The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 21

The meeting lasted much longer than I had anticipated. The immense power that bubbled up in me a couple of hours ago had completely depleted me, and once again I could barely hold myself up.

The main topic was what we were going to do about the werewolves. The MMs or male mixers were thought of as irrelevant now. As the vampires told us, “These men are of lesser power than we are. They need to be dealt with like little boys doing a bad deed.” That was all. I couldn’t believe they thought that because they were mixers their strength was now nothing compared to the vampires or werewolves, and the threat that they represented was invalid.

We just sat quietly, listening to their plans. They thought they were so powerful, so mighty, that we needed them. Our plan to keep ourselves secret had really worked. I would say only a chosen few really knew about us. Unfortunately one of them now was our enemy. Now we had to just weed out the rest.

After much argument and discussion, the men agreed that we needed to find the werewolves that were seeking to kill off the mixer species. How did we find them; how did they know where the girls. But me, Jamie, and Shelly, we knew exactly what we needed to do: Find these MMs and put a stop to their little science project.

Jamie asked Jamison to leave the room before we all left. She wanted to give us her orders. He took her hand in his, bringing it up to his mouth and kissing it. She was unfazed when she turned back to us.

“I can’t believe you’re sleeping with that British prick!” Shelly said with disgust.

Jamie leaned on the table, crossing her long arms. “Shelly, we don’t know who the enemy is. He is the leader of the vampire society, can you not see the advantage of being close to him? You know the saying, ‘Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer.’ I can’t get much closer than sleeping with the man, now can I?”

“Are we all in agreement that we need to find these mixers first, right?” I asked.

“Yeah. But we need to head out right now and get started. We might stumble across Nixx and Georgie too, if we find these male mixers.” Shelly nodded.

“How are you going to shake the hubbies, sweetie? I don’t think they’re going to let you out of their sight any time soon,” Jamie asked drily.

“Well, they don’t have to know what I’m looking for. They only have to think I’m helping them,” I shrugged.

“Yes, I think that might work. No need for problems that might slow down our search. I think I’ll do the same thing with Jamison.” She grinned looking over Shelly’s shoulder and gave a small laugh. “Speaking of hubbies, looks like one of yours is ready to leave.”

I looked over to see Nicolas looking through the door; he was about to step in but I held up my finger, asking for one more minute. He nodded and walked back down the hall.

Jamie nudged me from where she sat. “Talk about a fine specimen! Muddle his mind with some kinky sex and he’ll follow you anywhere”

“He’s not the one I need to muddle,” I sighed.

“Well, which man is it, may I ask?”

“Never mind who it is, just know that I’ve got it under control.” I got up from the table and walked towards the glass doors. “So we contact each other in twenty-four hours. Remember, we go through Calista.” They both gave me a nod.

“Hey, good hunting, Molly. And be careful,” Shelly said.

“Back atcha, ladies.” I winked.

I sat in the limousine looking at beautiful bottles of liquid gold. Needing to think without all the thirst clouding my judgment, I poured myself some brandy, and to my utter surprise not one of the men scolded me.

If I was honest, working with these men was going to get me nowhere. My mind couldn’t focus on the problems at hand. My need to be near them, hell even have them fawn over me, was messing with my mind.

What I needed to do was find Georgie; there was nothing more important than that. I had texted Ryuuji before we entered the limo, and I still hadn’t heard back from him. That was not good.

When we got to the hotel lobby, instead of going to the elevators with the men, I walked to the front desk. A cheerful young woman’s looked shocked at my appearance, but she smiled just the same. “Good evening, ma’am. Are you looking for a room this evening?” Her asked, as she ever so subtly took in the blood down my dress.

“Yes, a room please.” I sighed.

Nicolas walked over and smiled down at me. “What’s going on?”

“I need some space,” I whispered.

“Alright, well take two rooms then.” He nodded and then turned to deal with Marcus coming up from behind.

The woman scanned in her computer then looked up at her. “I have one room on the fourth floor, which is the bigger room, and one room on the second. Would that be good for you, sir?” she asked Nicolas who was next to me, still in a somewhat hypnotic state.

“Yes, those will be just fine. Thank you,” She smiled, and handed me my room key.

Lennox was sitting in the lobby as I made my way to the elevators by myself. They were awfully quick to catch up with me, though. “What do you think you’re doing, woman?” Marcus hissed.

I must get under his skin pretty badly; he was always angry with me. I pushed the button for my floor and sagged against the wall. “Well, if you must know, I need some breathing room,”

Lennox looked really upset about something. You could feel the irritation coming off everyone around me. Marcus was glaring at me, still. I just ignored him, making him even madder. He was about to say something, but Nicolas broke in. “I think what he was asking, sweetheart, is why?”

“I really would like a shower and some room to think before we head out. I feel like you all are suffocating me. I’m used to doing things on my own, and having people tell me what to do, is grating on my nerves.” I sighed, my hands dropping to my sides in exhaustion.

“You will forget about having your own room, and proceed to our floor with us. We still have much to discuss, and I will not accept this disobedience,” Marcus told me sternly.

Keeping my temper under control was extremely difficult at the moment. When the elevator dinged I stomped out of it like a five-year-old child, and continued to do so all the way to my room.

When I opened the door, it was such a beautiful room that I could feel my body relax immediately. With its soft blues and greens, it had a very comforting feel. A nice bar was over to the right with a counter and sink, and a table and chairs. Throwing the key card on the counter I picked up the menu and gave the kitchen a call, placed my order, and walked straight for my much-needed hot shower.

After about thirty minutes of sheer bliss, I walked out of the shower in the complimentary robe, smelling of the seaside from the shampoos and soap.

There was a knock on my door and could smell the food already. I walked by the bed and saw someone had brought me some new clothes to wear then opened the door to let the girl with the cart with my food in.

The room was quiet and for the first time in quite that I was alone. I needed this peace to collect my thoughts and put together all the shit that had happened over the last few days. “Has it really only been days... it feels like years.” I sighed

I took out a package of coffee and was about to start a pot when I heard another knock. I walked over, wondering if the kitchen forgot something. But when I opened the door, Marcus stood there wound tighter than a rubber band.

“Well, are you going to invite me in or am I going to be standing in the bloody hall all damn night?” he questioned.

Moving back I waved my hand to let His Majesty enter. “I didn’t know I had a choice whether I could let you in or not. I would assume you’d normally just barge your way through,” I shrugged.

He stood in the room and I walked past him into the little kitchen area. “So what can I do for you? I was going to head upstairs to you guys when I was finished with my dinner,” I said, starting the coffee pot.

He didn’t say anything, then came to the table and sat down, so I tried again. “I thought I asked for a little space? So if there isn’t a problem...” I hinted.

But he still just sat there, looking at me. I took the towel off my head and flipped it over, drying my damp hair. When I flipped it back Marcus’s eyes didn’t have that look of barely-contained fury any more…no, there was something else burning in those dark eyes.

“I did not think your hair was quite so wavy. And so many exquisite colors, I’ve never seen anything like it before.” He mused. “And those eyes…” His hand came to his goatee, going over it like he was in deep thought, or coming to the end of making a difficult decision.

I crossed my arms and eyed him; judging Marcus skeptically was something I was getting good at. “Marcus, I would really like to eat and get ready. Again, is there something I could do for you?”

“Is there something you could do for me?” His voice rumbled as he slowly stood.

“Don’t, Marcus, I don’t want this.” I warned as my hands flew up to stop him.

In a blink of an eye he was in front of me, his hand went to my hair, pulling my head back so my face looked up into his. “You know what I want, Molly?” he growled. All I could do was shake my head at his intensified stare. “I want you to be mine, I’ll accept nothing less, bird.”

My mouth dropped open at his statement. In that second of surprise, his mouth was on mine. His tongue didn’t ask permission, he took it leaving me breathless.

My traitorous body was melting into him, letting him have his way with me. I wanted him to have his way with me. The smell of spearmint and male was intoxicating, overloading my highly developed senses. All I could breathe in was him, making me needy for his touch.

Instinct kicked in, telling me he was mine. My arms went around his neck and my hands wove themselves through his thick dark hair, as I let myself explore his mouth as thoroughly as he did mine.

I pulled back from him, trying to get hold of my emotions, trying to remember why I shouldn’t be doing this. But he took me in his arms again and started to kiss me, my fingers tangled into his hair and pulled him back.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, I can’t do this” I whispered. A deep growl came from his chest, sending a shock wave of moisture to my center. And at that moment I was completely gone.

Marcus tore the cord from my robe, exposing me to him. The hunger in his eyes was driving me mad with want. His hand went to my breast, raising it for better access to my already hard nipple.

His lips went over the rosy bud flicking it with his tongue. A gasp of pure ecstasy escaped me as I leaned back, pushing my breast more into his mouth. My nails dug into his scalp, causing him to moan as he mastered my body.

As he brought his mouth back up to mine, a wild frenzy broke out between us. He had me wanting everything that I was getting, with a need so great and so wild that all I could think about was him inside me. His erection rubbed against my sweet spot, making my knees get weak.

His arms went around me, hoisting my legs around his waist, putting me on the verge of an orgasm right then. He turned to the little kitchen table and placed me on top of it.

Lying down, my body was open to his examination. “Fuck, bird, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this,” he growled down at me.

Bringing my body up just enough to where he could kiss me again, sliding my hands up his shirt, I felt him tremble as I lightly ran my fingers over his abdomen, then caressed his erection, teasing him. He moaned and his head rolled back.

He pushed me down, releasing his erection from his pants. “I never thought I would take you like this. But I need to own you now.” Taking the back of my thighs he pulled me forward to meet his need, and slammed it into me. There was no caress; it was pure unadulterated fucking.

A scream of pleasure came from me when he was in me so deep he hit the end. “Bloody fucking hell, you feel like fucking velvet,” he grunted as he continued.

Once he was buried inside me his movements slowed, pulling out to where the tip was touching my entrance, leaving me wanting him to fill me, then gliding it back in. “So fucking wet,” he told me on a moan.

Reaching up and taking him by the neck, I pulled him down to me. “Marcus, shut up and fuck me,” I whispered in his ear.

An arrogant smile, which was all Marcus, spread across his gorgeous face. I wanted it hard and raw, and that’s exactly what he was going to give me.

He came down on top of me, taking my mouth, sucking on my tongue. My ass was hanging off the table while his arms wrapped around me to keep me in place.

I grabbed on to the edge of the table. “Yes, Marcus! I want it hard! Fuck me hard!” I panted.

Letting go of the table my hands made their way under his shirt, finding the lean muscle of his back. He thrust again and I closed my eyes, digging my nails into his flesh; a deep moan came from his lips as a shiver ran down his body.

The table we were on started to shake from the constant movement, and on the next thrust it collapsed beneath us. Marcus had me wrapped in his arms as we stood there looking at each other.

Next thing I knew my back was against the wall and his mouth was on my breast. “Damn it Marcus, that’s it, I’m almost there,” I moaned.

“Mark me as yours, Molly,” he grunted with the next thrust.

That caught me by surprise. “I’m not marking you, Marcus,” I hissed. But the look on his face after I said that was pure determination. The fight was on.

I tried to get him to stop moving. But damn it I was close, and he kept mastering my body. Kissing my mouth, flicking my nipple, stroking his thumb over my clitoris. So damn close, I could barely think straight, let alone get him to stop. “No, Marcus. I won’t do it,” I said panting, trying to find some sort of control.

He quit moving in me as soon as his fangs pierced the flesh of my neck, still causing me a rollercoaster of pleasure, but not bringing me over the edge to completion. As soon as he released my neck he started to move inside me again, torturing me, reading my body, making sure I was close but pulling back just enough so I wouldn’t come.

“Make me yours, Molly!” His words were harsh, full of lust and want.

My head fell back against the wall, needing him, fighting the instinct to posses him entirely. “You son of a bitch!” I panted in pleasure and in pain.

He stopped, and we stared each other down, both of us needing release, but only one of us was going to win this game he was playing. I could feel him pulse inside me, but the bastard was holding it. He wasn’t the only one who could read somebody’s body, and right now he was at his end.

Wrapping my legs even tighter around his hips, I went to work on getting what I wanted. Gliding up and down on him sending little tremors of anticipation through me, creating this wonderful new friction.

His eyes held mine, and I watched the strain on his face as I slid back down. I was going to win this; I was going to get what I wanted without giving in to his demands.

But in total Marcus fashion, he was one step ahead of me. He wanted what he wanted, and he was going to get it any way he saw fit. He didn’t stop me from my reaching my point; instead, he just reached up and sliced on the side of his neck with his nail.

The blood flowed freely from the wound then he grabbed my ass, moving hard and fast, making sure he hit my center just right. He placed his neck in just the right spot where I could smell the luscious red liquid.

He smelled so good, I wanted him, needed to own him, I was losing my control, and my resolve slipped into the background of my mind as that instinct kicked in hard. He was mine! He would always be mine!

“You fucking bastard!” was all I could yell before sinking my teeth into his neck. He yelled my name, pumping his orgasm into me, which undid mine, sending me into orgasmic fucking ecstasy.

We both were breathing hard, staring intensely at one another. He was still buried deep inside me as my mind made its way back to sanity.

“Please, Marcus, let me down,” I sighed, so bone weary there wasn’t any fight left in me.

He looked as if he wanted to say something to me but stopped himself. Finally he pulled himself out of me, setting me down on the floor.

My legs were weak when my feet touched the soft carpet. Little pieces of white flaked all over my shoulders and hair. The wall that I had been pressed up against cracked and broke from our wild fucking session.

I looked back at him, adjusting himself and zipping up his pants. Why is it, all men have to do is put it back in their pants, and to look at them you’d never known what they’ve just done. While women stand before them naked and exposed, with the remnants of what just transpired between them starting to run down their leg.

The bite on his neck was still bleeding. Either in the height of passion, or possibly bloodlust, I just bit into him, not bothering to close the wound that my fangs made. Maybe that’s because deep in my subconscious mind, I wanted to make him pay for what he was doing to me.

If I were really lucky, maybe there would be not a mark on him. Maybe drinking from him was all that had happened, nothing more. The connection I felt with him was nothing like the connection I felt with Philip or Nicolas. So there was that possibility…right?

But the thought of having a man like Marcus as one of my mates? He would always make my life difficult, trying to tell me what to do, controlling every action I made. Not to mention he’d want me to give up my job on the Council, he was definitely one of those kinds of men.

Yes, he would always be a pain in my ass! But damn it, he’d felt so good. I didn’t remember any of my other lovers feeling like these men felt.

He stood in front of me, not touching me, just watching my emotions as they rolled over my face. I’m sure the chaos that was going on in my mind was obvious in my appearance. He put his hands on the naked skin at my waist, pulling me closer to him.

I couldn’t look at him; I just wasn’t ready to face what had happened. My eyes dropped to his black t-shirt. But his hand found its way under my chin, bringing my head up.

Marcus had a smirk on that beautiful face of his. He knew what this meant, what it meant for us. This is what he wanted; he won the game in the end, pulling a Hail Mary in the last few seconds.

Grabbing him by the back of his neck I brought the wound down to me, licking where the blood was still flowing freely. But when that last bit of blood was gone, there it was, my mating mark.

I pushed him away from me, taking the robe and wrapped it around my body, securing it tightly in place. “Why? Why do this now? There’s so much going on, why not wait for all of this shit to be finished, and then we could’ve talked about all this?”

“I think you understand why, bird.” His voice was deep and commanding, telling me without really telling me, all I wanted to know. And I did.

Marcus was never going to take that chance of me running off again. Talking things out about how we could all make this work was never an option for him. In his eyes he’d made me, and even though he had four partners who thought they also owned my body, to him I would always be, first and foremost, his.

He was going to take me into his arms, he came to me with them open. For what? To comfort me? To tell me everything was all right?

Again this man had taken away all my choices, making sure he had me where he wanted me. And even now when I was so furious I couldn’t even think straight, I could feel the strength of our bond kicking in. Making me want to protect him, give him everything he wanted. Georgie had been right; we should never have come back to England.

“Bird...” He grinned coming to take me in his arms again, but instead, I hauled back and punched him dead in the face. He flew back, hitting the wall on the opposite side of the room, making a new hole in the wall.

“You are the worst son of a bitch there is, you know that! You did this on purpose, didn’t you?” My hands flew to my wet hair as I paced the floor. The understanding that these men held all the cards in their favor had finally hit me.

The pull was so great; they were the earth and I was the tiny moon caught in the gravitational pull. I would come to need them, just like the moon needs the earth. The moon affects the earth, but it’s the earth that keeps the moon in its place.

To have one mate, fine, I would deal with it. Two? I’d live, but three? I’d lose myself, becoming just as helpless as the innocent mixers I protected. What made me sick to my stomach was just how easily I caved to him. There was no fight at all, even knowing that having sex with this man might lead to this very situation. But what truly scared me was that after all this, it was inevitable that if I spent any more time with them, the other two would come next.

Marcus held his nose, which was gushing blood down his face then dropped his hand. “No, I did not come up here to shag you like some randy pimple-faced pubescent, if that’s what you’re referring to,” he denied, getting up from the floor.

My pacing stopped as Marcus made his way slowly to me again. I threw my hands up, making sure he knew I didn’t want him coming close to me. “I need you to leave.” I ordered.

He stopped, but after a moment when neither one of us said anything, he moved slowly to me. “Molly, what is so terribly wrong with what just transpired between us? It was always meant to be this way, bird. Stop over-thinking everything, and just let it be,” he said, still proceeded to move forward.

“I mean it, Marcus, you got what you wanted, and I still need some space from you. I need another shower and to get actual food in my body. I’ll be up when I’m done, we can take it from there... please.” I whispered.

He let out a long sigh. “All right, I shall give you the space you so desire from us. And seeing that I too need to get cleaned up before we set out, I will leave you to yourself.”

When the door shut behind him I dropped to the bed. “This isn’t going to work. I definitely needed to get out from under all of them.” I sighed

I just needed a plan on how to get out of there without alerting them, especially Lennox. I’d have to be quick because he’d know I was up to something pretty damn fast.

Pulling myself off the bed was difficult. But I did; I needed to set my plan in motion fast. I untied my robe and dropped it to the floor as I walked past the little kitchen counter top, swiped my phone from it, and dialed a number.

“Prompt Corner. 831175 answering. What’s you message?” The answering girl asked chomping on her gum.

“Give me Sylvie.” I ordered.

“Sorry, No massage can’t help you.” She said starting to hang up.

“Tell her it’s seven.”

“..... Hold the line.”

“Seven, it’s been awhile. What has you calling me now?” Asked a rival from the past, who stored and ran the biggest transportation corporation in the world.

“You still have all my cars in storage right?” I asked.

“Of course, why? Do you need a ride?”

“I do, but I’m also going to need my portable bag of weapons.”

“A weapons run as well... it has been quite awhile for something of that nature from you. What locker?”

“2443” I answered.

“My a deadly bag indeed. So what transport dock number are you looking for?”

“I’m not in any of my normal places. So I’m willing to make a swap if you can get me one to my location.”

“Interesting. Where are you at, and I’ll see what I can offer.”

“I’m in Rouen France.”

“Are you looking for four wheels, or two?”

“Two, but it’s got to be fast Sylvie.”

“As fate would have it, I have the fastest bike in the world there right now. And I’ll be willing to trade it for your Austin Martin.” She chuckled.

“You cant have my Martin, so try again.”

“Well, I always adored you canary yellow porsche.”

“Done. I’ll text you over my location and I want the bike here in no les then fifteen minutes along with my bag. And keep it secret... there are people I’m trying to avoid staying at the same hotel I am.” I stated.

“As you wish. I’ll have my men leave the keys and the bag at the serves desk. Lovely doing business with you as always, Seven.” She chirped, then hung up.

"Well let's get my ass ready to go then." I chuckled, taking a cheeseburger from the cart and stepping into the bathroom to leave.


When the elevator hit the floor that they were staying on, a loud ding woke Marcus from his thoughts. He felt like he had been in a bloody tilt & whirl. His sole intention had been to go down to Molly's room and tell her how things were going to be, no more of this “I need my own room” bullshite she thought she could get away with, with Nicolas.

When he let himself in the room, he saw Nicolas talking into his phone, writing something down at the small desk in the corner near the window. Lennox came around the corner, saw him and came to an abrupt stop, taking in all the blood.

“Alexander, I’ve got to go. No, Marcus just walked in covered in his own blood…who knows what the buggers have gone and done now. Get back to me if you hear of anything.” Nicolas snapped.

He stood next to Lennox, as Marcus pushed by the banshee and into the loo. “What trouble have you gone and gotten yourself into this time, mate?” Nicolas asked threw the door.

They heard the shower turn on, but no word from Marcus. Lennox banged on the door. “What the hell did you do to make her break your damn nose?”

“You think she broke his nose?”

“Of course, who else do you think did it?” Lennox growled

Lennox picked up his long black coat from the bed. “Look, I need to feed. I might be gone a couple of hours, but I’ll meet the both of you, with Molly in Paris,” he said walking to the door. “That is if that ass in there doesn’t cause any more problems!” he hiss, slamming the door shut behind him.

Nicolas gave Marcus his space, biding his time till he was out of the shower. As soon as the shower stopped he sat down in one of the small chairs, waiting for his friend to exit. When the door opened and Marcus just stood against the wall, not saying anything.

“Well? Are you going to tell me what happened?” Nicolas asked.

“I think we should give her some alone time.” Marcus ran his hands through his hair, trying to talk. “Where’s the banshee?”

“He needed to feed, said he was going to meet us in Paris. You know, mate, he seemed to be under the impression that you pissed Molly off. Is that the case?”

“I would say that the damn banshee is correct. She’s really bloody pissed at me right now. But I really had no intention to go up there and seduce her…it just happened.” Marcus confessed.

"She fought you off!" Nicolas yelled.

“Bugger to hell, no that’s not how I came to have blood all down the front of me… Do not growl at me! Bloody hell, she broke my bloody nose after everything was over! I was going to pull her in my arms to tell her not to fret, but she whacked me in the face instead!”

“You’re a bloody wanker you know that? You just can’t leave well enough alone. Lennox told you just to let her be, and if you remember we have him here to help us with her. And might I add that he’s been very helpful! But no, you just had to go put her in her place.” He sat back, looking at his best friend in disgust. “And yes, now you’ve had her, and from the mark on your neck, she also marked you…but at what cost? From the looks of it she wasn’t very pleased with what happened between the two of you.”

“Do not treat me like an idiot, Nicolas. I know what I’ve done,” Marcus growled.

“Do you? Do you fully understand that she could leave us again, that she’s fully capable of doing so? No, you are too wrapped up in your own little game to see what’s going on around you, like you always are when it comes to women.” He dropped his arms, leaning forward. “Do you not bloody well understand that Georgie being missing is what’s most important to her? We are not even a thought in her mind right now. The family she has made herself is all she cares about, and if you want to fit in and be accepted by her, then you bloody well better start to realize that!” Nicolas seethed.

Marcus turned his back to pissed to say anything back. He did not need to hear Nicolas’s accusations at the moment, he knew all to well that what he spoke was the truth.

“Enough of this, I’m going to go get Molly. Hopefully you haven’t made our ride to Paris terribly uncomfortable for the three of us,” he said, vanishing.

Nicolas stood outside Molly's door and then nocked. He waited for a minute and then nocked again. But still she didn’t answer. “Molly, open the door luv, it’s Nicolas. I’m here just to make sure you’re okay… I swear.” But when he listened, he heard nothing coming from her room.

Confident that no one was watching, he transported himself into her room. There on the bed was her bloodstained dress, and a pair of knickers. He walked over by the kitchen, seeing the table shattered on the ground.

He made his way into the loo, stumbling over a robe on the floor, only to find that she wasn’t there either. There was still moisture in the air, so she hadn’t left that long ago. The scent of her was weak, maybe forty minutes was all she had been gone. But where the hell would she go?

Picking the robe up from the floor, he looked up and noticed the walls had been damaged on both sides of the room. This was a bloody fucking nightmare.

He vaporized in front of Marcus, still holding the robe in his hand. “She’s gone, Marcus! Blast it to hell, get the hell up, we need to find her!” Nicolas threw the robe to the floor, irritated. “And I have no idea how to begin to find her.”

Lennox walked out of a darkened alley; he had just finished with his evening meal. He should never have waited that long to find a source of energy for himself. What fucking good would he be for Molly if he couldn’t even protect her because he was so drained?

That fight with Tipton pretty much had drained him dry. He still couldn’t believe his stupid luck when he saw Tipton in that room with her. Just for once it would be nice to have plans go the way the way he thought they would.

Marcus had assured him that he would never let Tipton bother Molly again. And even though he couldn’t stand that smartass Englishman, he knew that he was as good as his word. Now he could only hope that that stupid fuck could get her where she was supposed to be…without screwing up that as well!

All these things passed through his mind as he walked by a corner store, back to a car he had “borrowed” from the man who just passed away in the alley. He was deep in thought about what might have happened between Marcus and Molly, when from the corner of his eye he saw a woman, a certain woman he would know anywhere… but shouldn’t be where she was at this very moment.

Molly was buying a pack of cigarettes, with the counter man drooling all over the place at her. She picked up the pack winked and headed for the door. The man blinked a couple of times, like he was seeing a vision as she vanished from his sight.

Lennox made sure he wasn’t anywhere near the door as he went transparent. She stepped out, putting a cigarette in her mouth and lighting it. She closed her eyes as she took a deep drag of the cigarette, and from where he was standing he could visibly see her relax.

Her head snapped up all of a sudden, and looking around then stopped at the place he was standing. She squinting her eyes examining the area when he cell vibrated, and she reached into her pocket.

“Shel… No I’m out from under them. I’m on my way to Paris… Yeah, I’ve got a gut feeling about the bar I was at… Oh… I see… Okay, call Jamie for me. No, I really need to get going. I’m just finishing my smoke, then I’m off. Hmm… I never thought of that… Yeah, I’ll call you when I’m close.”

She hung up, looked at his spot one more time, shaking her head and walked towards a motorcycle she got from God only knows where.

Molly checked her surroundings before putting on her helmet and the bike roared to life. She gave the motor a couple of good revs before taking off in high gear, hauling ass down the road and off into the night.

After she was good and out of sight he ran to the car and started following her as best he could without her noticing a tail. When he had her in sight and a good distance away, he called Nicolas.


“Yeah, are you guys missing something?” he asked sarcastically.

“Do you know where she is?” Nicolas asked.

“Well, I just saw our girl hop her ass on a motorcycle. But what really baffles me is it couldn’t possibly be Molly I saw because, she’s at the hotel with you.”

Nicolas covered the phone, saying something to Marcus no doubt, then got back on the line. “I went to check on her, but her room was empty.”

“Obviously. Well I’m tailing now, she said something about Paris. I'm sending my tracking number to follow."

“We’re heading out now. Don’t lose her,” Nicolas growled.

"I don't plan too." He murmured hanging up.

Lennox wished Molly would just take a moment and think about what she was getting into. But right now she was hell-bent on finding Georgie. He should have known better than to think she'd do anything different.

He thought maybe these guys who made her might have some insight about her. But obviously they had absolutely no fucking idea what was going on, and were relying on him and his knowledge of her to help them get by. This was a cluster fuck of epic proportions he’d gotten himself into.

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