The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 23

We didn’t follow after Philip, we went around the corner to see if we could tell what we were dealing with. Maybe Philip would give us a clue to what was happening.

But instead I heard the sickly sweet voice of Eloise. “I know you’re with someone, Philip. Might as well have them come out now, before you piss me off.”

“I wouldn’t think that is a good idea, El,” he soothed her. But it didn’t quite hit the mark.

“You think calling me by a pet name is going to make me give in to you? You Frenchmen, you think you can charm any woman out of her panties with some sweet talk. But that’s not going to fuckin’ happen this time, Phil! I’m the one holding all the cards, do you hear that…me!” she seethed.

I heard a soft grunt, like someone was trying not to make a sound as Eloise inflicted pain on them, and I had a gut feeling there was more to this situation than I was hearing. And since everything in this building put my senses off, I knew what I needed to do.

Wiggling out of Lennox’s grip, I put my hands up and rounded the corner, coming to stand next to Philip. My eyes caught the sight of Georgie in Eloise’s grasp. She didn’t even squirm as she has a strange-looking gun to her head.

Georgie’s eyes widened when she saw me. She was beaten to hell. Even sick from loss of blood, the sight of Georgie having been tortured set my insides roiling. The anger was evident, but there was more. Anger, hopelessness…hatred, that’s what was stirring in my veins. Complete hatred for this young-looking vampire, who thought she could dare lay a hand on my sister!

Men were walking towards us. Slowly one came down the hall, soon another joined in, till there were five vampires behind Eloise, backing her play. But these weren’t just any vampires; these were creatures I'd only ever heard about and never seen, lowly nightwalkers. These were the things that nightmares were made from. These filthy creatures were the garbage of the vampire’s world, and there they stood ready to pounce, with Philip’s ex-lover.

Eloise growled when I came into her view. “Molly. I should have known you’d come to save your man. All those fucking years you were right under my nose! I could have destroyed you!” she seethed.

“Ma petite, she is just another woman for me. But you know me, my darling. Even if I stray I always come back to you,” he said, his voice like silk, giving her everything she wanted to hear.

Georgie was mouthing something to me. She said it twice, but I couldn’t quite get what she was spelling out. Then I put it all together: R.Y.U.U.J.I.--was he here in the building? With the slightest movement I raised my eyebrows in question. She gave me a movement of her head, just enough to know that I had guessed right. I could only hope that Lennox was paying attention to me.

My hands slowly came down, causing Eloise to swing angrily towards me. The nightwalkers looked over at me like they were hoping for the command to kill. I put my hands behind my back in a relaxed fluid movement, hoping not to upset the crazy bitch in front of me.

She grabbed Georgie tighter around her neck, still pointing the odd gun at her. “What do you think you’re doing, Molly? Don’t forget, I know all your little tricks,” she growled.

Philip looked over at me, but I was signing to Lennox to find Ryuuji. I heard a gust of wind whoosh behind me. And my mind eased a little, knowing he got my message.

“My darling, she just put her hands down, sans plus.” Again his voice was soft, believable as he spoke to her. She glared at me with pure hate. I saw now that this little woman could absolutely kill, if someone stood in her way. You could read it in her cold dead eyes. “You just put them back up, bitch, I won’t tell you again. Or should I just put a bullet in her brain to prove my point.”

There was something off about what she was saying, a confidence in the power of that gun she held against Georgie’s head.

My mind was going a million miles a minute to come up with something to get her talking, to give me a hint of what made her so cocky. “What’s so bad about a bullet to the brain? It might hurt like a son of a bitch, but that’s not going to kill any of us, if that’s what you’re hoping for,” I shrugged.

“These aren’t your everyday, garden variety bullets. These babies were made to just to kill little pain in the ass mixers like you. We got them off some werewolves that thought they could come into our territory, They made a whole bunch of cool gadgets that can kill you little abominations. And I’ve been dying to get to use them on one of you. The werewolves are quite ingenious when they want to be. ” She smirked.

I stepped forward and out of Philip’s reach. “Well, how about you let her go and take me instead?” I offered. George gasped in Eloise’s grip, and Philip growled, which caused Eloise the psycho ex-lover to turn her head quickly to him.

She narrowed her eyes at him, then turned her attention back to me. She knew the dynamics of Georgie and me, it just came down to this: Did she want to hurt me or did she want to hurt Philip? “You’re willing to trade places? I let her go and you’ll just come to me?” she questioned.

But with the next words out of Philip’s mouth, I knew by the look in her eyes who she really wanted to punish. “Molly, what the hell are you doing?!” he cried, and for the first time I knew he was scared.

Eloise’s eyes rounded on me as she pushed Georgie away from her. Georgie fell to the ground, too weak to even stand on her feet. Her weapon was now pointing at me, her hands trembling with blind fury. “I don’t need you to come over; I’m going to just shoot your ass right there!” She hissed.

Lennox materialized behind me, standing next to Philip. Ryuuji came down the stairs, much slower than I ever thought possible. I saw Georgie’s eyes well with tears as she saw the damage they had inflicted on him. Apparently he had not escaped the fury of these people either.

The fact that both Georgie and Ryuuji were battered and beaten, but still hadn’t healed, told me something really wrong was happening here. Something worse than what we had feared. And those poor innocent mixers didn’t stand a chance if we didn’t get in there and stop them. But first this little bitch in front of me needed to be dealt with.

The nightwalkers came up and around Eloise, either protecting her from the threat in front of her or tired of waiting to cause destruction. Apparently Eloise was determined that I was going to be the first one to die. She cocked back on the barrel, and pointed it back at me.

“This is the one you love… This is the woman you left me for? Well, let’s see what you have after I take away what you love most!” she ranted.

As she started to pull the trigger, Georgie turned over and kicked Eloise hard in the leg. Ryuuji and I both yelled at Georgie, afraid that Eloise would take her fury out on her now.

I looked back up at Eloise but she had a look of absolute terror on her face. Her already pale skin drained of any color, staring over my right shoulder. A panic formed in my stomach before I could even manage to turn around. Philip was holding his stomach. She had shot him.

He looked over at me before he collapsed to the floor. “No!” I screamed, reaching out for him as he fell. Lennox and Ryuuji went to him, picking his head up off the floor. I saw Lennox’s hand go through his body, trying to grab whatever demon bullet she had shot him with.

Georgie’s eyes met mine. She was in complete shock; her hands gripped the floor as she started to crawl over to me. She didn’t make it that far. One of the nightwalkers reached out and grabbed her by one of her feet, dragging her back to them. That’s when I snapped. That bitch shot my mate, and they thought they could touch my sister? They thought wrong…very fucking wrong!

My legs started to move forward, but I was halted by a pain in my stomach that was slowly spreading throughout my body. It grabbed me like a vise, making me sink to the floor, holding my midsection, trying not to vomit. The thirst that came upon me was so profound that all I could see of the people around was the beating of their pulse.

Lennox screamed my name as a nightwalker came to stand in front of me. Lifting my head back I saw the mountain of a man in front of me, chuckling as I knelt on the floor in pain. “Woman, you smell so bloody good. I’m going to have fun shagging the knickers off you and then sucking you dry,” he told me, his lips curled around his protruding fangs. The other men laughed and chuckled with him.

What he said barely registered in my thoughts. The sight of the vampire’s strange little pulse at his throat had me captivated. But when Eloise took another step towards Philip, I lost all sense of self and the only thing I wanted was her death. The person I knew myself to be was slipping away from me, as the beast made her way to the forefront.

I pulled myself up from the ground, stood in front of the nightwalker, looking into the evil black orbs of his eyes, and smiled at him. A harsh growl of anger came from his chest at my audacity. “What do you think is so funny?” he growled at me through clenched fangs.

Shrugging my shoulders, I gave him one word. “This,” I said as I took him by the back of his neck and pulled him down so the crook of his neck met my fangs. Before he even realized what I was about to do, my fangs pierced deep into his neck, taking in my fill.

He gave out a deep cry of pain as I sucked every ounce of his bastard blood from his body. He tried to pry me from him, but the blood was already saturating my starving body, giving me extra strength. The beast was happy.

The beast took over my senses, telling me the truth of the matter. “Now you’re going to give these fuckers what they deserved right when they entered the room…their death,” the beast snickered. And I liked that plan; it was about time these fucking vampires learned who they shouldn’t mess with. And I was going to give them a taste of what they thought they embodied… Fear.


Molly was stuck to the nightwalker as she drained him of his blood. After a minute she dropped from his body. He stood there holding his neck, dazed, blood covering the place where she had drunk. His eyes were wide, looking down at her, when he collapsed to the floor…dead. The other nightwalkers, who had thought this little woman was funny, now weren’t laughing. In fact the other four took a step back from her.

Molly’s presence was sending off a strange and eerie vibe to those around her. Something unstable was lurking there. Lennox could feel the death in the air around him.

Georgie was near her, calling her name, trying to get her to wake up from her trance, but she wasn’t getting through. Molly was lost to them at that moment and he knew who was there.

All the self-control that she had maintained in her sixty five years of new birth was evaporating in front of their eyes. With the loss of blood, and her maturing body, she wasn’t handling the stress well. Lennox, Georgie, and Ryuuji knew they could be in serious trouble.

That she-devil Eloise didn’t move as Ryuuji quickly brought Georgie back to Lennox and Philip. No, they were all staring at the little woman whose head was tilted toward the floor, eyes closed as her frame visibly trembled.

Nicolas and Marcus came running up behind from the adjacent hall, ready for a fight. Their heads turned to see what was going on, stopped when they saw Molly standing in the middle of the room.

“Molly!” Nicolas yelled and was going to rush to side, when Marcus threw up his arm, stopping him.

“Don’t, she’s not herself, mate.”

"I'm done with you Molly! You know I always hated you, now I just know why. But now, I think it's time for you to finally die!" Eloise screamed.

Seven shots rang out through the room toward Molly, who moved out of each bullet’s way. Until the last one. That one struck her, sending her flew back, smacking the wall.

Molly crumpled to the floor, and Georgie’s screams were drowned out by Eloise’s laughter. Nicolas hands were in his hair and he called out her name, and Marcus was ready to kill the woman who had just stolen his bird from him.

Eloise was almost giddy with joy, the loss of her love a memory in her triumph over the woman she had just shot. “That’s what you get, bitch! You’ll never steal anyone’s man from them again, will you? And now, I’m going to kill everybody that you and Philip ever loved!” she sneered.

Molly’s hand was extended out in front of her on the floor; everyone saw it twitch and then start to move. Slowly she picked up her body from the ground. All mouths hung open in amazement that she was still alive. That is, everyone but Lennox.

The look on her face was wild as Eloise screamed in frustration. Marcus looked over at Molly as she stood, her eyes vacant, her color pale, looking sickly like she was about to pass out. There was a moment of silence, like a calm before a great storm, before all hell broke loose.

Molly was only a couple of feet away from the nightwalkers. When she looked up at them her eyes glowed as red as molten lava. Her fist opened, revealing the bullet that was meant to kill her.

An evil smile formed on her lips as her fangs came down. They weren’t like normal fangs, they were longer, thicker. You could hear her bones popping and cracking, molding her hands into sharp deadly claws. The black ink that could form at her fingertips now engulfed her whole hand, black veins traveling up her arm, up her neck, till it made its way to the side of her face.

The veins in her face became very fine as they made their way to her eyes, engulfing them with the same black inky color as her hands. But as they grew black, the red glow never left her eyes. It was like black oil had caught on fire. And in the dim light of the room, she was terrifying.

Her shoes became ash where she stood, as her feet gathered into black inky pools, disintegrating any materials they touched, and the floor beneath her feet cracked from the touch of her skin. The same black veins that went up her arms moved up her legs, turning her clothing to powder and stopping short of her thighs.

With the speed and power of a master vampire she threw that bullet she had in her hand, hitting one of the nightwalkers right between the eyes. He dropped dead at the feet of the others, and a nasty smile curved on Molly’s lips. The other three nightwalkers came at her.

Marcus and Nicolas weren’t about to let that happen. But as soon as Lennox saw them move towards her, he screamed over to them, “Don’t go near her! She might not know it’s you!”

They stopped and Marcus watched the three men go towards her. They looked like rotting horrific corpses as their vampire forms came over them. But Molly looked like a terrifying avenging angel, with a triumphant smile across her face.

She used different forms of martial arts, combining them together to suit her purpose for the moment: Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jujitsu, and Judo. She was a master fighter, and every time she made a man grunt in pain her smile became wider.

Lennox saw the lust for pain in every movement she made. Swift deliberate attacks fell on the three nightwalkers, causing one to stumble, then she would move to the next. One tried to keep up with her, going in for a strike, but she grabbed its arm, twisting back until it snapped. The nightwalker howled out in pain, and one of his companions went to his rescue, running towards them with a gun in his hand, only to have Molly slice her hand sideways across his throat, then kick his head clean off.

The nightwalker she had in her grasp tried to fight her off with its good arm, but she went for his throat, ripping it out. She stood in front of him, his flesh hanging from her hand before he fell away dead. The last one standing turned to run away from her, but a rumble from under the floor shook the room. A large withered root shot up, piercing the nightwalker through his heart like a spear.

Eloise screamed out in fury, running towards Molly, her claws and fangs exposed. Molly turned slightly to block a kick that Eloise meant for her gut. Molly’s smile disappeared as she took in the little vampire in front of her. Then the battle was on.

The two fought in a blur of motion. Only in small glimpses would they slow down enough to let the observer see Molly’s hand connect with Eloise’s face, or Eloise’s fangs extended, going for Molly’s throat.

In the midst of the fight Eloise made a mistake. She went for Molly’s chest, but Molly caught her hand, stopping her short. Molly twisted her arm back, kicked her in the chest twice, then reached around with those long clawed fingers, running them through Eloise’s heart.

Eloise screamed; little black veins ran from her wound through her chest as Molly’s hand took every bit of life that her body held. Pieces of clothing and flesh started graying and flaking away. Molly pushed her hand deeper into her chest, and the scream became frantic but soon ceased as the gray ash took over her body. When Molly pulled her hand out, the form that once was Eloise crumbled to the floor as a pile of ash.

She turned her head to Lennox, who had his hand on Philip’s stomach, still trying to stop the bleeding. She gazed down at her mate, who was lying on the floor. A loud growl came from her throat.

Ryuuji backed Georgie behind the two men. “Molly, it’s over, sweetheart, you need to stop now.” Lennox said trying to calm her.

“Molly,” Marcus called out to her. She looked back at him, and he saw that there was some reaction in the outline of her face. But a moan from Philip drew her attention away, and back over to Lennox who was still scrabbling to get Philip to stop bleeding.

She started to run over to them; he wasn’t sure if it was to see Philip or damage Lennox, but one thing for sure, she was still enraged.

Lennox grabbed the gun that the nightwalker dropped on the floor, pointing it at Molly. “No, Molly! Please stop!” he yelled at her. But she kept coming. One shot rang out, hitting her in the shoulder. He heard Nicolas scream “No!” but she still came at him.

The second shot hit a little lower; he hoped the pain would wake her from whatever state she was in, but her mind was too gone to reason with. When he released the third shot, he made sure he aimed right next to her heart, stopping her instantly. Lennox’s heart broke as she collapsed to the ground.

He left Philip and went to Molly’s side. Nicolas was screaming at him, but he didn’t have time to listen to him, all he could think about was getting to Molly in time to hopefully save her.

Blood was flowing freely from underneath her. He knelt down next to her, his knees in her blood, as he put his misty hands through her chest and tried to stop the damage he’d caused.

Molly looked up at him, her eyes no longer black glowing orbs, but bright blue. Tears ran down her face as she tried to deal with the pain. Her hand grabbed onto his arm. “I know sweetheart, just sit still,” he tried to soothe her, as he worked with the speed of a madman. She coughed up blood and when she tried to take a breath, she choked on it. Georgie got loose from Ryuuji’s arms and went over to where Molly lay.

Lennox would not look at Georgie, but he knew that even through the massive bruises on her face, she was crying and furious at him. “I could have stopped her, you know that. She would’ve listened to me,” she wept.

That was something he couldn’t think about right now, though he knew he would have to live with this decision he’d made. But if she died…it would kill him, as well.

Nicolas and Marcus started to go to her, but Ryuuji told them to take care of Philip. Ryuuji crouched down near Molly’s legs, in case Lennox needed his help. Her body started to convulse with the shock and loss of blood.

“Shit, I nicked her heart,” Lennox said frantically, looking up at Ryuuji. Panic was written across his face. Ryuuji grabbed hold of her legs so she wouldn’t thrash about. “Marcus, I need you over here now!” Lennox yelled.

Marcus scrambled away from Philip to where Lennox sat. “She needs blood. I nicked her heart with the bullet. I need to get this under control to get her out of here.”

Marcus slit his wrist with his fang and placed it over Molly’s mouth. “Open her up and show me where you hit, I might be able to stop the flow of blood,” he told him. Lennox was about to question him but Marcus sneered at him. “We don’t bloody well have time for me to explain, just fucking do it!”

Georgie was at her head, soothing her, telling her everything was going to be okay and stroking her forehead. Blood was coming out of Molly’s mouth as she coughed again.

“Georgie, hold her shoulders still. I need you to make sure she stays still when our hands are in her,” he said. She nodded, moving her hands from Molly’s temples to her shoulders, trying to keep her convulsing body semi-still.

Lennox stuck his transparent hands through her chest, weaving and pushing all the organs aside till he found his way to her heart. His hands became whole, opening her chest and moving everything out of the way for Marcus. “You see that nick on her heart? That needs to be closed,” he explained.

Marcus’s hand grew red with heat. He carefully went through her opened chest, finding the area that was bleeding. The tip of his finger grew hotter from the electricity he pushed to it, cauterizing the rip in the organ that Lennox had put there.

As soon as he saw no more blood seeping through, he withdrew his hand from her chest. Her convulsing had stopped, but he wasn’t sure if it was because he stopped the blood loss or if she was at death’s door.

Marcus yelled over to Nicolas. “Can you take three right now? Are you up for that?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ll take Philip and the others and come back for you.” Nicolas growled.

Ryuuji picked Georgie up in his arms, bringing her to Nicolas. In the next moment the four of them vanished. Lennox looked over at Marcus. “I need to close her before we transport her out of here,” he mumbled, still working.

Nicolas was standing next to them in the next moment. “We need to hurry, I saw people entering the building out by the road.” And as he spoke, they heard a commotion at the entrance of the building.

Lennox pulled his hands from her chest. “Now!” he snapped. Nicolas scooped her up into his arms and they vanished.


Pain shot through my chest, pulling me to the floor. When did I get here? Did Eloise shoot me? My mind couldn’t make sense of what was going on around me.

My back felt wet, and I couldn’t take a breath. Lennox dropped to my side and his hands went transparent as he shoved them in my chest. The pain was immense as he worked his way into me. I grabbed onto his arm to get him to stop. My mind went blank as he spoke. All I could see were faces in front of my eyes, faces I didn’t know. Georgie’s voice came through my hazy mind, trying to calm me, bringing me back to another time. A time when I just met her, before I was transformed into this monster I’d become.

That’s when the floodgates of my memories opened and came crashing down on me. My mother and father, my brother and sister. My childhood: Christmases, Halloween, Thanksgiving, wearing my Easter Sunday dress and going to church with my friends across the street.

More recent memories came now. Junior high, high school…my high school sweetheart. Dean. Dean proposing to me, our wedding, and how we got drenched because I had to have an outdoor ceremony. Our honeymoon on a cruise ship, where Dean was sick the whole time. My children… I had four of them. Every second with them rushed through my mind. And halted on the day a man took me away from them.

Five beautiful faces rushed to my thoughts. Fear, confusion, and the pull they had on me. My turning, my pain, my rape, no my rapes…men, so many men. So much hatred towards me. A woman with a gun, then the pain that shot through my body.

A sob tried to break through but instead it made me cough. A burning touched my heart, and I wondered if it was the pain of realization of what had been taken from me. The memories stopped, and I thanked the heavens as my world went black.

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