The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 24

Being surrounded by these books in this old dusty library wasn’t something Georgie ever thought she would experience again. To be back in England and in this castle, brought back horrible memories she always wished she could forget. She sometimes wished that her memories would vanish like Molly’s had. But the way in which Molly lost them, well, she wouldn’t wish that on her worst enemy.

“Why are we here?” Georgie asked Ryuuji, as she paced around the room, unhappy with their situation. “We need to take her back home. The last thing she needs is to be back in this place,” she hissed. Ryuuji just sat in the chair watching her little feet pace back and forth on the carpet.

Marcus had insisted that they go to his home in England so they could take care of Molly. Lennox was less than happy with his plan; he thought they should take her back to New York to have Chan look at her, who was a doctor and also had been taking care of mixers for years.

Marcus informed him that since it was Lennox’s decision to shoot his wife, when it came to her health and safety he had all the say in the situation from now on.

A creak of the large oak door opening to the library alerted them that someone was coming to find them. Georgie’s heart started to beat faster, as she wondered if something terrible might have happened to Molly. It was Lennox that said he wasn’t sure if she was going to survive her injuries; all they could do was wait, and hope Marcus had skilled people to deal with mixers.

Marcus strolled into the room, his dark eyes finding the people he sought. He nodded his head to Ryuuji, making Georgie stop in her tracks.

“Georgie,” he said evenly.

“Marcus,” was her cold reply.

He walked to the oversized chair across from Ryuuji and sat down. “I came here to talk to the both of you.” Georgie went and stood next to Ryuuji, her fingers grasping the soft fabric on the chair, waiting for the worst.

But that wasn’t Marcus’s intention. He shook his head at seeing the fear in her eyes. “Molly’s recovering slowly, exactly as Lennox told us might be the case. As far as we can tell she will survive her injuries, but that’s not why I’ve sought you two out.” He stated.

Georgie’s brows came together. “Then why? You’ve been civil, but distant. I was hoping to take her home when she’s well enough to travel. Is that why you’re here now? To tell me that I can?” .

“No, that’s not what I’ve come here to discuss. But as for Molly, she’s never going back to the states. She will stay here with all of her husbands.” He informed her.

“The reason why I called you both here to today was, I’ve come to officially break the bond between us. You never meshed well with the vampires in your blood. You and I have never found ourselves attracted to each other, physically or mentally. You always did seem to take a liking to the dragon side of yourself.” His eyes drifted to Ryuuji. “As well as dragons.”

Marcus shook his head and sighed. “I can’t have Molly waking and seeing your face in tatters. But I’m not willing to give you my blood to heal you, and at the same time I want her to be at ease when she comes out of her coma. So I propose that with your dragon here, we break the bond between us, and he will be responsible for you from now on.”

“Why are you offering me this? I know you well enough to know that you might not want me, but you like having power over anything that you believe is yours.” She asked suspiciously.

“Because I don’t want Molly thinking there’s anything romantic between us. Having you free from me, and you belonging to Ryuuji; I believe that will make her happy, and prove my sincerity in her eyes.” Marcus said with ease.

Then he leaned forward in the chair, his hands making a steeple under his chin. “But mostly, because I don’t want any more bloody interference with my relationship with her. The easiest thing for me to do is break our bond, therefore lessening the strain between Molly and myself.” He grinned.

This was Ryuuji’s hope, but he never was quite sure it was really possible, to have the bond between the makers and mixers truly severed. “And how do you propose that you break the bond permanently with her?”

“As Georgie would know, I would never put myself in a position where I was permanently joined to a woman without precautions. I always have a backup plan, and a way I put in place to sever my bonds.” Marcus smiled.

In a room in Marcus castle sat Ryklin next to Molly bedside. She laid in the large bed Marcus had put her in the first evening after her changing. Surrounded by creamy billowy pillows and peach covers, made her battered features stand out even more from the contrasting colors.

Where the bullets had entered her body, massive bruises remained. The one in her shoulder alone went halfway up her neck, and the whole of her chest and torso was one massive bruise. The side of her face was also scratched and bruised from where, he was told, she had hit a wall.

Ryklin was told of what she became in her changing, and of the elven powers that she held. She had him running through her veins strongly. He could never have imagined this little woman, who was only made to bear him a son, would become such a fierce warrior. If the Queen of Winter found out about her, her attempted conquest of his kingdom might become more aggressive, as might her search for his queen.

Nicolas walked into the room and saw Ryklin in full military gear, sitting next to Molly. “I thought I might find you here, mate.” He found his way to a chair on the other side of her. His fingers found a few white strands running free from the braid that Georgie had put her hair in, to keep it maintained.

“She really was quite amazing, Ryklin. Amazing and bloody terrifying. I think that sod Lennox shot first, before he could even bloody well try to reason with her,” Nicolas grunted.

Ryklin sighed at his friend’s protest, because he remembered the secret Molly made him promise to keep. “No, I don’t think that’s what he did.” He slipped his hand, covered in chainmail, into hers. “Molly knew herself well enough. She informed me of her fears of what she might become. She also made me promise to kill her if Lennox could not.”

“You wouldn’t have been able to do it.” Nicolas looked up at him, shocked.

That thought had passed through Ryklin’s mind many times since he heard of what had happened. “No, I don’t think I could have shot her so close to her heart. But if she was beyond herself, the two shoulder wounds… I think I could have, if only to give me a moment to come up with an alternative plan.”

He got up from his chair, grabbing his sword next to the nightstand and looking over at his friend. “But in all fairness, even though he says he loves her, which I truly believe he does, he is neither her maker nor her husband. And therefore we have a connection to her that is so much more powerful. And even though I have yet to have the final bonding with her, I think we can both see how powerful it is by the change we see in Marcus.

“If there’s any change with her, let me know. I have to go now, but I'll look for your missive.” Then he was gone, through the opening in the room that Marcus had allowed, just this once, to the Four Kingdoms.


I woke to a dimly lit room and a soft voice humming to me. Georgie sat in a chair next to me, her frown turning into a smile when she saw me looking at her. “I thought you’d never wake up,” she cried.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, scanning the room I was in. I knew this room. I’d been here before. My eyes met hers; panic must have been written across my face.

“Molly, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Why am I here George?” I asked quietly.

Her eyes roamed around the room and then came back to me. “You mean you remember this room?”


“How much do you remember, Molly?” she whispered urgently.

“Everything.” I whispered.

She sat back, releasing my hand. “Oh my God. I can’t even think…are you okay?” she asked worriedly. But I couldn’t answer her, because I wasn’t okay.

I was hurt, and confused, and what I needed right now was time to think. I had become my nightmare. The beast finally had her way, and I had killed. I needed to learn to deal with all this power and tame the beast within me. I also had to check on my family, see what happened to my them after I was taken. My children might still be alive, they might have children, grandchildren. I needed to find them to make sure they were okay.

Her hand was on mine, and I took it into my grip, giving it a squeeze. “George, I need to get out of here, now. But I don’t want anyone to know that I’ve left. Do you think you could help me out?” I asked.

Her eyes glossed over, then she wiped a stray tear that ran down her face. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to remember all the terrible things that happened to you. I really didn’t,” she said with tears running down her face.

“I know you didn’t, George. But now that I know, there’s a couple of things that I need to do.”

“What?” she asked me.

I tried to sit up in the bed, and when she saw that I couldn’t, she stood and helped me. After breathing through the pain I answered her. “I think it’s better if you don’t know. Then you can honestly claim that you don’t know what I’m up to. But I promise that you and Calista will be the only ones with a way to get hold of me. Just in case you need me.”

Goergie looked worried. She and I had been here once before, trying to escape from Marcus. But we were older now; we had so much more life experience under our belts. She let out a long sigh of defeat. “Okay, I guess you need some time to deal with everything. I mean, I’ve had over sixty years and I’m still dealing with the past, I couldn’t imagine if my memories came rushing back to me all at once.” She tapped her chin, thinking of something unpleasant. “You know Marcus is going to lose his mind.”

Then a thought hit me. “Philip?” I turned to look at her. Her frown said more than I wanted to know, and I didn’t want to hear anything else. “Never mind. I don’t think I can deal with bad news right now.”


I put my hand out to stop her from continuing. “No, I don’t want to know. I just want to get out of here before Marcus comes to see me.”

She dropped back down to her chair with a look that said I was crazy. “That’s going to be really difficult. He comes in with Nicolas all the time. Why can’t you speak with them? They don’t have to know what we have planned. Plus it will give us more time to get everything ready… I can get you out of here, but what you’re saying means, get you out of here this very second!” she told me.

I didn’t answer, just looked at her.

She threw her arms up in frustration. “How am I supposed to pull off this miracle? How can I do that?”

“I don’t know, George, but I don’t want to see any of them. I really need to get my head straight. I can’t have them walk in here, with that damn bond sending all my rational thoughts out the door, I can’t fucking think straight when they’re near me. I mean it. I need you to do this for me.”

Her head fell back and she looked at the ceiling as her devious mind came up with a plan. “Yes, I think I can find a way, but you know that’s all its going to be, a head start. Because Marcus will scour the planet until he finds you again.” She warned. “I’ll go get Ryuuji right now. I’ll run my plan by him and see what he thinks. Do you think you can get yourself ready to leave A.S.A.P?”

“No problem. I’ll be ready when you get here.” And with that she kissed my cheek, and left.

Slowly I walked to the dresser in the dim light, hoping that this time when I opened a drawer, maybe I would find some sort of clothing to wear.

I was still pretty slow, but I knew it was temporary. I would heal completely; it was just a matter of time. Standing in front of the mirror, I took a good look at my reflection. I saw the woman that I was now, and remembered how once, a long time ago, I stood in the exact same place staring at myself, wondering what was going to happen to me.

That question had been answered, and now I had new things that scared me. Like letting these men get any closer, they could own me completely and that terrified me. Right now I had to find out what had become of my family. I needed to get my mind straight when it came to the men in my life.

The beast was so much worse than I could even imagine. And what’s worse is I still felt changes happening in my body. I had to learn how to master who I was becoming. I needed to have all my power under control so I could benefit the people I cared for, not destroy them.

I had to learn how to live all over again, before I could ever come back to them.

To be continued…


A black sedan pulled up and parked outside a beautiful old nursing home in the hills of Orinda, California. The sun was bright on this beautiful summer day, and the California heat was supposed to reach a high of 110. The windows of the sedan were heavily blacked out, so any passerby couldn’t see the two men sitting there, stalking their prey.

Mr. West sat with his second-in-command, impatiently waiting for a certain female they’d been searching for, for quite some time now, to show herself. “Are you sure your information was correct, Nikon?” he asked, clearly irritated that he didn’t see his prize yet.

“Yes, just give it a moment. She is here to check on her son every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. This I know for sure,” he told his boss. His broad Russian accent hid the nervousness he felt.

Mr. West was not the kind of man who waited for anyone or anything. When he asked his people to get him information, it was done within the time frame he wanted it…or else.

His fingers tapped at the steering wheel as he looked out the window at the nursing home. That’s when he saw her. A woman walking towards the home, magazines in her hand, and a smile upon her lips. Yes, he remembered her, could remember the smell of her skin. This was the one he was waiting for.

She walked up the stairs to the entrance. Her soft lilac sundress waved around her legs and beautifully shaped hourglass body in the gentle breeze. The tattoo that once covered her back was now gone; the low back and thin straps confirmed it. With all that exposed…it let a man’s eyes wander over such sun-kissed skin.

She had also changed her hair, which could explain why she was difficult for them to trace. Her beautiful auburn hair was now a dark blonde. She had disguised or erased all her distinctive appearance.

He could expect no less from this warrior. If she wanted to hide, she would find a way to do it. Too bad for her that he wanted to find her more.

“I told you she would come,” Nikon said, staring at the woman as she pushed the door open and headed into the building. “What do you want us to do now?” he questioned.

Mr. West sat back, smiling to himself. “Now we wait,” he said, and wait they did.

An hour later she came out of the building. The magazines were gone and the smile on her face was less wide, perhaps a little sad now. When she reached the sunny street she put on her sunglasses and went to the corner of the sidewalk, getting ready to cross the street with all the common cattle of the humans. If only they knew what she was.

His eyes followed her as she made her way to the sandwich shop in the shopping complex. Some foolish man was trying to get her attention in line, making small talk. She smiled at him and you could see him sway a little where he stood.

Mr. West could hear her small laugh, knew that she was laughing at this poor fool who thought he could handle her. He enjoyed that she had such a pull for humans, which could become very useful to him.

Nikon sat next to his boss and friend. When he had that devouring gleam in his eye, it was better to let him ride out his thoughts than give him any argument.

But something was nagging at him. “Do you think Aggie will be upset when we bring her back to the camp?” he asked.

Mr. West chuckled. “I’m not really sure what she’ll do. But now that Eloise is gone, I’m sure she should be easier to control. Eloise always had a deeply disturbing side…don’t you think?”

“Yes, she really did. I am glad that we don’t have to put up with her anymore,” Nikon said, watching the woman sit under a large walnut tree with her lunch.

Mr. West started the car, taking one last look at his prize. “Mark my words, Nikon, Molly Barron will be mine. But now that I’ve found her, we’ll wait for the most opportune time to retrieve her.”

He smiled. The game was on, and Mr. West was glad that he was the one with the head start.

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