The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 2

It had taken Fifty-seven years. Fifty-seven years, that’s how long it had taken Marcus to find the perfect woman that he was looking for. He walked around the bedroom that he had made specially for his prize, and made sure everything was spot on.His eyes roamed over the soft fabrics, the feminine colors, and the furniture that had just been updated after the news of her arrival, and a grin lingered on his face.

She was coming, the woman he had been searching was finally coming. It had been years now since his data said that this woman existed, and it had felt like an eternity since then that he’d had searching for her.

Through all the trails, all the hopes, the disappointments, all the wanting for his wishes to transpire. But the wait was over, the perfect woman, the one has been blessed with all the genetic markers to become precisely what he needed to have the final experiment.

He always knew the queen was going to be his, and if that meant he had to go through the great-granddaughter to meet his goals, then so be it. This woman would be his wife, his lover, and bare his children, there was no king around any longer to stop him.

He’d given specific instructions this time on what to look for. Now after ten and a half years, Brett thought he’d found the right one; he even guaranteed that this time Marcus was going to be very pleased. And As much as he paid that blasted sod, you’d think he could manage to bring him what he was asking for the first time around, not the third.

If only Brett had found this woman first. Now there were other problems that he had to deal with. But he was getting ahead of himself, he knew it. She might be nothing like he was expecting, not in beauty, or in power. That bloody scout could be mistaken once again. He had already brought him two candidates who fit the criteria, but with disastrous results.

Then his thoughts drifted to Nicolas, and his stubbornness when it came to the humans. He knew his best mate had such compassion where mankind was concerned, and here he was bringing a soft, curvy, weak female into his home to help his friend. But would he understand that?

No, Nicolas would rather live in agony then hurt a woman, even if it was for his own sake. He already knew he was going to give him a bloody row about participating in this; there wasn’t a doubt about that.

After Marcus was sure that this was indeed the woman he was looking for. Then when all is certain he certainly was going to have a chat with his best mate on the reasons why he should take part of this experiment, or he’d fight his sickness…stupid bugger.

He heard the sound of the car coming up the long drive and walked to the window. The limonene was pulling into the turn about and he turned to go see if this was indeed the woman he’d been waiting. If it turned out that she wasn’t, he was going to have Brett scour the hole bloody planet until he found the right one.


My head ached from whatever was used to make me pass out, and now going over these bumps was making my stomach turn and my head ache. My eyes fluttered open to see that is was night out and I rubbed my eyes to get them working again. When the car stopped my FedEX kidnapper got out, opened my door, took me out, and then straightened my clothing. That made me want to laugh…if I could have. You couldn’t fix stained comfy clothes. That was the purpose of them, to be messy.

He picked me up and walked up massive stones steps or at least from my muddled sight I thought they were. My head was still fuzzy I could barely manage a thought, and my eyes so blurry I could only make out faint outlines. My kidnapper pushed a button and a loud gong rang making my head ring along with it.

A man who looked like he should’ve been buried years ago answered. His hands were so long and bony it looked like the skin was transparent, each muscle visible as he released the knob of the door. He stepped aside, gesturing with his hand for us to enter.

We were shown into a grand circular foyer with a round green marble-top table in the center of the room. I could make out a statue of a knight on his horse sat on the table for all who entered to see. The walls were the color of gold and covered the room from top to bottom in a stunning display. The chandelier was a mass of cascading crystals that spiraled down from the high domed cathedral ceiling, dangling over the statue and making the walls sparkle like diamonds were faceted into the walls.

The light felt bright to my eyes as I squinted at everything around me. I rubbed my palms over them hoping to get my head straight. But the dreamlike state was difficult to shake off.

My kidnapper put me down, took the rubber band out of my hair straightening out my long hair. “I can’t tell you how happy your new master is goin to be when he sees you darlin’” He whispered. Then took me by the arm, guiding me toward the table. “Tell Mr. Lindsay that Brett Donahue is here with his package,” he told the butler.

“Very well, sir. Wait here while I retrieve my master.” The old gentleman responded.

My body was running on fumes as we waited for what seemed like forever in that bright foyer. Then Mr. Donahue, AKA Mr. Kidnapper, took my arm and walked me near the bottom of the large circular staircase for what looked to be a presentation of…me.

A tall dark-haired man descended the enormous staircase, but I couldn’t quite make him out. When he reached the bottom step, he strolled smoothly over to me. Taking my face in his hand, his eyes roamed over me.

He tilted my face this way and that, as if to appraise my value. But I couldn’t make out his face, it looked smudged and blurry, like someone had taken an eraser to his outline. But his deep brown eyes were the one thing I see clearly, only because they stared into mine.

He dipped down as his nose grazed the crook of my neck, and I could hear him take a deep breath. As he exhaled he stepped back with his eyes shut, but my face still in his hand. “Yes, she is even sweeter than you told me she would be. Excellent. But Are you sure she’s the last one?” he questioned.

“She is the last one that meets all the criteria that you asked for. Her heritage is remarkable. I gave you the documents that show her royal lineage and you can smell her fertility. Also she takes no medications, so her blood is very clean. I would say she is first of her kind, even above Georgie and, she is all there is left of this line.” FedEX man said with confidence.

“That’s precisely what I wanted to hear. You know where to place her, Mr. Donahue. When your task is complete come to my study; we have business to discuss.” The man answered with a wicked grin on his blurred face.

Next thing I knew I was being dragged down a long wooden hall, wishing I could get this foggy feeling out of my head. My body was still feeling like jelly and my legs gave out on me as I tried to walk. My kidnapper scooped me up in his arms and sighed. “It’s best you sleep, anyway. It’ll make it easier on you, darlin’,” he admitted, and then my world went dark once again.

When I finally woke, my head was still throbbing like I had been out partying all night, and now had to deal with a killer hangover. I pushed my way up off the floor, but still felt weak and groggy. I turned over and took a look around me.

The room was enormous and lavish, with its white carpet, peach walls and crown molding extending to the ceiling. In the center of the room was a brass chandelier, but only five of the twelve lights were lit, making the room very dim. There was no furniture and as I finally managed to move a bit, I looked up and saw bars on the window.

I managed to sit up and bright magenta pink hair quickly caught my eye. Using the wall to help me up off the ground, I slowly made my way over to a small girl, her shaggy magenta hair sprawled out over the ground.

Gathering my strength I kneeled down beside her, then took a deep breath, and pushed the hair away from her face. And there lying in front of me was a girl, just a little girl, maybe fourteen at the most.

There was thick black streaks covering her face where her makeup had run from her tears. She had two piercings on her right eyebrow, a piercing on her right nostril with a chain that led to a piercing on her ear. Neon-blue streaks ran through the pink hair around her face, and it reminded me of cotton candy. But the elaborate tattoo on her left arm really caught my attention.

On her wrist there was a vertical line, making it look like someone had sliced her wrist open. Coming out of the cut were bats, starting out small, getting bigger and wrapping around her arm in a black mass. She was lying on the left arm so I couldn’t see all of it, but it was amazing.

My fingers shook as I reached down and gently checked for a pulse, and I was happy to find she had one. She didn’t have any bruises on her from the looks of it, so hopefully they weren’t harsh with her. She had obviously been drugged and placed in this room like I had been, but what the hell could they want with a child? A nauseous feeling rose in my stomach when I realized that answer.

There was another woman here as well and I crawled over to her. She looked to be about my age, but with golden-brown skin and curly jet-black hair that reached her shoulders. She was well dressed in tan slacks and a white silk shirt, and I could see a wedding ring on her finger.

That made me look at my own ring finger, and it was bare. I took off my ring when I did the dishes and it was most likely still sitting on the window ledge near the kitchen sink. My fingers traced the bare finger, thinking of Dean, and how these people had taken everything from me. I had nothing that was from my own life. I was most likely going to be killed, or sold, and I didn’t even have my wedding ring. I knew it was a stupid thought, but Dean was always my rock and that ring meant so much to me.

My head fell into my hands as I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. A hand went to my knee and I looked up to see the woman I was sitting next to awake. I wiped off my face with the back of my hand and gave her a little smile. “Are you okay?” I asked her.

“Yes, I think so. My head hurts, but that is all,” she told me in a slight Jamaican accent.

She sat up and looked around the large dim room, and stopped when she saw the girl lying a little away from her. “Do you know her?” she asked.

“No. The two of you were here when I woke up. I came over to see if you guys were okay. My name is Molly, what’s yours?”

“Edwina, but call me Eddie.” She answered looking at the girl, then back to me.

“Do you have any idea why you were taken?” I asked, hoping she had some answers that I was lacking.

“No, how about you?”

“No clue, but the guy who took me said I smelled good or some crap like that. It made no sense, and I was wondering if the same thing happened to you?”

“No nothing like that, I was walking to meet an old friend. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings, and the next thing I know is some man is grabbing my arm and pulling me to him and covering my face with a cloth. Do you have any idea where we are?” Eddie asked looking around the place.

“Not really. The man the kidnapper showed me to talked with a British accent, so maybe England.” I guessed.

“That makes sense. I was in London. I flew in this morning to look at a possible shop site for my new bakery. Were you in London too?” She asked.

“No, they came to my home in Maine. But I can somewhat remember being put on a plane... but everything is a blur honestly.”

I looked back at the girl lying on the ground and started to get a little concerned; she hadn’t moved and her breathing seemed shallow.

“I think we should try to wake the girl. She had a plus but I think they overdid the drugs with her,” I explained.

“Girl?” she asked with concern.

“Yeah, just a girl, I’m thinking about thirteen or fourteen. But it’s hard to tell these days,” I admitted.

I stood up and helped Eddie up from where she sat and walked over to where the child was laying on the floor. Eddie grabbed her arm and turned her over. “She’s barely breathing.” She whispered.

“Shit, that’s not good. “I answer and started shake her by the shoulder. “Come on kid, wake up!”

“Child, you need to wake up.” Eddie urged.

When that didn’t seem to work I started lightly slapping her cheeks. “Hey, you need to get up. Wake up!” I growled.

She let out a moan and her hands flew to her face, covering her eyes. “Oh, my blindin’ head hurts!” She whined.

“Oh thank goodness.” Eddie sighed, and I sat back taking a deep breath.

“Who the frigg are you, and where the frigg am I?” she asked us in a thick Irish accent. Her hands moved away from her face as she looked at both of us. “Who the bleedin hell are you?”

“I’m Molly and this is Eddie. I don’t know exactly where we are, but they flew me into London and that’s where Eddie was when she was taken. Where were you?” I questioned.

“I was in Dublin, I’m from Dublin.” She answered looking around with a confused look on her face.

“What’s your name, child?” Eddie asked her.

“Calista Calhoun,” she murmured.

“Did they take you from your family?” I asked her.

“No, I’ve been on my own since I was thirteen. Ma ran off when I was about ten. Then it was just Da and me. It wasn’t perfect but we managed. Then a month after my twelfth birthday he found himself a floozy from the pub and got hitched. The sow didn’t like me at all. She used to slap me around when Da wasn’t home.

“Then one day I came home and Da told me that I was going to have a new brother or sister. I got so pissed, and how I treated when he was at work, but he didn’t believe me. That the old sow came into my room, pack my shite and told me to leave. And that’s what I did, and I never went back,” Calista confessed.

“I’m so sorry that happened to you, child.” Eddie frowned, but Calista just shrugged.

“So how did you get here then?” I asked her.

“Well, I remember I was out with friends havin’ a glass when I noticed this fella. I gave him a gander and he stopped and gave me a smile. Next thing I knew he came and stood next to me. He was drinking a bottle of black stuff--” She stopped and looked at our confused faces. “Black stuff is Guinness, by the way. Anyways he offered me a drink and how could I say no, he was so effin’ gorgeous and he was interested in me…so I took it. Now I’m here.” She explained.

“So what do we do now?” Eddie pondered glancing from the window, to the door, and back again.

“I’m not really sure there is anything that we can do. These people seem like pros to me,” I sighed.

“I don’t feel so well. I think the shite they gave me is making me sick,” she said as her hands went to her stomach and her face whitened.

“We need to get her some water,” Eddie told me as she got in back of Calista and started rubbing her back.

I ran for the door and started knocking on it. “Hey, I need some water in here. Do you hear me?” I hollered, then listened at the door. “Hey, we have a little girl that’s sick in here assholes. We need some water now!” I waited a minute more to hear if anyone was coming. Then I looked back at Calista; she was taking deep breaths as Eddie rubbed her back with concern on her face. “You bastards! I need that damn water! Do you hear me out there?!” I screamed, now kicking at the door.

The door unlock, and I started backing away. I was almost to Eddie and Calista when the door fully opened and a man walked in, holding three bottles of water.

He was tall and a pale shade of blue. His lips were the bluest part of him, like he had been out in the cold all night. His hair was a long sandy blond and was combed back into a ponytail. Green highlights ran through the sandy color, looking like seaweed. Along the side of his face and trailing down his neck were tiny scales that had an opalescent hue to them.

He was dressed simply in blue jeans and a white t-shirt, and I blinked my eyes a couple of times just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “You sure are a loud one,” he told me. I took another step back because his voice was strange, I’d even call it, musical, and freaking me out.

He placed the bottles on the floor and then turned and let the room locking the door behind him. “Tell me you saw that too. Or am I still feeling the effects of the drugs?” I gulped.

“I think I saw something, but I can’t believe what I just saw,” Eddie shuddered.

It was Calista who jumped up, even paler than she was a minute ago, pointing a shaky finger at the door. “Holy shite! That was an effin’ siren!” She proclaimed.

“What the hell is a siren?” I asked astounded.

“A bleedin’ siren. You know, a mermaid!” Then she stopped and thought. “Well I guess in his case it’d be a merman, wouldn’t it?”

“Mermaid! What the hell is going on here?” I yelled.

Calista sat down and I handed her a bottle of water. She opened it and took a long drink, and some of her color returned. She was staring at the floor, lost in her thoughts.

“Sit down, I need to tell you guys something. There have been rumors for a long time about weird things that happen to the kids that live on the streets of Dublin.” She shook her head and laughed a harsh laugh. “I know what you’re thinking, bad things happen to anyone on the streets; well, this was different. There are stories of nightmarish creatures that come from the shadows at night and take people away. I always thought that this was malarkey, something they tell you to keep you on your guard, or some kind of initiation when you’re new to the streets.

“My pal Henry told me about a friend of his that lost his mot...I mean his girlfriend about a year ago. Said one summer night, they were sleeping in their tent and he heard someone unzip it. He thought it was one of his friends, so he looked up to tell them to feck off, but he saw some creature grabbing her, but before he could scream this thing started talking to him. His voice was magical, he told my friend. His voice made him stay still and go to sleep. He woke in the morning thinking it was just a dream, but she was gone and nobody ever saw her again.”

She took another drink and inched closer to us. “Last month I was down at the pier with some friends, when we all saw some woman come out from the sea. I swear she just popped out, and she was the same color as that guy. I know, because she walked right by us and winked at me,” she said, looking very spooked.

“Did the guy who gave you the drink look blue too?” I asked.

“No, but he had flawless golden skin and his hair was this messy chocolate brown that peeked out from under his hoodie. He had the greenest eyes I’d ever seen, like the hills in Ireland. But he wasn’t big, he was about my height and skinny.”

“Then we can safely say no Siren took you. But then who?” Eddie mused

While we tried to decipher who our kidnappers were, the door to the room opened once again, but this time a beautiful black-skinned man came in. He wasn’t tall, but the way he carried himself, you knew he was powerful. His eyes were the color of coffee and his black hair was cut close to his head. Around his mouth was a goatee with gray coming through at the chin.

His charcoal tailored suit fit his muscular body perfectly and the white shirt underneath was slightly opened at the neck, exposing smooth black skin underneath and then looked at Eddie. I glanced at Eddie, but she was staring at the man coming towards her. Her mouth hung open in complete shock, like she had just seen a ghost.

The siren came in and the man nodded, then the siren pull a phone from his pocket and called someone. “We got the right one sir.” He answered and closed the cell and waited by the door.

The dark man stood over Eddie, looking down into her eyes. He gave her a smile and knelt so that his face was right in front of hers. “No hello for your old lover my dear?” he asked her in a deep rich Jamaican accent. But she didn’t answer him. “You were always the most beautiful girl in Spanish Town; even now you take my breath away.”

He reached out and took a strand of her curly black hair, twisted it on one of his fingers and pulled her closer to him with it. “Twenty-seven years since we last saw each other, and now you’ll be mine forever.”

Her eyes were brimming with unshed tears as one escaped and rolled down her cheek. He let go of her hair, cupped her face, using his thumb to wipe the tear away. “Do you remember the promise you made me? I told you to be sure of your decision because there was no going back after it was made. I was gone for only three weeks and when I returned you were gone. Were you running from me, Edwina?” he snarled.

She didn’t answer, and he then reached over and entangled his fingers in her thick black hair, pulled her forward, and stared deep into her eyes, letting his lips hover over hers. “Soon, my dear you shall bear your penance.” he growled, then his lips met hers and he pulled her head even closer as he deepened their kiss. He when he was done, he released her he stood and started walking towards the door.

“Adric, please let me go home.” Eddie whisper.

He turned slightly and glanced back at her. “So you do remember me. I’m glad to see I was not that easily forgotten.” He chuckled, and then left.

“Who was that guy?” I asked her.

“That was Adric. He was the man I fell in love with when I was but a girl. I vowed myself to him the night he took my virginity. But it was only after that did I realize what he really was, a vampire.” She sobbed.

“Holy shite! Are you sayin that there’s blood suckin vampires out there too?!” Calista shouted.

“Yes, I suppose I am.”

The blue guy was a siren, Eddie boyfriend was a vampire, and the man who took me had glowing eyes that made me think to my romance books and the word werewolves came to mind. “Wait, wait, wait, are you guys telling me that you think all this monster stuff is real?” I asked baffled.

“Yeah there real, what in the bleedin hell do you think were looking at here?" Calista ranted throwing her arms in the air.

"This is just to much here people." I admitted with a shake of my head.

"Maybe so, but you cannot deny what you see with your own eyes." Eddie noted.

I leaned back against the wall and stared off at the ceiling before drifting off to sleep. It was blood-curdling screams woke me, and I saw the blue, man, or whatever the hell he was, had come back. But this time he had Calista over his shoulder while she screamed and thrashed in his grasp.

A pasty-colored man with red hair had trapped Eddie in the farthest corner of the room, kicking and screaming at the blue siren. This new guy seemed to be handling her with care, and telling her to calm down as she shouted. “You son of a bitch, put that baby girl down!”

Neither one of the men saw that I’d gotten up from the floor, and I started to run at the guy holding Calista for a surprise attack. The siren wasn’t prepared for me to run over and kick the side of his leg out from over him. He fell to the floor swearing at me, but didn’t release his hold on Calista.

Now Eddie was trying her damnedest to hit the man in front of her, but his movements were a blur, they were so fast taking ahold of her wrist. “Damn it man, sing them to sleep already. What the hell are you waitin’ fer,” he growled in a heavy Irish accent.

I knew I had no time left, and went to do my damnedest to inflict as much pain on the blue bastard as I could before he opened his mouth.

I charged at him again and right before I was about to make contact, he started to sing. That stopped me instantly. It was like I had run into an invisible wall making fall to my knees, stunned to silence.

Calista went still on his shoulder, and the pasty man had Eddie lying down on the carpet already hypnotize. But me, I fought it. There was no way I was going to bend to their will, even though I knew the sleep was inevitable. I sat there on my knees trying to will my body to work, not wanting these monsters to win. But the blue man bent down in front of me with Calista still on his shoulder, and sang. The song sounded Norwegian, or had the same nuances as that language. And it flowed from his lips like honey.

I should have grabbed for Calista he was so close, I wanted to, but I couldn’t. I was fighting just to stay up at this point.

“Oi, she’s a stubborn one, aye?” the pasty man chuckled.

My head started to feel heavy as his eyes continued to gaze into mine. With one last bit of fight I tried to move. “Damn it mate, knock her bleedin’ out already!” came a growl from behind me. The song hitched up a tempo, and my body went weak and I collapsed backward into someone’s arms.

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