opened Marcus took me by the arm and pulled me to the large set of glass doors down the hallway. “I guess this is what we have to look forward to, men ogling and drooling over what’s ours,” he growled.

I was too tired to argue. I really didn’t know what was going to happen after everything was said and done. But there is a time and place for every discussion, and this was surely not the time or place for that one.

We walked into a waiting area, where the receptionist told us that we were expected and to head down the hall. Our party was waiting for us through the first door to the left.

My feet felt like they were made of lead as I tried to walk. Nicolas came from behind and put his hand around my waist, helping me along.

We walked into the conference room, and the first moment of peace I’d felt since I left New York came upon me. There sitting at the table were my friends. I wiggled out from under Nicolas’s grip as Jamie stood up, walked over and gave me a hug.

Pulling back, she had tears in her eyes. “Damn glad to see you! And covered in blood! Now that’s our Molly,”

Then Shelly came over and hugged me. “I thought maybe they got you as well. But I knew you were too much of a pain in the ass for anyone to want,” she laughed.

“Where’s everybody else?” I asked looking around the table, but the rest of the people were vampires.

“Well, Drew’s in the infirmary. Shelly found her, but she’s been through hell. And I really don’t want to discuss it at this moment under the circumstances.” I nodded, understanding she didn’t want the vampires around us knowing what had happened. “And Rosa came to check on Drew, and then she was so upset that she went looking for Nixx, but now we’ve lost communication with her as well.”

“You mean Nixx is missing too? How the hell could anyone get their hands on that hard-ass? She shoots first and asks questions later… I don’t get this,” I told her.

“We think there’s some inside people in the vampire society. For them to have gotten to us with seemingly no hassle, it’s the only thing that makes sense.” Shelly whispered.

My eyes scanned the room. A group of vampires was gathered on one side of the room. Jamison greeted the men I had come in with and was chatting with them, while others sat at the table talking to each other.

“Well, I can tell you Eva is not who we thought she was. And I was thinking Jamie might be the insider to the leak in the Council,” I said.

All the women gasped.

“What the hell, Molly! Why would you think Jamie had anything to do with this?” Shelly hissed.

“At first it was just a little question if there was anyone with authority on our Council that could make us vulnerable. But then Jamison came into the picture causing further doubts, and when I found out our Eva was in on this, all I could think of is, there had to be someone else in on it too. And who else but you, Jamie, would have the knowledge of where we’re at, and our weaknesses,” I accused.

“I would never do anything to harm any one of you! You are my sisters!” Jamie seethed. I watched her pulse, monitored her pupils, and smelled her anger…not fear.

“I’m so sorry I had to put you through that. I knew you wouldn’t be the one, but under the circumstances I had to make sure for all our sakes,” I confessed giving her a hug.

“And what if I accused you? What would you have said?” she hissed, not hugging me back.

“I would have said if it was me, Georgie wouldn’t have gone missing, she’d be balls deep in it with me, and by my side.” I winked.

“Bloody hell, if she isn’t right about that. Those two are thick as thieves!” Shelly laughed and Jamie nodded her head, accepting my apology, but still unhappy with me. I could live with that for now.

“Do you think the vampires are involved in this?” Shelly asked and glanced over her shoulder at Jamison.

“I know they’re hiding something, but does it have to do with what’s going on? That I’m really not sure of.” Jamie answered.

Three other vampires were here along with the two with me, and of course Jamison. “What’s up with all the vampires? Why do they feel the need to make an appearance?” I questioned.

“I don’t know. Jamison said someone named Marcus called and told him he better accompany me to this meeting. I finally gave up arguing with him. Do you know who this Marcus is?”

If I wasn’t so damn tired I think I would’ve lost my mind! My hands rubbed over my face, thinking every foul word and hurling them at him in my mind.

“Yes, I know who he is. He’s one of the men who came with me.” They both looked in the direction I was glaring. Marcus’s eyebrow went up when he saw me, but he continued his conversation with the others.

We walked to our seats so that the three of us sat on the opposite side of the table, facing six vampires and a banshee.

“Marcus has told us of the information that his people have come across. He believes that some of our people are under the assumption that by working with this Mr. Irvington West, they’re going to attain Valhalla. Which is completely wrong.

“If any of you know someone being used by this Mr. West, I need you to come forth and tell us. We need to nip this in the bud now. We also think that the females should not be without their makers. We need to find the men who’ve made these women and hold them accountable. This way, mixers are not just roaming unsafe out on the streets, waiting for some wolf to take them out.” Jamison spoke to all, but it was focused toward us three women.

I really believe all three of us were struck stupid for the moment. Because instead of disputing these orders that these men were throwing at us, we just sat there blinking our eyes, hoping what we were hearing was just a dream.

Amongst all the commotion and harsh whispers, my stomach started to hurt again. Trying to be inconspicuous, I placed my hands on my lower abdominals. Marcus was staring at me, watching every move I made. I took a little cleansing breath and tried very hard not to let anyone know about the pain I was in.

Though my powers fled me this morning they seemed to be making a comeback tenfold. I tried to maintain an air of boredom, but inside I was panicking. The blackness puddled at my fingertips, while on the tops of my hands ice crystals started to form. I’d never had that happen before, and my breathing became a little stronger.

Shelly looked over and caught me staring down at my hands. When she saw what I was seeing her eyes grew wide. She gave me a look that said Are you doing this? I shook my head ever so slightly.

She remained calm and mouthed, “Breathe slowly” and that’s what I did. I don’t even remember what was going on, or when the men started yelling. I only knew that I needed to master myself immediately.

The pain ebbed slowly, and I really didn’t know how much time had passed. Only that a lot was going on around me when I came back to myself again.

Jamie was arguing with a dark vampire sitting next to Jamison. The tension in her face was visible only to those of us who knew her.

“I don’t care what you think! You don’t have any rights anymore. We made your kind! Therefore we can decide what needs to be done in this situation.” A vampire yelled from across the table. From the look of the other men faces, they seemed to agree with this man... that had me concerned.

Jamie’s tall frame visibly shook were she sat. Her eyes narrowed and I knew she was trying to calmly talk to him. “We have not fought so hard for our freedom to just give it up when things are difficult, or when you tell us to. We are not children who need guidance. And make no mistake, we do not belong to anyone but ourselves. You might have made us, but we have our own minds and we will not let you have power over us,”

Jamison was sitting quietly, but his face showed that he was not too happy. “Jamie, you can see where he’s coming from? If we had more information on how you all differ, and more control over who the mixers are, then we could keep you safer than you can keep yourselves. You are all so young. You do not know all the ways of the world that you were brought into. The oldest among your kind is no older than one hundred; what are you, seventy? Can you not see the benefit of what we’re saying?”

“Don’t believe this tripe, Jamie. They’re men! They want what they’ve always wanted, and that’s to have us under their thumbs!” Shelly started laughing.

Shit, I’d missed most of what was going on up until this point, but I got the gist of it. A beautiful blond vampire stood up from his chair, his sea-green eyes staring at us.

“I understand your dilemma, ladies, I really do. But can’t you see what is happening here? Some of the most precious and vulnerable people of your society have been taken. I’m not going to say that we the vampires don’t hold a massive level of responsibility for what has transpired. But now your own people have been taken right out from under you. You must see how we feel that by leading you, we help you immensely.” The men around him talked quietly to each other, nodding their heads in agreement.

“You accuse us of having our most innocent taken and our own people stolen from us. Yes, that might be true. But gentlemen, who do you really think these people are? These people are the people right in front of me.” One of the men was about to argue, but Jamie held up her hand. “Please let me finish. What I mean by that is, we are best suited to help our spevies. I do not see other creatures questioning your civil rights when something happens in your community. So all I ask is you let us be, let us live, we will find the MMs as our friend Molly calls them, and make them pay for the loss and pain they’ve inflicted.”

I leaned back into the chair and smiled, impressed with Jamie’s words.

But the vampires, being what they were, took offense as if I was mocking them. That wasn’t my intention and I dropped the smile from my face when I noticed that they were looking angrily at me. One of the vampires growled at me over the table.

“And what the hell do you think is so funny?”

“Well, I find it funny that you think you have the power to do anything you want to us.” I smiled, again. His eyebrow raised in disbelief at my comment.

“You are the things we’ve created for our benefit. Letting you women think you have power to be anything more than that has always been the biggest mistake in our community,” he told me tersely.

The three of us sat back looking at the men at the table, and we could see that they all thought this man was right in his belief. Even the men who made me.

“Whether you made us or not is not my concern. Whether you have a clean blood source so your people can survive is not something I really care about. Matter of fact, as far as I’m concerned, you all can starve to death,” I shrugged with no malice whatsoever.

That did it; his face was red. He must have drunk before he came, to use up that much blood. “You forget who you’re talking to, little mixer!” he spat at me, using the word mixer like a curse.

The smile left my face as pure rage went through me. Lennox jumped up his spot. “Molly, no! Remain calm!” he growled. I glanced to where he stood staring at me, imploring me not to say anything, to keep the secret of who women like us really we are.

This time a menacing smile rose to my lips. “You think you can put me in my place, vampire? Do you think you’re man enough?” I goaded him.

His eyes became black and his fangs came smoothly down. “I think I can more than tame you! You just need the right master to break you women,” he seethed.

I could smell the anger coming off all three of the men who were there with me, and from the corner of my eye saw Nicolas start to say something to this other vampire.

I pointed my finger at him to stop him before he uttered a single syllable from his mouth, never taking my eyes off the man in front of me. “Sit down! I don’t need help from you to contain a dumb-ass like him!” I growled.

Shelly stood up now, her banshee form coming out and causing a wind to pick up around us as her edges became transparent.

The vampire to the right laughed at the two of us standing in front of all of them. “And what do you think you could do if we wanted to keep you here, little mixers? Do you think the three of you could do anything to stop us?”

My vision became red, blood red. Anger brought the beast to the forefront as I stared at this ass in front of me. “Do you want me to show you what I’m capable of? I promise you it will be something you’ll never forget,” I seethed in a voice that was not my own.

“Molly, please, think,” he said in a soothing but urgent voice. “This is not the time for such actions. Think about what you’ll be doing.” He was trying to calm me down while Marcus and Nicolas sat firmly in their seats, visibly unnerved by the cruelty spilling from me.

“Oh, but I think this is the perfect time to let these bastards know what we’re capable of. You think you can contain us? Let’s just see, shall we? You know I love to play with my food before I eat it.” I chuckled.

He was growling, looking about ready to leap over the table when a hand reached up and grabbed my wrist. “Molly, please. We can’t go down this road yet. Get it under control and sit. They won’t be taking anything from us, but let’s not give them reason to think they should,” Jamie whispered.

Shelly looked down at Jamie, then up to me. I knew she was thinking the same thing I was, that these vampire needed to be put in their fucking place. But she took a deep breath, shaking off the transparency and quietly sitting down next to Jamie. I knew she was right but...

“Malcolm, please. This has gotten wildly out of control and off topic. Jamie, as the leader of the Mixer Committee, I am very sorry for this outrageous behavior. Of course we will not hold you captive or ask for your freedom at this time. Please let’s just figure out what is going on, and see where we should go from here.” Jamison offered. And I wondered if anyone else noticed how he said ‘at this time.’

After his speech I grabbed hold of my anger and pushed it as far down as I could, despite what I wanted to do to them. As soon as I took my seat, Lennox sat down and Jamie’s hand relinquished my wrist.

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